365 Reasons to Love Comics #173

It's been a long, hard day. And I'm absolutely exhausted. This is one of those times when I don't feel like writing a column. But it's what I do, my friends. It's what I do. (And happy birthday to Bruce Campbell, because he's the man. I'm sure he would love to peruse the archive. Oh yes.).

Every so often, one of these "Reasons" is mostly for laughs. Today is one of those days.


173. Eye-Scream

I thought about doing a "My Favorite Mutants" Week at some point, but, y'know, I'm playing my wild card now.

Eye-Scream was a character created by Alan Kupperberg for his Obnoxio the Clown vs. X-Men one-shot which came out back in 1983-- has it really been that long? Wow. Anyway, Eye Scream has the greatest mutant power of them all-- he can turn into any flavor of ice cream. Baskin Robbins must fear him.

Naturally, he plotted the X-Men's doom only to be foiled and frozen solid. I'm pretty sure it was his first and only appearance, but he's earned his place in the Obscure Character Hall of Fame, populated by wonderful characters like Arm-Fall-Off Boy, Fight Man, the Heckler, Lady Cop, and Obnoxio himself.

So, what do you think? Is Eye-Scream part of the remaining group of mutants post-House of M? Hrmm, you're right, fat chance. Oh well. But isn't that the problem with the mutant books? Shouldn't the X-Books be continually expanding into weirder and weirder territory? Shouldn't the mutant race be growing instead of shrinking? Shouldn't these columns be more entertaining? I say yes to all of them! Yarr.

That sure turned into a bizarre column. Never let it be said that I take myself seriously.

For more on Eye Scream (if there could be such a thing as "more") visit his entry in the Marvel Appendix, from which I have shamefully borrowed the preceding images.

Coming soon: a reader survey.

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