365 Reasons to Love Comics #170

In this episode, Bill races to finish the column before the approaching thunder destroys his internet connection! First, the usual link to the archive!

Let's look at a brilliant artist currently working in comics who isn't as loved as he should be.


170. Cliff Chiang

Cliff Chiang is probably over-educated for the comics medium-- he graduated from Harvard-- but we should all be thankful to have him. He first got his start in the business as an editor, actually, on titles like Transmetropolitan, but it's his art that brought him to my attention.

He's got an absolutely gorgeous style. It's smooth and fluid, dancing on the edge between "realistic" and "cartoony." His storytelling is top-notch and his layouts are getting stronger and stronger over time. I think he'll be a superstar pretty soon. It's at the point where I buy comics just because he drew them-- and for a writer geek like me, that means he's really damn good.

I first encountered his work in the Human Target ongoing Vertigo series, which quickly became my favorite book, at the time. Cliff drew the majority of that series-- there's one trade of his work there, but to get the rest you'll have to buy the singles. They're definitely worth tracking down-- twisting stories of identity from "Good" Peter Milligan and some fantastic art from Cliff Chiang, Javier Pulido, and Cameron Stewart.

That wasn't the only cool series he's drawn, of course. There's also the Beware the Creeper mini, again for Vertigo, a recent Spectre mini-series with Will Pfeifer, and, of course, the genius Dr. Thirteen back-ups in Tales of the Unexpected, which we've discussed before. And yes, they're being put in their own trade. Woohoo! He's also done some Batman work here and there, and a few covers for DC, and a couple other odds and ends. Seek them out!

I believe Cliff will be drawing the new Green Arrow/Black Canary series coming this Fall. I hope it grants him the wider exposure he deserves! But I hope it doesn't take away from potential Dr. Thirteen sequels!

You can check out a lot more Cliff Chiang art and news at his website, and you can buy a ton of original Chiang art at Splash Page Art. And be sure to read this cool interview with Cliff at Newsarama!

Sorry if it's short, but I'm suffering from power outages here-- gotta hop off! Seeya tomorrow!

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