365 Reasons to Love Comics #17

So I've joined up with ComicSpace. So has Brian Baron von Cronin IV. Please be our friends. I, especially, demand social acceptance in the nerd community. Not that you're nerds, or anything. No. Not at all. I love you. It's love. Really.

Acronym Week Day Four brings us the greatest super-villain this side of Batroc the Leaper. Your favorite *and* mine...



...the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing!

Lots of acronyms tie into MODOK, too. After all, he works for AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics). And he has an acronymed lady friend (more on her later). And he's gone by a few different acronymed names.

Mainly, though, he's a big head with tiny arms and legs in a flying deathchair. That's why he's awesome. I don't think I have to go into his origin or anything. But that's good, because it's not that great. Originally, he was the Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing (MODOC) but went evil, and started the Killing.

Today, a very special comic book shipped that you all have to run out and buy if you haven't already. What's that comic, you ask? It's Marvel Adventures: Avengers #9, by Jocular Jeff Parker and Wild Juan Santacruz, with a cover by Kung-Fu Cameron Stewart. What happens? See for yourself:

The MODOAs! (Mental Organisms Designed Only for Avenging, one assumes). It's the best cover of the year. I don't own it yet, but I'm already betting it's a frontrunner for best single issue of the year, too. Of course, it's friendly for all ages, so MODOK has become MODOC (Mental Organism Designed only for Conquest).

Remember that lady friend I mentioned, though? That's right. MODAM (Mental Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers). She and MODOK should get together and make some MOBABIES.

I think 2007 will be Year of the MODOK. After all, not only did we get today's MA: Avengers issue, but in a few months we'll be reading an awesome mini-series, MODOK's 11, written by Comics Should Be Good favorite Fred van Lente! Read more about it over at Newsarama and then look here for some covers.

Also, just last month, we saw Elvis MODOKs in the glorious pages of Nextwave.

So that's MODOK for you. He's just a sexy beast with an urge to kill. And do mental things.

Before we go, I have to link you to Mike Sterling's astonishing compilation of MODOK links which he posted just last week. Be sure to click on all of them, as there is good MODOK stuff everywhere. And definitely look at the gorgeous MODOK gallery of fine art as well as the beautiful stuff from Giorgio Camolo.

So yeah, clearly, MODOK is one of the awesomest dudes to ever appear in comics. I guess that about wrap it--- OH NO! MOBORG!

The Earth is doomed.

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