365 Reasons to Love Comics #146

Bob Week has reached its conclusion, my friends. Which remaining Bob made the cut? Did I forget your favorite Bob? Did I forget to post the link to the archive (nevar!)?

This Bob is one of the finest inkers in the business, and is currently bringing the fun of comics and superheroes to a new, young audience.


146. Bob McLeod

Bob McLeod is a gentleman's inker. Supremely capable and confident, he manages to retain the style of the penciller while also injecting his own personal touches in there. That's really what any skilled inker should be able to do, but Bob makes everything look shiny, spiffy, and fairly timeless. You can see before-and-after inking images on his website here. (Remind me to do an Inker Appreciation Week sometime in the future.)

Of course, Bob's also a skilled penciller, and has drawn runs on New Mutants (which he co-created with Chris Claremont) and Action Comics, among other things. I'm showing my lack of age here, but quite a few memorable Superman bits from my youth were drawn by Mr. McLeod, like the "death" of Lex Luthor and Clark revealing his secret identity to Lois.

I know Bob likes to be totally in control of his art, and that's hard to get in comics. Recently, however, he published a children's book called Superhero ABC (seen at the top of the post), and that's what really got me excited. I first discovered its existence thanks to an article in the local paper (Bob also lives in Pennsylvania, I see). It's marvelous, and he had full control over the story and illustration. It's a fun little kids' book that teaches some vocabulary through the context of wacky superhero introductions. Here are a few examples, provided from his website:

No, it's technically not comics, but I love this kind of thing; it's joyous and magical and, hopefully, gets kids excited and interested about the English language. I also love that Bob's willing to tour schools and teach kids about sequential art and how to make comics. I admire his teacherly ways a great deal.

Back in January, there was a fantastic piece on this very site, in which Drew Geraci interviewed Bob McLeod. You can find it here. If you missed it the first time around (or even if you didn't), I definitely recommend reading it.

Bob's website can be found here. It features lots of art and information, so be sure to give it a look. And he's also the editor on TwoMorrows' Rough Stuff magazine, so pick up an issue if you see one!

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