365 Reasons to Love Comics #138

It's high tide time to look at the career of one of the finest ladies to ever work in comics.


138. Ramona Fradon

Ramona Fradon's art is wonderful. That's the best adjective I can think of to describe it-- her style is smooth, light, and seemingly effortless. Of course, she's also notable for being one of pioneering women in comics.

Her most famous run is her work on Aquaman, during which she co-created the Aqualad character. It was the quintessential Aquaman-- rip-roarin' undersea adventure.

My favorite work of hers, however, would have to be on another co-creation of hers, Metamorpho. My God, those stories were stunning, and Metamorpho's adventures were portrayed in a delightfully weird and wild fashion.

Ms. Fradon has worked in the industry off and on since, drawing runs on Plastic Man, Superfriends, and even the comic strip Brenda Starr for 15 years. She'll surely be known, however, for her brilliantly warm and wonderful (there it is again) contributions to the Silver Age of comics.

Ramona's a remarkable talent, and can still be found taking commissions and crafting beautiful drawings at comicons here and there.

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