365 Reasons to Love Comics #137

Let me now turn your attention to one of my favorite cartoonists, whose swift and steady work has captivated plenty of readers, perhaps without them even knowing it. Also, he's got one of the coolest names in comics.


137. Sergio Aragones

Go ahead, just say it. "Seeerrrrggggiooooo Aragones."

Sergio was born in Spain and raised in Mexico, but came to the United States in the 60's not to pursue the architectural career he studied for, but rather to sell his cartoons. Finding a job with MAD Magazine, he has stayed with the publication since then, contributing his artwork to over 400 issues (missing only one since he first started working for them; the post office lost his art). He primarily draws the "Marginals," those tiny little gags tucked away between and around the panels.

His most famous work, however, would be Groo the Wanderer, a comedic adventure title about a dimwitted barbarian character who is good at killing things with swords and pretty much incompetent at anything else, destroying civilizations wherever he goes. Sergio serves as creator, plotter, and artist, and still finds time to produce new Groo material today. Having survived the death of a few publishers, Groo remains one of the most popular and longest-running creator-owned properties. You can find far more Groo info at the official website or the Groopedia. I think it's safe to say that many readers first encountered Mr. Aragones' art through Groo; I know I did.

Fun fact #1: Sergio Aragones is considered to be the fastest cartoonist around. You can find him hosting Quick Draw panels at comic conventions. Try to catch one if you have the chance.

Fun fact #2: Sergio Aragones is the only comic creator I'm aware of who appeared on Laugh-In.

Fun fact #3: "Aragones" is Spanish for "awesome."*

Sergio's got a charming, unmistakable art style, and has become a true master of his craft. No one can out-cartoon Sergio Aragones. He's destroyed DC, massacred Marvel, and stomped Star Wars in aptly-titled specials-- there's no corner of comics he hasn't managed to touch. Everything he draws is crammed with wonderful detail. He's also one of the happiest, most genial creators in the business. Sergio Aragones will never stop proving to his audience how fun comics can be-- and why they should be good.

My only regret is that I don't have enough of his art on display in this post. Help me out, readers! Scan, link, steal, do whatever you have to do-- share with us some of your favorite Sergio art!

Senor Aragones' website can be found here.

*This one is not true. But it should be.

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