365 Reasons to Love Comics #13

For those of you just tuning in, you're looking at a daily, yearlong look at what makes comics great. Some reasons are obvious, some are totally obscure; all of them, however, are reasons to love comics. A nice, archive-y list is forthcoming.

Easy Reader says today's column is easy to read! Oh yeahs. That's right. Morgan Freeman showed up, baby. Instant integrity! That's what that is. But do you know why he showed up? Because today's subject is near and dear to his heart.


13. Spidey Super Stories

Spidey Super Stories was the kid-friendly comic book spinoff from the Spider-Man segments of the Electric Company. It lasted 57 issues from 1974 to 1982, and it was mind-numbingly awesome. Short and silly stories peppered every issue. Some would say this series was lame, but they would be horribly mistaken. Ridiculous, wonky, 70's... that's a formula for greatness.

Yes, the above is the cover to a parodic tribute to both Star Wars and Jaws. At the same time.

If you want to know more about the series, then you should definitely read the reviews of the series over at Spider-Fan.org by Eric Englehard. I've laughed hard enough to cry reading these, and I hope you will, too. Informative *and* entertaining!

And you thought you knew Stilt-Man? You don't know Stilt-Man. Because Stilt-Man is clearly The Penguin. On wooden stilts. Really:


Who created these wonderful stories, you may ask? Well, a variety of people. However, the primary artist was Win Mortimer, who you may have heard of; he drew a lot of Batman and Superman in the 40's and 50's. Writers? Well, you all know Jim Salicrup and Steven Grant. But from what I gather, other cool peeps like Thad Mumford (who went on to write for MASH) and Tom Whedon (Joss Whedon's dad. That's right) contributed stories.

I told you Spidey Super Stories was awesome. Too bad Woodgod and ROM never guest-starred, or its brilliance would have shone brighter than the sun.

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