365 Reasons to Love Comics #120

Is Eh-pril ending today? Well... yes and no. In fact, it may just have to continue into M-eh... Mwahahaha!

Today: one of my favorite current comic artists who has drawn a few of my absolutely favorite books from the past few years. Who is it? Click on past the fold to find out!


120. Cameron Stewart

Cameron has quickly become one of my true artistic favorites in the industry, and yeah, he's drawn a lot of comics I absolutely loved, namely Seaguy, Manhattan Guardian, the Other Side, and several issues of the good part of Brubaker's Catwoman run. As he's also a fellow poster at the Barbelith forums, I feel like I know him just a wee bit better than a lot of seemingly faceless creators you encounter out there.

Cam (if he doesn't mind me calling him that) is another Toronto-based artist from the Royal Academy of Illustration & Design, just like the awesome Chip Zdarsky (the focus of, as I write this, the most unpopular Reason column yet, judging by replies). They're all brilliant over there, curse them.

The finished art you see from him these days is, as I'm told, mostly done in ink, with only slight pencilling done to lay out the page. I'm astonished he's that good with his inking; his art comes out spectacularly.

Catwoman was his big break, I suppose; he continued the set stylistics of Darwyn Cooke and friends, but added his own spin on them.

Seaguy is surely in my top three or so favorite comics of the new millenium, and maybe in my top ten of all time. Cameron's smooth, inky style used for the book really enchanced its surreal, dreamlike nature. Here are some sample interiors (click to enlarge to ridiculous size):

Seek out the trade if you haven't already. It's one of the weirdest, warmest, loveliest things Grant Morrison's ever written.

Then there's the Manhattan Guardian, which I've written about before; the art channels 70's Marvel and combines it with modern stylistics to set the mood for the book. I love it.

The Other Side was heavily researched-- he travelled to Vietnam for prepare for it!-- and the massive work put into the artistic side really shows. This is one of the best things Vertigo's put out, since, er, Seaguy. I really hope it wins the Eisner. The art reminded me of Michael Golden's 'Nam, with a dash of Jim Aparo. But it's all Cameron Stewart, baby. Also? Here's one of my favorite covers in years:

Cameron's also done some spectacular covers for the Marvel Adventures line, most notably the all-MODOK issue of MA: Avengers. Here are my favorites:

Coming up next, you'll be able to find his work in Apocalipstix, coming soon from Oni Press. Here's a sneak peek. Grant Morrison has also been talking about finally convincing DC to publish the sequel to Seaguy, and I can't wait for that.

Now for the "If I had to wish for something other than world peace" segment of our program: I would love nothing more than to see Cameron Stewart draw the adventures of the Doom Patrol. And if Matt Fraction wrote it, I think I would die on the spot. They're huge fans with huge talent. Make it so, DC!

Cameron Stewart can be found on the web at, you betcha, cameron-stewart.com.

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