365 Reasons to Love Comics #119

Eh-pril moseys along with a look at a brilliant Canadian artist.


119. Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews is a comics writer and artist with a wacky first name who has drawn some of the greatest, most eye-popping comic covers I've ever seen. The man's a genius. Take a look at what he's done for Marvel:

Even if you didn't like the Bruce Jones run of Hulk, you've got to love those covers.

He's a stylistic chameleon: his work varies from out-and-out animation-cel-esque cartoony to gritty and Sienkiewiczy to CGI-ish to gorgeous, Norman Rockwell paint-y to Marvel Mangaverse-y and everywhere in between. I love just about every style he chooses to use and I eagerly await each new permutation.

Also, he showed us Spider-Man's junk and we all got a hearty laugh out of it. That's from the recent Spider-Man: Reign, if you didn't already know. The mini-series, which just wrapped up, was basically The Dark Knight Returns, but with Peter Parker. Not Kaare's best effort, but I look forward to what he chooses to do in the future.

What will he do next? What will his art look like? Only time will tell... but I can't wait. Bring it on!

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