365 Reasons to Love Comics #116

Eh-pril continues the look at a number of Canadian comics creators. Today's is a friend of CSBG whose status in the industry is reaching new highs.


116. Stuart Immonen

Stuart Immonen rests comfortably in my list of top five comics artists of right now.I first encountered his work when he was working on the Superman titles. He began by drawing Adventures of Superman before taking over Action Comics as writer and artist, during the Energy Superman arc. A lot of people hated that story, but I loved it. Stuart brought a very humanistic touch to the scripts and the art.

M. Immonen's a master of style. His own evolves and changes from project to project. His work has been realistic, cartoony, expressionist, and everything in between. He refuses to remain static, and that's extremely commendable.

He's drawn his way all across mainstream comics, working on Superman, Legion of Super-Heroes, Thor, Ultimate Fantastic Four, regular Fantastic Four, Ultimate X-Men, Hulk, and one of my favorite comics of the last five years-- Nextwave. My God, was Nextwave brilliant. Stuart's style in that book was crisp and stark, perfect for the kick 'splodey nature of the title. And the issue where he lovingly aped a few other artists' styles, like Paul Pope, Dan Clowes, and John Paul Leon? Amazing.

He also drew the overlooked Shockrockets for now-defunct Gorilla comics. Check out a 26-page preview of the Dark Horse published trade here.

He served as the artist on the widely acclaimed Superman: Secret Identity, written by Kurt Busiek, about a Superman in the real world. Take that, Earth-Prime!

I'm sure you all remember his guest column here about the use of computers in comic art. Quite a good post if you haven't read it.

Click on the graphic to go to his website, where you can find a nice gallery of his work that shows of his command of style:

To read his webcomic, Never As Bad as You Think, written by his wife Kathryn, then check out this Flickr set. There's two other sets (here and here) filled with some gorgeous art.

For more Immonen goodness, pick up Ultimate Spider-Man starting with #111!

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