365 Reasons to Love Comics #115

Eh-pril, day three! Another brilliant Canadian comicsmith resides within this column!


115. Bryan Lee O'Malley

Bryan is another writer/artist from the Great White North with a bit of a cartoony art style. The reason I love his art? Let me see... I'd say it's because he uses an energetic style that borrows only the best from video games and anime and merges it into pure pop comics joy on the page. He does what I'd love to do, and that's make brilliant little graphic novels you can take with you anywhere.

Scott Pilgrim is beloved around the blogosphere-- it's the story of a young man who just wants to hang out, rock out, and play video games, but who must also defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil ex-boyfriends! Let's not forget his first work, though, which is a coming-of-age road trip story that I hear is quite good. It must be if O'Malley did it. He's the best O'Malley around-- even better than Mike O'Malley from Nickelodeon's Guts. Take that! (Scott Pilgrim is only the second-best Pilgrim in literature, after Billy Pilgrim of Slaughterhouse-Five, of course. So it goes.)

For examples of Bryan's art, rather than give you pin-ups, I'm going to share sequentials with you. First up is a short story called Monica Beetle from the Project: Superior anthology. It's a perfect little short loaded with both heartfelt and outright surreal bits.

Next, we've got a promo for Scott Pilgrim:

Moving on, here's a two-page segment of Lost at Sea.

And lastly, and best of all, there's the entire story from the Scott Pilgrim Free Comic Book Day special from last year! Thank you, Newsarama, for sharing this with the world. Hurray! Here's a sample page to whet your appetite:

The power-up nutrition info in the book kills me every time. Booyah.

Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame is tapped to direct the Scott Pilgrim movie, and I couldn't be more excited. He's also supposed to direct Ant-Man, but, dude! He's perfect for Pilgrim.

Here's Bryan Lee O'Malley's website. Here's Scott Pilgrim's website. Enjoy.

I've really got to run, but I hope I've managed to express why Bryan Lee O'Malley is an awesome cartoonist. Canada is chock full of 'em! Luckily, we've got Eh-pril.

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