365 Reasons to Love Comics #111

Today's "Ape-ril" spotlight is the timeliest thing ever. How so? See inside!


111. APE (Alternative Press Expo)

I'm sure you've seen the ads around on the comics internet. In fact, there's probably one running on this very site at the moment I post this. It probably looks like this:

or maybe this (you can click it to make it more readable):

APE is being held today and tomorrow in San Francisco. So if you happen to be in town, you should go. It's a lovely little shindig, sponsored by Comicon International, in which the small press gets their chance to shine. Free from the crushing shadow of the Big Two, the little publishers that could can show their wares and shoot the breeze. As their website says, it's "more funky flea market than traditional exhibit hall." And the admission price is ridiculously cheap.

This year's special guests include Bryan Lee O'Malley, Hope Larson, Kevin Huizenga, and Art Spiegelman! I hope you've all heard of these people, but if you haven't, Google 'em. I can assure you of their awesomeness.

APE is a reason to love comics where you can find many many other reasons to love comics. Everyone wins!

Check out the website. They even use the same terminology-- "Ape-ril!" Hahahah! We're conquering the internets!!!

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