365 Reasons to Love Comics #108

Our "Ape-ril" theme continues with comics' biggest ape. You know... literally.


108. Titano, the Super-Ape

Titano's actually a chimp-- a chimp astronaut! This is true of his Pre-Crisis and Animated Series versions, anyway. So if I've learned one thing from comics, it's that outer space makes chimps turn into giant gorillas.

First appearing in Superman #127 in a story by Otto Binder and Wayne Boring, the Pre-Crisis Titano was originally named Toto, and shot into space. He came back as a rip-off of King Kong, only with the ability to fire Kryptonite lasers from his eyes! (I love that they totally acknowledge the fact that they cribbed the idea from King Kong on the cover at the top of the post).

Post-Crisis, Titano appeared in Superman Annual 1, where he was a chimp experimented on, turning him into a giant ape. He died at the end, and Lois wrote an article entitled "Tears for Titano." Oddly, though, Titano has since reappeared in Superman/Batman, and I think he's got the Kryptonite vision again. Really, the Kryptonite vision is the most ridiculous and unique thing Titano has going for him, so why not play it up to its fullest advantage?

Also? Bizarro Titano = the best idea ever.

That's just genius. Right down to his cracked, cubic chest and Bizarro No. 1 thinking it's the friendliest thing ever.

And hey, remember King Kong vs. Godzilla? It's got nothing on this:

Jimmy Olsen is a total dick.

In the end, Titano is just a big ape who has a crush on Superman's girlfriend (she gets to play Ann Darrow-- joy!) and who just wants to be loved. Now, I'm glad to have him back, and I don't want to see him falling off any tall buildings anytime soon.

This Super-Ape is no Super-Monkey, but he's still pretty dang spiffy.

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