365 Reasons to Love Comics #106

Maybe Brian's late (too much Playstation, that's what it is!), but the 365 Reasonsmobile keeps on keepin' on! Surely you can enjoy this delightful, competently-written and always-on-time daily title!

Yeah, it's "Ape"-ril, but today is all monkey business with comics' sexiest monkey who throws a monkey wrench into the semi-apocalypse, monkey monkey. Monkey. Everybody loves monkeys.


106. Ampersand

Now, I'm not the world's biggest Brian K. Vaughan fan, and I can't say Y: The Last Man really interested me much, but if there's one thing that title has going for it, it's Ampersand, the little Capuchin monkey and pet/partner of Yorick, the "Y" in "Y: The Last Man."

Ampersand was an experimental monkey accidentally sent to Yorick. Soon after, the malepocalypse strikes, killing every dude on the planet. Yorick and Ampersand are the only male mammals left alive. How did they survive the plague? Well, it's incredibly spoilery and the HTML won't let me hide it, from what I can tell. Those of you who haven't read it can surely find it online, and those of you that know it understand why our last man and last monkey are protected.

Ampersand is a rebellious little monkey. He's apparently untrainable, so he wears diapers, though that doesn't stop his poop flinging, from what I gather. He and Yorick are pals, but antagonistic toward one another occasionally.

The Y cover artists must love to draw Ampersand, because he appears on so many damn good covers. I'm going to share the best and most prominent Ampersand covers with you now. Click to embiggen!

All the lady Capuchins must love Ampersand. Of course, he is the last male monkey around, so I suppose he gets all the ladies by default. Monkeykind's downfall is Ampersand's romantic salvation!

Ampersand: Greatest fictional character named after a grammatical symbol? Is he the only one? (Well, there's Asterix for those of you who want to squabble about spelling, I suppose.)

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