365 Reasons to Love Comics #104

It's time for another hard-hitting dose of journalism here on 365 Reasons to Love Comics! Ha, ha. No. No it isn't. It's time for another loving look at a big ol' gorilla. Because it's still Ape-ril.

Today: You just can't keep an evil dictator down. You can, however, keep his brain in a jar.


104. BrainiApe

BrainiApe takes "high concept" and kicks it into the stratosphere. Try this one on for size: BrainiApe is a super-gorilla with Hitler's brain. And the brain happens to sit outside the skull in some sort of fishbowl. That, my friends, is probably the greatest idea Erik Larsen ever had. No offense to Mr. Larsen. I'm just saying BrainiApe is brilliant.

First appearing in Savage Dragon #23, BrainiApe started as a super-gorilla crime lord, like all good super-gorilla villains, before it was revealed, in this crossover with Hellboy, that it was really Hitler's brain in there all along! With mind powers! Ooo. Turns out Hellboy had finally killed Hitler in 1952... or so he thought. Naturally, like with all villains from times past, they saved his brain and put it into a new body. A gorilla's body.

Like I said... genius. And when BrainiApe was defeated again, Hitler's brain hopped out and ran away. Later, the gorilla body reappeared with a different brain in it, and naturally, it just wasn't the same. Nothing can top a gorilla with Hitler's brain unless it was an albino gorilla with Stalin's brain, but that would only be really cool if it fought the Hitler-brained gorilla, you see. Italics.

Luckily, Hitler regained his gorilla body and lived to fight another day. There was another storyline taking place in an alternate reality where BrainiApe was the Prime Minister of Australia and forces Dragon to fight in the Arena of Death! And Madman was there. Then, that BrainiApe blew up.

I don't know if he's appeared since, but dammit, he totally should. Hitler's brain in a gorilla! C'mon! The idea really speaks for itself. Either you love it or you don't. Obviously, I love it.

Here's another cool image by D'Israeli:

If only it was a real book.

That's about all I have for today. Yes, the weekends tend to be sparse, sorry. We're all very busy, I think; I do take notice of audience fluctuations over the course of the week.

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