360ep To Represent "Flotsam & Jetsam"

Official Press Release

October 5, 2005 – 360ep, a full-service entertainment property management company, and husband and wife creator team David Brouitt and Marilyn Mandell, jointly announced today that 360ep would represent David and Marilyn's Flotsam & Jetsam for licensing opportunities.

Described by its creators as "Little bits of nonsense that float by to add a laugh to one's day," Flotsam & Jetsam features random imagery of people, places, or animals, punctuated by brief witticisms to highlight the absurd-and the mundane-things we see in everyday life.

"Flotsam & Jetsam is a kinder, gentler Far Side for the 21st Century," says Teresa Focarile, Director of Development for 360ep. "The everyday things we see that we mentally make note of become the fodder for the strip. Every cartoon and its commentary are instantly recognizable by everyone in America-they're images and words that make the reader chuckle and no doubt say to him or herself, 'Hey, I noticed that, too.'"

Flotsam and Jetsam, seen exclusively at HeroRealm.com, a property of 360ep, is the result of David's long-standing passion for the art of cartooning and he is especially happy with the way the feature presents online. The bold black and white treatment and composition invite the reader in for a quick snippet of weirdness. Flotsam & Jetsam always promises an engaging read.

"What we strive for is the quality of truth in the strip," says David Brouitt. "For a cartoon to connect with the reader, it's vital that the characters behave authentically, no matter how bizarre their circumstances. I think that's what makes Flotsam & Jetsam meaningful to fans of the feature."

When they're not making beautiful comic strips together, David is creative director at a leading marketing firm in Toronto, and Marilyn is a fitness instructor. He writes and draws; she writes, edits and reminds David to hydrate.

About 360ep

A full-service entertainment property management company, 360ep, inc. represents and services clients seeking expert navigation of the complex entertainment-licensing marketplace. 360ep was founded by Bill Jemas and Russ Brown, former senior members of the management team that guided Marvel Enterprises, Inc. from a struggling, near-bankrupt comic book publisher and toy maker into the biggest licensing and publishing-turn-around story of the decade. 360ep brings together the vast experience and expertise of successful entertainment and licensing executives with some of the top writers and artists from the comic book and consumer products industries. 360ep also represents intellectual property holders seeking to "license-out" their properties to the best business partners in the consumer products and entertainment industries, as well as manufacturers looking to "license-in" the right characters and trademarks to maximize their retail businesses.

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