360ep to manage licensing for "Advent Rising" and "BloodRayne2"

Official Press Release

Princeton, NJ-January 31, 2005 - With a wide-open field of licensing and merchandising opportunities waiting to be explored, Majesco (NASDAQ: MJES), a provider of diversified products and content for digital entertainment platforms, and 360ep, a full-service entertainment property management company, today announced that 360ep will seek best-in-class licensing including toys, apparel and publishing for Majesco's electronic game titles Advent Rising and BloodRayne2.

Majesco is a creator of compelling content and innovative technology for a variety of digital entertainment platforms, and the Company's product line includes interactive entertainment software, videos and gadgets. Backed by an extremely strong distribution channel, Majesco's products are available in major retail outlets nationwide and overseas.

"Majesco's proprietary games are just screaming to be licensed," said 360ep CEO Bill Jemas. "Just look at BloodRayne 2-not only does it have incredible gameplay and a legion of fans, but the character Rayne even won "Cyber Vixen of the Year" at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. So essentially what that translates to is this: a hot property featuring a hot, butt-kicking girl, with a throng of devotees who want to get their hands on more BloodRayne products. With that in mind, 360ep is anxious to help Majesco take its intellectual properties BloodRayne and Advent Rising to their next level in the marketplace-whether it's t-shirts or toys or comic books or whatever, the opportunities are there because a quality product is there. I'm confident this will be a productive joint effort for both of our companies and anticipate making some exciting announcements about our progress in the coming months."

Adds Ken Gold, Vice President of Marketing for Majesco: "With its ability to fully develop unique and compelling characters, the interactive entertainment arena is one of the premiere sectors for establishing cornerstone franchises, and Majesco is excited to be working with 360ep to secure licensing opportunities for our intellectual properties."

About 360ep, inc.

360ep, inc., a full-service entertainment property management company, represents and services clients seeking expert navigation of the complex entertainment-licensing marketplace. 360ep was founded by Bill Jemas and Russ Brown, former senior members of the management team that guided Marvel Enterprises, Inc. from a struggling, near-bankrupt comic book publisher and toymaker into the biggest licensing and publishing-turn-around story of the decade. 360ep brings together the vast experience and expertise of successful entertainment and licensing executives with some of the top writers and artists from the comic book and consumer products industries. 360ep also represents intellectual property holders seeking to "license-out" their properties to the best business partners in the consumer products and entertainment industries, as well as manufacturers looking to "license-in" the right characters and trademarks to maximize their retail businesses.

About Majesco

Headquartered in Edison, NJ, Majesco Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MJES) is a provider of diversified products and content for digital entertainment platforms. The Company's three main product lines include Games, which includes critically acclaimed titles such as Advent Rising and Tim Schafer's Psychonauts, Videos, which highlights the Company's platform-independent video compression technology, and Gadgets, which includes innovative digital entertainment products like the Wireless Messenger for Game Boy Advance. More information about the Company can be found online at www.majescogames.com.

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