Comic and screen scribe James Robinson (Starman, Freddy Vs. Jason) recently addressed a variety fan questions on the DCComics Starman Message Board.  After running though the variousquestions in regards to the Starman comics, Robinson directed hiscomments toward his screenwriting activities.

"The screenplays I'm currently beginning should interest you guys too," Robinson told the fans.  "One is an adaption of TheFarthest Shore, the third book in the Earthsea saga by Ursula LeGuin. It's for the Jim Henson Company. The other movie is for 20thFox and I'm sure you guys will think is cool. It's an adaption of Alan Moore's comic The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

We double-checked this with League producer Don Murphy, who confirmed that Robinson was "almost signed."  Robinson wouldreplace Alex Ayers (Marlowe) whose script apparently wasn't what the producers were looking for.

Thanks to Hix for the tip.


Although the movie version of Mike Allred's G-Men From Hell will be ready for screeningsome time this year, it may not debut at the Cannes film festival as we had previously reported.  Comics 2 Film spoke with RickAlbert, the producer of the movie. 

Albert told us that the movie is in post-production and moving ahead at a good pace.  "We're in the process of finishing up the specialeffects and adding sound effects," Albert said.  "With a little luck the picture will be ready for screening in the summertime.

"I don't think it's going to be ready to screen at Cannes.  It'll probably be finished, but it won't be ready in time to meet the qualification date." 

With post-production due to be completed soon, the producer will then seek a domestic distributor.  It would be up to a distributor to decide when themovie will be released to audiences, but Albert feels that that a summertime release is feasible.

C2F also received a tip that A Plus Entertainment was at the recent American Film Market representingthe production.  A Plus circulated a one sheet at the market, which can be viewed at their website.  Included is an image of the movie's posterand thumbnails of all the characters in the movie.

Finally, Mike Allred's AAA Pop website provides a complete cast list for the movie, including some names that haven't been mentioned here before:

(Raising Arizona)......Dean Crept Tate Donavan

(Hercules)......Mike MattressVanessa Angel

(Kingpin)......Gloria LakeDavid Huddleston

(The Big Lebowski)......Dr. BoiffardBarry Newman

(the Limey)......Mr. LakeKari Wuher

(Anaconda)......Merete MorriseyGregory Sporleder

(The Rock)......CheetahmanBobcat Goldthwaite

(Shakes The Clown!)......Buster the robotCharles Fleisher

(Who Framed

Roger Rabbit)......Pete and MartinZach Galligan

(Gremlins)......DaltonGary Busey

( Lethal Weapon)......The DetectiveRobert Goulet



Bharat Nalluri, who directed the forthcoming The Crow: Salvation, is said to be involved with the big-screen version of Everette Hartsoe's Razor. A communiqué from Everette Hartsoe Productions reveals that Nalluri has written a new treatment for the movie.  Furthermore Paul Anderson (MortalKombat, Deathrace 3000) may direct.

Another Hartsoe comic creation, Poizon has been pitched to Apix for a direct to video franchise.

Hartsoe himself has written a screenplay based on the comic book Hell Mary.  He'll serve as director on what is described as a "darkvampire feature."  Filming begins in June of this year.

[From Hell]FROM HELL

Comics 2 Film contacted producer Don Murphy to look into recent casting rumors regarding the movie version of Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's From Hell.  Murphy told C2F that, as reported earlier by Ain't it Cool News, Johnny Depp (The Ninth Gate) has definitely signed for the movie.  Likewise, Terrance Stamp (The Limey) is on board.  Murphy also echoed what was widely reported in the trades this week, Nigel Hawthorne (The Madness of King George) is in negotiations to play Sir William Gull, the chief physician to the Queen in the movie.


[Chastity]Sources tell Comics 2 Film that a movie version Chaos! Comics' Chastity is in the early stages of development. The movie is set up at Takoma Entertainment and Maverick PicturesMaverick is the production house operated by Madonna.  Our sourcetells us that the material girl will likely limit her involvement to a producer credit on this movie.


Pinup girl turned super-heroine Alley Baggett was spotted on Friday night's episode of FX Network'smale oriented X Show.  Baggett talked to the hosts of the show about her Alley Cat comic book from Image and abouther action figures.  She also told the hosts that there was a movie version of the concept in the works.  It was a quick mention and no real detailswere revealed, but Comics 2 Film will be looking into this further.


Jerry Scott, co-creator of the Baby Blues comic strip tell Comics 2 Film that the WBnetwork has not yet found a place on its mid-season schedule for the animated series.  The network is reportedly holding off on airing the show until itcan find the ideal timeslot for it.  "I guess that's good news for us," Scott told C2F.  "Although it makes us nuts waitingto just get it on the air. All 13 episodes are finished and waiting patiently."

A recent write-up in TV Guide indicated the show might debut this month, or in April.


The Starwatcher Agency has been renamed and relaunched a Hollywood ComicsHollywood Comics represents a number of comic-book creators in the fields of motion pictures, television, multimedia, internet, publishing and merchandising.

A look at the website reveals the following updates to various comic book properties headed for the big or small screen:

The Discovery Channel has signed a contract to develop an animated pilot based on Jay Stephens' Tutenstein (to be produced by Porchlight).  Two more episodes of Jay's Jetcat animated series are scheduled to air on Nickelodeon's Kablam! in early 2000.

Tom Veitch & Cam Kennedy's Light and Darkness War is now in development for live action feature film at Contraband Films.

Eric Gratien & Didier Cromwell's Anita Bomba is now in development for animated TV series and Internet at WildBrain.


Director Guillermo del Toro (Mimic, Cronos) was recently named as the director for the sequel to the highly successful Blade starring Wesley Snipes.  Articles in both the Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety reveal that the director is on board to movie, which is called Blade: Bloodhunt.  Del Toro will first direct a Spanish-language feature called The Devil's Backbone before starting on Blade in November.  Del Toro told The Reporter that the sequel will be in "the style and action of the first one, but we will amp up the fear factor and make people very afraid."

According to the Variety write-up, Snipes and co-star Kris Kristofferson are set to appear in the sequel.  The screenplay is written by David Goyer, who wrote the original.  Marvel Studios president Avi Arad told Variety, "We are happy to have Wesley, Kris and David Goyer back because that is key to a franchise, but with Guillermo, we have another genre director with a unique vision and the opportunity to think of Blade not as a sequel but a whole new movie."

Guillermo del Toro is also attached to the movie versions of Mike Mignola's Hellboy and Katsushiro Otomo's Domu.


A tipster for Dark Horizons reports a recent encounter with Cyclops' movie visor and sunglasses. The tipster apparently got a look at the actual visor prop that was used in the filming of X-Men.  The prop was on display at an Oakley store in Irvine, CA.  Alongside the visor was the ruby-quartz sunglasses that James Marsden wears with his civvies in the movie.  Oakley designed the glasses and the visor for the movie.  According to the tipster the ruby-lensed 'Juliets' (which is what Oakley calls this model of sunglasses) will be available for sale this summer.

Meanwhile, Eric J. Moreels, one of the head X-Men fanatics over at the Fandom website invites readers to sample a track from the upcoming film. The X-Fan section has MP3 downloads of  the Lunatic Calm Remix of Chinese Burn by Curve.  This is the song featured in the X-Men trailer.

After taking a tongue-lashing from Entertainment Weekly about the less-than-spectacular web-presence for the X-Men movie, Foxhas begun making some additions to the official movie website.  Fans can now download a new photo every week at the site.  The first of such photos is a close-up of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, popping his claws.

If these kinds of safe pictures don't satisfy you, Ain't it Cool News has displayed another new image from the movie.  The image was guarded with heavy spoiler warnings, so we haven't looked at it.  Fans who just "have to know" are encouraged to take a peek.

Likewise, the X-Fan section of the Fandom site has unveiled a first-look at several comic covers that will be featured on the Dynamic Forces versions of Marvel's movie tie-in books.

Thanks to Corona Coming Attractions for various leads.


[Warburtuon/Tick]According to a recent report from Cinescape, additional actors have joined Patrick Warburton (Scream 3) in the cast of the live-action Tick pilot.  Citing The Hollywood Reporter as its source, Cinescape reports that Jed Rees (Galaxy Quest) has signed on for the role of Arthur, Liz Vassey (Maximum Bob) will play American Woman and Nestor Carbonell (Suddenly Susan) is signed for the role of Bat Manuel.  Although it is not made clear from the write-up, we are assuming that American Woman is the character previously known as American Made, and the Spanish Ban Manuel will be replacing the German Die Fledermaus.  No word as give as to why (if our assumptions are correct) the character names were changed.  Warburton is playing the title role.


A recent report from Dark Horizons indicated Paul Chadwick's Concrete is still floundering around in development hell.  Citing The Comics Journal as its source, DH summarized Chadwick's recent remarks about the production.  The comic creator said of Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) and Francis Walsh's scrpit that it wasn't "shaded with the melancholy that I think is an essential part of Concrete".

Apparently Disney then looked a the success of the low-budget The Blair Witch Project and decided to start pinching pennies.  "It was back to square-one with Concrete," Jackson is quoted as saying.  Now the movie is said to be in the process of getting shopped around to "young, edgy directors."


Rob Allstetter of the Comics Continuum reports that Diabolik is on Fox Kids' schedule for the 2000-2001 season.  Fox provides the following description for the show:

"The series brings to life one of Italy's favorite comic book characters, featuring a sophisticated hero living on the edge of darknessbattling the forces of evil. Raised by a wealthy adoptive father to lead a life of crime, Diabolik instead dedicates himself to defeating hiscorrupt brother and the powerful, criminal regime he's ruled since his father's death. Produced by Saban International, there are 40 captivating episodes."

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