A source close to the production tells Comics 2 Film that production on the Static animated show for Kids WB is underway.  Storyboarding on the initial episodes is said to be underway and due to be completed this week.  Our source said that the show is fairly true to the comic.  This may be due to the fact that the character's creator, Denys Cowan is involved with the project.  Although he seemed uncertain, our source told us that Cowan was a director on the show.

Like his comic book counterpart, the cartoon Static is Virgil Hawkins a high school student of higher than average intelligence who finds himself endowed with electrical powers.  The borderline geeky Hawkins uses his science-smarts to apply his powers in novel ways, like charging garbage can lids or man-hole covers to create flying devices.  Our source reports that Static's costume looks like something a kid could cobble together from things laying around his house.

Dan Riba, who directed episodes of Batman Beyond, Superman and Freakazoid will also direct episodes of Static. As previous reports indicated, our source tells us that Static should be on the air this Fall.


[Power and Glory]A source with connections at Disney tells Comics 2 Film that plans for a movie version of Howard Chaykin's satirical Power & Glory may be set aside in favor of another superhero project.  The latest draft of the P&G script by Ebbe Roe Smith is said be outstanding and was greeted by a terrific positive response from the producers of the movie at The Jacobson Company.

However, our source said that M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable is currently a hot prospect for Disney. Shyamalan wrote and directed last year's surprise hit The Sixth SenseUnbreakable tells the story of a man who acquires unique abilities after an accident.  Apparently the projects were seen as being too similar and, as a Shyamalan project seems like a sure bet, the studio is putting P&G aside.

Our source had seen a draft of Smith's screenplay.  He reports that it is quite good.  The script made Power & Glory "more dramatic, less satirical but still quite funny."  Finally, our source reports that there has been tremendous interest in the movie from various parties, and it will very likely find a home at another studio without too much difficulty.


David Watkins dropped us an e-mail this week to let us know that his online comic strip Bounties is currently being shopped around Hollywood for a movie deal.  Watkins' agent is in talks with Marty Katz Productions (Reindeer Games) about developing a movie version of the strip.  At this point things are still in the talking stages, with no deals signed yet.

Watkins created and co-writes Bounties, which is about a tough Irishwoman trying to make it as a bounty hunter in the wild, wild west.  Terrance Griep Jr. co-writes the strip which is illustrated by Vatche Mavlian and lettered by Mike Kelleher.

Watkins is a screenwriter (Downsized) and former comic publisher (Mansion Comics). Griep currently writes Scooby Doo for DC Comics.

[Crow: Salvation]THE CROW: SALVATION

Irony Despair is now displaying the animated "trailer" for the soundtrack CD from The Crow: Salvation on his website A Boy and His Bird (The Crow Website).  The Flash video features the Best Things track by Filter and shows images from the movie in a rapid slide-show manner.


[Wendy the Witch]Studio B Productions and The Harvey Entertainment Companyannounced this week that Studio B will commence production on Wendy the Witch, a new animated television series developed based on the Harvey Entertainment character. Studio B has acquired the rights to the popular children's series from Harvey and has partnered with Harvey in producing 26 half-hour episodes for the worldwide television and video marketplace. The series is expected to be available for delivery beginning in January 2001.

Studio B Productions is a Vancouver-based animation studio run by Chris Bartleman and Blair Peters. The company was founded in 1988 and has produced animated television series for several major companies including Walt Disney Television, Nickelodeon, Film Roman, DIC and many others. Studio B also produces three of their own shows, D'Myna Leagues, What About Mimi and Yvon of The Yukon for air in fall 2000.

Rick Mischel, President of The Harvey Entertainment Company said, "We are proud to introduce an entire new generation to Wendy The Witch. Studio B has created a Wendy that is edgy and mischievous, with all of the humor and fun of our past children's cartoons. Their development and production talent will ensure that the series is hip, entertaining and talking the language of today's kids."

"We are very excited about starting production on Wendy the Witch," said Bartleman. "We are looking forward to working with Harvey Entertainment on this project. They bring a great deal to the production, not the least of which is a long history of producing quality animated series. We look forward to bringing Wendy into the homes of a whole new fan base."

Wendy the Witchtells the story of a little girl with magical powers. Her three zany witch aunts, Franny, Gabby & Gert are always encouraging Wendy to cast the most mischievous sort of spells, but Wendy always seems to know when to listen to her witchy relatives and when to shelve her sorcery. Adventurous and independent, this audacious charmer is equipped with an enchanted wand and a smart-aleck broom to help her navigate her teenage years in the witch and mortal worlds.


Titan Motorcycle Co. of America announced this week that it has reached an agreement with Marvel Enterprises, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Titan will produce a one-of-a-kind X-Men motorcycle, which will be featured in the much-anticipated July 14, 2000 release by 20th Century Fox of The X-Men -- based on Marvel Comics' best-selling series for more than 20 years.

As the leading character's motorcycle, the specially commissioned Titan will be featured prominently in the movie. The custom Roadrunner model will also make cameo appearances in pre-release promotions. X-men fans can anticipate the production of two separate toys, with both toys and packaging sporting the Titan logo. A collectible die cast replica of the starring Titan motorcycle will be produced as well.

"We are pleased to be associated with this long-anticipated release, which already has such a solid following," said Mark Green, director of marketing. "Marvel Enterprises and its cast of adventure characters are known the world over, and we are especially enthusiastic about the potential for global market exposure," he said.

Founded in 1994, Titan is a premier designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-end, American-made, V-twin engine motorcycles marketed under various Titan trademarks. Titan's unique, hand-built configurations, including the Gecko™, Roadrunner™, Sidewinder™, and Phoenix™ represent the finest available in custom-designed, volume-produced, performance motorcycles.


Casting on the Spider-Man movie may begin sooner, rather than later, according to a recent report on the Spider-Man Hype website.  Citing an anonymous scooper as their source, the hype-site claims that the movie's producers are hot for director Sam Raimi (For Love of the Game) to select an actor now so he can begin training for the part (similar to the months of preparation on the part of the actors in The Matrix). The producers are said to be looking for a young actor with a physical background who could sign on for the franchise long-haul.

Spider-Man Hype also reports that they'll be hosting an online chat with Spider-Man creator Stan Lee next month.  The half-hour chat will take place on on April 11th at 5pm CT.  The Hypesters promise Lee will "discuss his thoughts on where the Spider-Man movie should go, as well as to discuss his phenomenal success - Stan Lee Media."

In related news, a report from the Daily Radar states that the current writers on the movie will be downplaying the origin story in order to emphasize action.  The report indicates that Green Goblin is a likely villain for the movie, as is the Kingpin.


The upcoming animated program X-Men: Children of the Atom will focus on the early years of the mutants according to a recent write-up in TV Guide.  The article describes the show as a prequel to the movie and previous animated show, "chronicling the X-Men as teenagers just learning of their powers."

In his Trailer Park column on the Another Universe website, Rob Allstetter revealed that Professor X, Wolverine and Cyclops will be three of the characters appearing in the show.  X-Men: Children of the Atom is said to be slated to appear on the fall schedule for Kids' WB!


[Batman]Fabio2's Batcave website ran a recent quote from Angel star David Boreanaz about the prospect of playing Batman on the big-screen.  "The Dark Knight and all that - definitely a cool character to play," Boreanaz is quoted from the printed edition of Cinescape magazine.  'To me, it's really about story, character, director. If that fits the bill, I'm good to go."

In spite of Boreanaz's professed interest in the character, he has no actual attachment to any planned Batman movie or TV show.  However, the actor is doing fairly well in Comics 2 Film's Many Faces of Batman casting poll.


Several fans have reported seeing producer Joel Silver (The Matrix) on last Tuesday's segment of Entertainment Tonight.  While being interviewed by ET, silver told the TV magazine what Comics 2 Film reported first, last summer.  Silver confirmed that he is in talks with Sandra Bullock to star in his production of Wonder Woman.

Thanks to D.Hullinger for the tip.


[Powers]Before the comic has even made its debut, the movie version of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's Powers has debuted online.  Ok, so it's not a feature-length adaptation.  It's more of a fan created trailer promoting the comic.  The animated trailer can be viewed at the ComicFan webiste.

The much-anticipated comic makes its debut next month from Image.


Fans can read a review of the screenplay for the From Hell movie at the IGN Movies website. The screenplay (credited in the review as "by Rafael Yglesias, with a draft by Terry Hayes") adapts Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's comic of the same name.  Johnny Depp and Terrance Stamp are signed to appear in the production, which is to start filming this year.

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