[Faust]Director Brian Yuzna recently updated Comics 2 Film regarding the progress of the Faust movie. The movie, based on David Quinn and Tim Vigil's comic, is currently making it's way through post-production.

"As expected, Faust is not screenable for Cannes," Yuzna told C2F. "We are still finishing F/X on Faust and haven't mixed the sound yet. I am pretty excited about how the film is turning out and I hope it hits the right balance between the comic and an R rated movie to satisfy the comic fans and attract a sizable movie audience."

With the Cannes opportunity passing Yuzna filled us in on current plans to screen the film. "It will probably premiere at the Sitges Film Festival in October, since that is a good way to launch the release in Spain. For the buyers, the first look will most likely be the London Screenings and MIFED."

The production team is currently negotiating with Roadrunner Records for the Faust soundtrack CD. Yuzna also alerted us to actor Andrew Divoff's website. Divoff plays the villainous M in the movie. A section of his website is dedicated to Faust. Attractions there are a number of photos of Divoff in character, as well as a video introduction to Mark Frost, the actor playing the title role in the film.

As for his current project Yuzna tells us, "We are beginning to shoot Arachnid, with Jack Sholder directing, in the Mexican rain forest and in Barcelona." Sholder has been the director of many scream-fests, including one of our favorites, The Hidden, which was recently re-released on DVD.


[Ghost World]Teri Garr is the latest addition to the cast of the Ghost World movie according to a recent e-mailer from Fantagraphics.  Garr is a regular on the Oxygen network's I've Got A Secret and has an extensive filmography which includes Dick, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Young Frankenstein and many others. Garr has been cast as Maxine, the stepmother of Enid who is played by Thora Birch (American Beauty).

Also added to the cast is Bruce Glover (Warlock II, Chinatown).  According to the announcement Glover "has signed on for the role of the trivia-loving, Little Rascal-riding Feldman." Glover is the father of indie-fave Crispin Glover who wrote the introduction to Clowes's Pussey.

The Sundance Channel will be providing a preview of the film for it's In Production program, which will air on May 12. Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and Seventeen Magazine all have Ghost World stories in the works as well. The ET report is set to air in the the next two weeks.

Check out the Fantagraphics Web site for exclusive, soon-to-be uploaded snapshots of most of the cast, taken on location.


Comics 2 Film touched base with Evan Dorkin about his recently announced TV project, The Eltingville Club. Dorkin was able to give us some updated information over our previous report.

"The script is done, it's going through the process of being read by our producers," Dorkin told Comics 2 Film.  "then we deal with standards and practices, where we expect to most likely lose a few things, which will [obviously] require some rewrites here and there."


Images from the X-Men movie graced the cover of the Summer Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. The front view of the gate-fold cover depicts Patrick Stewart as Professor X along with his four top students Storm (Halle Berry), Cyclops (James Marsden), Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Open the gate-fold and the evil mutants are revealed: Magneto (Ian McKellen), Sabretooth (Tyler Mane), Mystique (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) and Toad (Ray Park).

EW rated the movie a 9 out of 10 on it's "Buzz-O-Meter". None of the 137 movies previewed rated a 10.

The write-up for the film offers a few amusing insights, including reports of Hugh Jackman's "go-for-broke commitment" to bringing Wolverine to life. Apparently Jackman had the crew chanting "HUGH! HUGH! HUGH!" by the end of the shoot. Jackman was so into his volatile character that the crew just shrugged it off when he bellowed out an obscenity during the shoot. "I said the biggest swear word I ever let out, and then nothing happened," Jackman is quoted as saying. "Everyone thought I was just really getting into it." Unfortunately, the actor was in some serious distress due to getting his "testicles twisted in a harness while shooting a 6-foot fall," so the outburst really was a cry for help.

In other X-Men news Marsden recently talked to the Popcorn website.

Marsden, who plays Cyclops in the movie, told Popcorn that the prospect of working with director Bryan Singer was the main attraction for him to do the movie. He promised that Singer wanted to deliver a movie with a serious tone. "It's like if Stanley Kubrick were to direct the X-Men movie. It's very dark, very cold, very serious, but there's definitely plenty of action and style to it."

The actor feels that moviegoers will be happy with the film. "I think it's going to be a really great movie."

This week the actor blabbed to the Calgary Sun about his mutant experiences. The interview appeared Monday on the Jam! Showbiz website.

"I had never read the comics before I auditioned for the role, but I had played the video game a couple of times so I had some idea of what I was getting into," Marsden told the Sun. "When I was cast, I got hold of as many of the comics as I could and devoured them."

Marsden found the role of the mutant team-leader less rigorous than what was endured by some of the other actors. "I didn't have to hang from riggings all day long and I didn't have a super state-of-the-art fight on the top of the Statue of Liberty like Wolverine (Aussie Hugh Jackman) does."

In still more X-Men news, Corona Coming Attractions reports that Metallica may be providing a song for the X-Men soundtrack. The story comes from Marilyn Beck's syndicated gossip column.

According to Corona's write-up the film's composer Michael Kamen invited the band in to see some rough footage of the film. In addition, Kamen reportedly told Beck that X-Men is "bizarre, no question about that- and an action film, no question about that either."

In their February issue, Movieline magazine reported that Lars Ulrich was in talks to handle music supervision on the movie.

And finally, we have X-Men movie merchandising reports from the X-Fan website. Last week that site posted a preview of stuff you'll be able to blow your money on this summer. Items that will be listed in the next Diamond Comic catalog will include a life-size Cerebro helmet, a life-size Magneto helmet, a life-size Wolverine claw prop and an X-Men jacket. Also included are posters, T-shirts and more.

This week X-Fan offers a sneak peek at the X-Men movie action figures. 


The PopImage interviewed comic artist Mike Norton (The Waiting Place, Dr. Goyle) in the April edition of the online magazine. At one point during the extensive interview, Norton talks about the prospect of creating an animated version Dr. Goyle, which he created with Mark Stegbauer.

Interviewer Jonathan Ellis describes the concept as "the story of a medieval monster-fighting wizard who accidentally transforms himself into a stone gargoyle"

When asked what fans can expect from the comic, Norton replied, "Pure silliness. Those who know me will agree that I can be a very goofy person... and Mark DEFINITELY has a goofball streak (maybe that's why we ended up on Badger?) So this is just pure fun. It's like a cartoon... In fact, that's where we'd both like to see Goyle end up.. As an animated property."

However Norton also told PopImage that in terms of selling the property as a cartoon, he and Stegbauer, "haven't reached that stage quite yet. Mostly it has to do with finding the right people to pitch to. Right now, we're getting a lot of 'Hey that [would] make a great cartoon' and we're like, 'Yeah, we know'"

Norton encourages interested parties to purchase Dr. Goyle from publisher Arrow Comics.


Corona Coming Attractions reports that Ralph Winter is now on-board the Fantastic Four movie. Winter may be best known to C2F readers as one of the producers on X-Men. The source who gave this scoop to CCA also told them that FF should go into production in August or September.

CCA was also able to verify that there does seem to be some recent activity on the much-delayed project.


A representative of N Communications Inc. dropped Comics 2 Film a line recently to tell us about a movie project is spinning out of their recently launched DigiComix website. DigiComix features interactive online comic books which feature live actors as the heroes. Chase Masterson of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 are both featured in the online comics.

According to the communication, Masterson will make a movie version of her Digi Girl character. The release explains:

"Digi Girl is a new superhero created for an online comic book. The online comic featured the actress Chase Masterson of Star Trek DS9. The actress is merged into 3D and hand drawn art digitally The script and the storyboards were considered so good that within months of their creation, a movie deal was made.

"Now the company that is publishing the online comic, (which still has not been released to the general public) is producing the multi-million dollar movie. John Nelson who originally created the Digi Girl character, has also written the movie script. He says the script covers more background information like the origin of Chase Masterson's character Digi Girl.

"The comic begins with her as the Digi Girl character, with brief flash backs to her origins. The movie's production look and feel are to be true to the original online comic. A web video has already been created and released on the official comic site to promote the release of the comic in May.

"The publisher, N Communications Inc., says that the Digi Girl online comic was delayed due to the fact that quality is more important than mass producing a bad comic. Since the movie is in pre-production they wanted to make sure the comic art work reflected the time and effort the artists and writers had put into the project.

"A sneak peak at the comic is scheduled for the first week of May, and the first three issues of the comic to be released online in Mid to late May. An official date has not been announced. Behind the scenes photographs featuring Chase Masterson in a motion capture studio for the movie's pre-production are available on the http://www.digicomix.com web site."

Proucer/Creator John Nelson had this to add, "The Digi Girl movie is in pre-production, and some sneak photos are on the site now. The images [show] Chase Masterson wearing reflectors for motion capture. The motion capture will be applied to Chase's 3D stunt double. The company performing these services are Z Up Productions. The 3D animation is being produced by Pickett Productions, and the HDTV composite/editing work is being done by a new company by the name E6. All these companies are located in the St. Louis, MO area. The movie will be filmed in HDTV format, 16:9 ratio, with equipment provided by E6. An MPEG video short is on the web site right now, promoting the Digi Girl online comic."


Gabriel Mann (Outside Providence) has joined the cast of Josie and the Pussycats according to Daily Variety.  The actor will play the boyfriend of Josie, who will be played by Rachel Leigh Cook. The article also mentions that he's signed on for Summer Catch and Things Behind the Sun.


Spider-Man casting rumors continue with no let up in sight. Ain't it Cool News ran a report from a spy on Wednesday claiming that Heath Ledger (10 Things I Hate About You) was practically a sure thing to play Peter Parker on the big screen. The spy claimed to have heard from a source within Sony Pictures that Heath Ledger is looked upon by the powers that be as their next Brad Pitt. Supposedly this has the studio leaning towards Ledger for their big-screen web-slinger.

Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore) has also been rumored to be circling the part at one time. C2F contributor Joe Hendren wrote to tell us that he did some checking on the Schwartzman casting rumor.

"I e-mailed the guys from Phantom Planet, the band for which Jason Schwartzman is drummer, mainly to ask whether or not there is any truth to the reports that Jason is being considered for the role the web-slinger," Hendren told us.  "Darren Robinson, one of the guitarists for the group wrote back and had this to say, 'Jason does have some movie offers, but I haven't heard anything about him being Spider-Man. I think those might be rumors.'"

Joe recommends ignoring the Schwartzman rumors, but picking up Phantom Planet's current CD.

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