Comics2Film recently spoke with Faust director Brian Yuzna about the recently completed film based on David Quinn and Tim Vigil's comic. Yuzna provides this account of the movie's recent screening in Barcelona.

"Faust screened at Sitges Festival Thursday Oct 12 to sold out audiences and won best F/X. Mark Frost, myself, Julio Fernandez, Fermi Riexach and (the soon to be famous) Monica Van Campen introduced the film," The director told C2F. "Unfortunately it was a digital to film transfer so the film lacked detail and sharpness and many late arriving digital shots were incomplete, but the movie was a success and has created a great deal of excitement in Spain and Europe for the Fantastic Factory, the line of Sci-Fi and Horror films that Fernandez and I are creating along with a studio in Barcelona."

Festival attendees also got a look at other upcoming Yuzna projects. "Before Faust were screened trailers for the next Fantastic Factory film, Arachnid directed by Jack Sholder (The Hidden, Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Wishmaster 2) and Darkness, the new movie from hot new director Jaume Balaguero (The Nameless)," Yuzna told us.

"The soundtrack of Faust is bomb and the CD will be available next month in North America from Roadrunner Records," Yuzna said. The soundtrack includes music from Sepultura, Fear Factory, Nailbomb, Machine Head, Soulfly and others.

Yuzna went on to say, "Faust will screen at San Sebastian Fantastic Festival next week and November 12 at the Stockholm Festival. It will be released in Europe (in its finished form) next February. American audiences should start emailing the hell out of Trimark Pictures and Lion's Gate who own the North American rights demanding to see Faust in movie theatres as soon as possible."

Comics2Film checked in with Lion's Gate to see what the plans were for the movie. We were assured that that Faust will definitely be available to American audiences. Lion's Gate only recently acquired the North American rights in a "negative pickup." They haven't seen the movie yet, but will be screening it this week in London and next week in Milan. After the right people have seen the movie Trimark and Lion's Gate will develop a strategy for releasing the movie, be it theatrical or some other means.

In the mean time, M. Terry Jackson of TBL Magazine directs fans to an online trailer which was recently posted at the Stockholm International Film Festival website. The trailer provides readers with a pretty decent look at the character in costume.


[Ronin]Sure, director Darren Aronofsky is now attached to write and direct Batman: Year One, but what about that other Frank Miller comic book that he was set to helm? Back in the summer of '98, after the success of Pi, Miller's Ronin was the comic book concept the director was eager to develop for the big screen. At the time, New Line Cinema had begun developing the movie with Industry Entertainment. 

So what's the status of Ronin now? A source at New Line recently told Comics2Film that the movie had been placed in turnaround.

A source Margaret Riley's office at Industry confirmed this and also discussed the possibility of Aronofsky still doing the movie in light of all the recent Batman news.

"Aronofsky will write Batman, but of course, that is a long process," our source told us. "Ronin has always been one of his favorite comic books of all time, so until there is a finished script for either Batman or Ronin, it is impossible to say which will be his next movie."

Our source also told us that Industry is currently attaching a writer to the project and looking to resolve the studio situation.


Late last week, Ain't It Cool News broke a story about an exciting new direction the Superman movie effort may be taking. The report told of a new treatment that was in the hands of top people at Warner Bros. The new treatment abandoned the Death of Superman storyline entirely and, instead, featured the man of steel in a knock-down, drag-out with that main bastich Lobo! The treatment was turned in by none other than Lobo's daddy: comic veteran Kieth Giffen.

Comics2Film spoke with Giffen about the report last week. Giffen confirmed that he did write such a treatment. Contrary to the AICN report, the writer is not currently working on a screenplay. So far it's just a treatment. Beyond that Giffen did not want to comment further on what was supposed to have been a secretive development effort.


[Josie and the Pussycats]The production of Josie and the Pussycats filmed a concert scene Friday at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC. The mock concert filmed for several hours in front of  a crowd of extras, who were admitted free into the show. Vancouver resident Sarah Hamilton has sent in her account of the experience of being at the Pussycats concert. Warning! The following account does contain potential spoilers.

"I was an extra in it at the Pacific Coliseum yesterday. They were shooting the ending and this is what I have inferred from it.

"Josie & the Pussycats are a small band that become famous...she puts on her first big gig and all the audience members copy her (we were all given cat ears that were headphones and we had to copy her....putting them on, and off) and they play their first song and at first the crowd isn't sure that they like it or not. Soon, they get really into it, and start screaming, while Josie is shocked."

Note: This next part contains major spoilers and has been rendered invisible to protect the unwary. Swipe the text in order to read it.

"After awhile, Alan M. comes through the crowd (crowd surfing) and says 'Josie, Josie....'. Josie says 'Alan M is that you?' (They had to shoot that scene over and over!) Basically, he tells her he loves her and that Alex told her that Josie gig was off, and that's what he hadn't shown up. Josie says 'Alan M., I've! always loved you and I always will.' Then they share a *very* passionate kiss, and the crowd goes wild! The concert resumes, with Alan M. dancing at Rachel's side."

"Rachel Leigh Cook has died her hair red-ish, not bright red but sort of a light burgundy color, and it looks great. Gabriel Mann is a real sweetheart and he signed autographs."

Thanks to Sarah for sending in the scoop!


Comics2Film checked in with sources close to the Luke Cage movie to see if anything's happened with that project.  4Filmmakers recently updated their listing of the project, showing writer, director and star attachments. However, our source told us that the information is inaccurate. While the project is in active development, there are currently no writers, directors or actors attached.


[Toby Maguire]Frequent Comics2Film scooper Antonello writes in to share a scoop from the Italian press regarding the Spider-Man movie. Antonello tells us that Spidey star Tobey Maguire is in Rome promoting his movie Ride With The Devil (and also visiting with pal Leonardo DiCaprio who is there filming The Gangs of New York).

Antonello said that Maguire reportedly told the press he's never read a Spider-Man comic, but liked the part as written in the script. Maguire especially likes the way Parker needs to hide his powers from his loved ones in order to protect them. Maguire also told reporters that he will not be wearing a padded suite (a design element found in many superhero movies starting with Tim Burton's Batman).

In the casting arena, Maguire allegedly said that Alicia Witt is "a sure thing" to play Spider-Man's love interest Mary Jane. Our scooper also tells us that Maguire implied that John Malkovich is out of the running for the part of Green Goblin.

However, when we ran the casting report by our source at Marvel, we were told that it may be inaccurate. Witt, of course, is still not signed. Our source did tell us that Malkovich is still possible for the part of Norman Osborn.

In other Spider-Man casting news, Spider-Man Hype points readers to Anderson Jones' latest column on E! Online. Jones talked with fan-fave actor Bruce Campbell about the possibility of appearing in Spider-Man. Campbell, a long time friend of director Sam Raimi, said, "We always work together but the phone hasn't rung yet. Sam's a squirrelly bastard."

Later in the week, a NY Daily News wrestling column called The Slammer became an unlikely source of Spider-Man scoop on Friday. The columnist reportedly spoke with wrestler-turned-actor "Wildman" Jack Armstrong (The Guyver, Alligator 2: The Mutation) who had the latest casting rumor. According to the column, Armstrong is training "Macho Man" Randy Savage for a role in Spider-Man. The write up does not say what Macho Man's role would be.

However, the article also states the the cameras will be rolling next month, when, in actuality, Sony announced a January start for the filming.

Bomark Padgett of the 4W-Wrestling website provides some extra details on the rumor. Padgett reports, " Randy Savage will be portraying a professional wrestler named Crusher in an upcoming Spider-Man movie according to many. Savage has appeared on film and TV before, and is best remembered for his series of Slim Jim commercials."

Fans will remember the Crusher as the very first foe that Spider-Man fought way back in Amazing Fantasy #15. Parker enters the ring with "Crusher Hogan" in order to test his powers and claim the whopping $100 for anyone who can stay in the ring for three minutes.

Thanks to Junior for the lead!


The folks at Exile Films continue to keep fans abreast of development on BloodQuest, the Warhammer 40,000 movie. The filmmakers recently posted the latest preview footage from the movie. The new CGI clips illustrate some spectacular battles between two large space craft. Previous clips included test footage of ground based mechs. The webmaster cautioned that fans should view them while they can, because shortly they'll be clearing some of the footage off the site.


A press release from Todd McFarlane entertainment invites fans to chat with McFarlane one Wed. October 26 at 7pm (ET). The online chat will take place at http://www.tbssuperstation.com. It's all part of a promotion for the broadcast television premiere of the live-action Spawn movie on cable station TBS. The broadcast itself is Sunday, October 29, with encore showings on Thursday, Nov. 2; Saturday, Nov. 4; Sunday, Nov. 5; and Saturday, Nov. 11.


Today's The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Columbia Pictures has reached an agreement with director Michael Mann and producer Jon Peters to go forward with the boxing biopic Ali. The movie's budget is now capped at $105 million, with the filmmakers on the hook for any overages.

Columbia put the movie into turnaround on October 12 over the film's bulging budget. However, negotiations between the studio and the filmmakers reopened early last week in hopes of resolving the issue. At that time, there were rumblings that, were Will Smith to lose the opportunity to appear in Ali, then he might reconsider appearing in Sony/Columbia's Men In Black sequel as well. Now that Ali is on track for a January start, Smith will presumably keep is commitment for MIB2.

[Asterix]ASTERIX 2

Dark Horizons reports that the Asterix sequel is now filming in Morocco "specifically the desert areas near Ouarzazate." They also report that the movie is now subtitled Mission Cleopatra.


The WB network is planning a spin-off of their newly-acquired show Sabrina, The Teenage Witch according to today's Variety. Sabrina moved to the frog network this season after airing on ABC for several years.

The principals for the new show will be introduced in the 15th episode of Sabrina this season. Sabrina's "bad witch" cousin is banished to another realm to be supervised by Sabrina's aunt. The out-of-control cousin is placed in a boarding school to be guided by two teachers: one mortal, one not.

Execs at WB are describing the spin-off as a cross between Welcome Back Kotter, The Facts of Life and Charmed. If the 15th episode does well, the untitled spin-off could start airing in the Fall of 2001.

This is the second attempt to spin-off the successful show. A similar concept was tested almost two years ago when Sabrina star Melissa Joan Hart's two kid sisters appeared on an episode. That show was supposed to serve as a backdoor pilot for the younger Harts, who would have then had their own series called Spells Trouble. That show never got off the ground.


Los Angeles production company David Lancaster Productions (a.k.a. Laninco) has optioned Gary Spencer Millidge's critically acclaimed and award-winning comic book series Strangehaven for a potential TV series and motion picture.

Writer and co-producer Barry R. Nolan has been working on a series treatment and pilot script for a potential TV show based on the property. "These are very exciting times for me, but it's not going to change my life just yet," said Strangehaven creator Millidge, "as I realize any TV or movie will take some time to develop. But Barry and David Lancaster have been working very hard on developing the concept for other media and any successful translation to the screen could have tremendous benefits for the comic book itself. ... I would get a kick out of seeing characters that I had created on the screen, but I certainly have no aspirations of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter or producer. I'd rather leave that to the experts and simply utilize any financial benefits to enable me to concentrate on developing my comics career."

Millidge is currently working on the long-awaited Strangehaven #13, delayed in part by the development of the movie treatment, as well as a badly damaged thumb caused by a freak soccer accident. "It's terrific to be able to get back to the drawing board after an eventful few months," claimed Millidge, "and Strangehaven will soon be back -- and on a more regular basis."

Meanwhile, the first Strangehaven trade paperback collection, Strangehave: Arcadia, has gone back to press, selling out quickly after the recent publication of the second volume, Strangehave: Brotherhood. Millidge said, "The response to the second volume has been phenomenal and has sparked tremendous sales in the first volume too." Both volumes cost $14.95 (each) and are distributed by Diamond, FM, Cold Cut and Red Route, as well as being directly available from Abiogenesis Press in the UK and Top Shelf Productions in the US.


[The Crow: Salvation]Much to the disappointment of Crow fans, Dimension Films is standing firm on releasing The Crow: Salvation directly to the video market. Cinescape reports that Dimension has set a release date of January 23 for the video.

Internet based fans launched a protest and boycott against Dimension last month when it first announced that the movie might go the DTV route. Cinescape names The Hollywood Reporter as the source of the story.


Wild Brain, Inc. recently announced their fall series line-up of animated webisodes, scheduled to appear on the company's Internet channel, wildbrain.com. Among the slates web shows is the French comic Anita Bomba.

With its first episode debuting on the 20th, Anita Bomba is a new series adapted from the popular French comic book by Cromwell and Eric Gratien. Anita Bomba, the most skillful bank robber in the putrid, crumbling city of Alphapolis, can't control her malfunctioning assistant "Siggy." He's a robot with a severe multiple-personality disorder that causes him to inform the police and set Inspector Bottle on their trail, which turns out to be the least of the pair's worries. (3 episodes in total -- updated monthly).


Fans interested in the movie version of Matt Wagner's Mage can direct their browsers to Kevin Hawkins' outstanding Mage website. How can there be a trailer of a movie that's not even in production yet? Well, this is an unofficial trailer done in Flash animation. It neatly sets up the Hero Discovered storyline that will be the basis for the movie. Check it out!

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