Looking for more from the world of DC/Vertigo's "Sandman?" More is on the way in 2001.

"I've just finished writing draft one of The Furies, and I wanted to tell someone," DC/Vertigo writer Mike Carey posted at DC Comics' official "Lucifer" board on Sunday. "But Lin's already asleep and if I call my brother at this hour he'll kill me. Again.

"As to what 'The Furies' is, it's... hard to describe without completely giving the game away. It's coming out under the Sandman Presents umbrella, but as a one-off like 'Merv Pumpkinhead' rather than a mini-series within the regular numbering.

"But it's different from the other 'Sandman Presents' series that have appeared so far - well, different from the ones I've been involved with, certainly. It picks up from the key events in 'The Kindly Ones' and 'The Wake,' the two final story arcs in 'The Sandman,' and I guess you could say that it moves the central situation forward in some ways.

"And I think that's all I can say right now - except that writing it was exhilarating and exhausting and scary, and that my brain has now turned to cheese. Some kind of parmesan, I think."

As for previous "Sandman Presents" books, there's a chance fans will be seeing them again soon.

"I was talking to Shelly [Roeberg] a few weeks back about maybe collecting the first three 'Sandman Presents' minis ('Morningstar,' 'Love Street' and 'Petrefax') in a single book. She thought it was a good idea, and said she'd pass the suggestion on to Karen [Berger, Vertigo's top editor]. I'm keeping my fingers crossed - both because I'd love to see that happen and because it would mean the first 'Lucifer' collection would go all the way up to the end of 'Windowless Rooms.' I think that works better as an end point than 'Born with the Dead.'"



There's no way this pun won't slip in eventually, so let's get it out of the way right up front: Antarctic Press is breaking the habit with "Warrior Nun."

The current star of "Warrior Nun Areala," Sister Shannon Masters, will be making her swan song in issue 12.

"I think the time was right for something new. I feel that there is a demand for the character and the world in which she interacts and certainly there is an unbelievable amount of uncharted territory for this character," series writer Anthony Zicari told 4 Color Review last week. "I would say it was a combination of both a demand and uncharted territory. We have taken the character back to her roots, but tweaked it and updated her."

The book will also have a new "animated" look, thanks to the art of Craig Babiar. He'll also have the chance to invent the look of a whole new cast of characters, Zicari said.

"I will be busy creating a whole new rogues gallery for her, but old time fans should not worry because some of Shannon Masters' old foes will be showing up to tangle with the new Warrior Nun. I want to take the series back to its roots so to speak, back to what made it great. It's going to be a fun, wild and entertaining ride."


It's not old-fashioned. It's classic.

Over on DC Comics' "Astro City" message board, writer Kurt Busiek got side-tracked into discussing projects he writes for other publishers, including Marvel Comics' "The Avengers."

Famous as a fan of classic comics, Busiek found himself discussing whether or not the Avengers are a dated concept.

"My main interest is in whether it's good or not, myself," Busiek said. "I don't agree with you -- I think the book is very different from what it was in the Sixties and Seventies. But at the same time, what's 'up-to-date' to one reader is 'trendy and imitative' to another, and what's 'old school' to one set of eyes is 'classic' to others. So I don't really see a virtue in trying to be contemporary in the same ways other books do -- people who like that can read those other books, after all, and people who don't like it should have their own thing to read.

"What I focus on is trying to make 'The Avengers' as good a series as I can muster, and I let that dictate the style, rather than trying to force the book into any style that doesn't feel right or natural to me.

" I wouldn't want to see, say, Captain America get a more 'modern' costume -- I think his costume is just right for him, and every attempt I've seen to modernize it has been awful. But a lot of the Avengers do get updated looks from time to time -- whether it's a brand-new costume like [the Scarlet Witch] gets, or just some minor tweaking like Warbird got -- and then most readers complain that they hate the new look ... until the next time a new look comes along, and then they hate that one, and want the previous look back."

Things will be changing for the team soon, though, Busiek says. The next era of the Avengers -- coinciding with the arrival of new series artist Alan Davis -- begins in issue #38.


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