A write-up in last Thursday's Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Bruce Campbell will be playing a ring announcer in the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Presumably this is the famous scene in which Parker tests his newfound powers against a professional wrestler.

The article also mentions that Campbell will appear in The Bijou with Jim Carrey. He'll also square off with Matthew Perry and play Elizabeth Hurley's husband in Servicing Sarah.

In related news, fans who responded to a recent call for spectators to appear on camera in the new Spider-Man movie have been sent information packets about the event. Dark Horizons published what is purported to be an excerpt from one such e-mail. If legit, the excerpt confirms that Macho Man Randy Savage is in the movie. Here's the excerpt: 

"You will be there as Peter Parker transforms for the first time into Spider-Man! You will be there as Spider-Man encounters the pure 'evil' seething in Saw Bones McGraw! You will be there as Spider-Man faces off against 'demented' Saw Bones McGraw (played by Macho Man Randy Savage!!) in a un-sanctioned caged wrestling match - to the end! You are being filmed today as a 'Spectator' – part of a group of excited, cheering/booing/hissing fans watching a wild out of control caged wrestling match. Also on the set today will be other Talent, Paid Extras, Producers and the Director Sam Raimi. The scene takes place at a non-sanctioned caged wrestling match in New York. Dress New York/east coast. No California surf wear."

This final bit of Spidey news is not really that exciting at this point as we pretty much covered it last week. However, last Thursday Sony Pictures issued the official press releases announcing the casting of J. K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson and Cliff Robertson as Uncle Ben in the Spider-Man movie. We won't run the entire releases, as they tend to be filled with redundant info. Here are some highlights though:

Jameson is described as "the publisher of the 'Daily Bugle' and Peter Parker's gruff but kind-hearted boss."

The Robertson release provides the following insights: "After Uncle Ben's tragic death, he vows to dedicate his life to fighting crime. It is Ben's immortal words, 'With great power comes great responsibility,' that guide Peter as he lives his double life as Spider-Man."

Rosemary Harris is named in both releases as Aunt May.

David Koepp is still credited with writing the script, with no mention made of any additional writer.


Comics2Film did some follow up on recent internet rumors that Ryan Phillipe is in talks to appear in Bulletproof Monk. The movie is based on the Flypaper Press comic written by Gotham Chopra and Brett Lewis with art by Michael Avon Oeming and Jason Baumgartner.

C2F contacted Phillipe's publicists who told us "we don't know anything about that."

We also spoke with Michael Yanover, Flypaper publisher and Executive Producer on the movie. Like Phillipe's publicist, Yanover had not heard anything about it either.

We also asked Yanover about rumors that Guy Ritchie is angling to direct the movie. "Isn't he on a honeymoon right now with Madonna," Yanover asked, joking. As with the Phillipe rumor, the Executive Producer had not heard anything about Ritchie directing or wanting to direct the movie.

Yanover did tell us that the screenplay by Cy Voris and Ethan Reiff (both of Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight) has not been turned in yet. Given that, any serious talks about casting are unlikely, but not impossible.


A source at Marvel told Comics2Film that there is no new director under consideration for the Fantastic Four movie. When we asked about recent rumors that Peyton Reed (Bring It On) was up for the job our source told us the rumors are false.


Rob Allstetter of the Comics Continuum reports that casting is underway on the Blade sequel, Blade: Bloodhunt. According to unnamed sources Ron Perlman (Aliens: Resurrection) and Luke Goss have been cast in unspecified parts in the film.

Perlman worked with Blade 2 director Guillermo del Toro previously on 1993's Cronos. He's also been rumored to be favored by del Toro and Mike Mignola for the lead role in the Hellboy movie.

According to The Continuum Goss has appeared in movie's like Love Life, Nine Tenths and the upcoming Zig Zag. Zig Zag is to be directed by Blade scribe David Goyer.

Actress Leonor Varela (Cleopatra) is also rumored as a possible cast member.


[Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker]Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker recently showed up on video store shelves. As fans know, this is an edited version of the movie. The original cut of the film was deemed too violent and reworked to make it more family friendly.

Fans who are curious about the scenes that were altered can now view some of them at the 4ColorReview website. 4CR provides a review of the unedited version of the film (they give it 4 stars). The site also presents four clips that were significantly altered between the two versions.

Be forewarned: both the review and the clips are major spoilers for the movie. Even the titles of the clips could be considered spoilers.


Corona Coming Attractionsreported it a few weeks ago. Today The Hollywood Reporter confirms that music video director Joseph Kahn has been hired to direct The Crow: Lazarus. This report indicates that Dimension Films may not be distributing this sequel. Dimension's decision not to give the recent The Crow: Salvation a theatrical run led to some heated public remarks by the producers of the franchise.

Rapper/actor DMX is expected to star as the title character, a rapper killed in a drive-by and resurrected for revenge. James Gibson has written the script.


[From Hell]The Australian Fox Movies website currently lists August 23, 2001 as the release date for for From Hell. No date has been set for the domestic release.

Thanks to Upcoming Movies for the lead.

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