[Spider-Girl #26]They may or may not save their comic book, but fans of Marvel Comics' "Spider-Girl" aren't going down without a fight.

As reported in the last edition of the Comic Wire, the last remaining MC-2 title has been slated for cancellation this fall, but fan response to the decision has been immediate and passionate.

A Web site dedicated to saving "Spider-Girl," www.SaveMayday.com has already sprung up, and over on Marvel's official message boards Marvel's editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada, has solicited comment from fans who want to see the book continue.

"I know a bunch of you are really upset over the upcoming cancellation of 'Spider-Girl' and I can't say that I blame you," Quesada posted on Monday. "Although there have been internal debates as to whether 'Spider-Girl' was confusing to new readers or cannibalizing the Spider brand, this had very little if anything at all to do with its upcoming cancellation. What it boiled down to was a series of projected numbers for the year. What that means is that at its current rate of sales decline, 'Spider-Girl' would stop becoming profitable as of issue #39. These are the cold hard facts and the reality of the publishing game. We don't have the ability that our Distinguished Competition has to keep unprofitable books afloat, our needs are much more immediate and Darwinian. Still, in my mind, 'Spider-Girl' has many elements worth saving. For starters she's a strong female lead, the stories are youth accessible, simple and easy to get into.

"That being said, I hate the fact that this title is going the way of the dodo, I believe that the accountants might be making a mistake and this comic can survive well beyond issue #38. So with that in mind I would like to call upon all of you out there who are 'Spider-Girl' fans to unite and let your voices be heard. Keep it short and sweet and leave a post right under this one supporting the title. I'll do my best to get the bean counters to take a good look at what fandom assembled really wants!

"I can't make any promises but let's see if we can move the needle a bit."

Having said that, though, Quesada made sure to keep expectations from spinning out of control:

"Folks, I'm not saying this is going to cure the situation because when it comes to books that lose money, I'm as powerless as the next person."

At press time, Quesada's thread had received over 200 replies.


[7 Guys of Justice]If you picked up issue five of "7 Guys of Justice" two weeks ago, you might have been a bit confused for a moment by the cover.

That's because it had the cover to issue four on it.

"There was a mix-up at the printer," series writer Brian Joines, said in a Wednesday press release. "Due to a simple human error, the book shipped as scheduled but with the cover for issue number four on it. I discovered the error too late to stop the shipment from going through, which will hopefully explain to retailers why they received what appears to be additional copies of issue four, despite their never having ordered it. I contacted our printer immediately and they were very apologetic and helpful. They'd realized the mistake they'd made and were already going about in an effort to correct it."

Some shops should have already received the corrected copies, and the rest will be receiving them shortly, according to Joines.

As for those surplus copies of five-on-the-inside-four-on-the-outside of "7 Guys of Justice," Joines doesn't want retailers to return them.

"Give those out as ashcans to people whom they feel may enjoy the book but aren't positive," he said in his announcement. "Hopefully, we can use this unfortunate situation to raise awareness of the book and increase our ever-growing fan base. I think we have a good product here and this could be an unforeseen opportunity to prove that to people."



[Monarchy #2]Maybe there's some sort of curse on the successors to DC/WildStorm's "Stormwatch" series. Like "The Authority," new "Stormwatch" spin-off "The Monarchy" is arriving in stores later than expected.

But while "The Authority" was delayed by months, with a full story inserted in the middle of the ongoing story arc on top of that, "The Monarchy" is currently only looking at a one month hitch in the schedule, owing to artist John McCrea falling ill.

"All right. I feel someone owes you an apology for 'Monarchy' #2 being so damned late, but since I'm the only one here, I'll do the honors my own bad self," series writer Doselle Young posted on DC Comics' "Monarchy" message board on Sunday.

"I've seen some of the color work and I have to tell you that the pages look splendid. You have a few things to look forward to in addition to good ol' Union's return. (I like that damn fine ad [for issue two, currently running in WildStorm books], oh yes I do.)

"What clues can I give you for the next arc. A few more Stormwatch characters will be coming up over the next arc, which begins with #5 'The Boy Who Talked to Spiders.'

"At a signing at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, I was asked about Malcolm King and I'll repeat my response here. He WILL be coming back and once they've taken off the restraints, he's going to have on hell of a good time. Nuff said.

"I hope you can all imagine how frustrating it is to have the book so close to materializing, wanting to engage in more discussion, and not being able to. I ask that you stand fast for the first few months while certain things work themselves into their proper place.

"I've seen [fill in artist] Warren Pleece's first few pages of issue #3 and the horror bits are just lovely. I'm looking forward to more, more, more ..."

Pleece is only temporarily replacing McCrea on the title, though, Young's wife Janine explained in a posting on Monday.

"Warren's not only done a terrific job on #3, but he'd been wildly enthusiastic about it. When informed that Mr. McCrea was yes, feeling much better and would be drawing #4, Warren expressed disappointment. Not because McCrea was feeling better (he was glad about that), but because he was really enjoying himself and wanted to keep on drawing.

"As #3 is part 1 of a 2 part story, I suspect he also wanted to find out what happens."

"Monarchy" #2 is scheduled for an April 4 release, with issue #3 scheduled for May 16.


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