[Agent Graves]Comics2Film reported last month that comic scribe Brian Azzarello had been tapped to write a treatment for the big screen version of Bloodshot for Brigade Entertainment. Brigade's Dave Elliot told C2F that the treatment is in and reaction to it has been very enthusiastic. The movie is being prepped as a starring vehicle for the wrestler known as Triple H.

Speaking of Azzarello, Elliot also tells us that Brigade is moving forward with a movie version of the writer's 100 Bullets comic. That project is in the very early stages and no details could be made available.

A big Brigade project that's not comic related is a revamp of the early 1970's Hammer flick Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. The original was a quirky blend of Hammer horror and Hong Kong action that starred Peter Cushing as Van Helsing tracking Dracula in China. Elliot tells us that Tim Allen (Galaxy Quest) is attached to fill Cushing's shoes, this time playing the part as a Van Helsing wannabe. The producers are also in talks with a major action star to provide the kung fu fighting.

Elliot tells us that work is progressing on his comic related independent feature Nose Dive. His script for the film is out the a number of high-profile actors. Elliot promises future updates as the project develops.


[American Century #1]A source at DC Comics has informed Comics2Film that Hollywood is already buzzing about Howard Chaykin's new Vertigo comic, American Century. The first issue was published just a few weeks ago and, according to our source, DC has already had several inquiries from producers.

American Century tells the story of war vet Harry Block who has returned to life in Illinois after defending his country in World War II. However life in the suburbs proves to be a cesspool of infidelity, racism and shallow living, prompting Block to fake his own death and start fresh in Guatemala. The comic is written by Chaykin and David Tischman with pencils by Marc Laming and inks by John Stokes.

The comic was named the "Editor's Choice" in the book section of a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly.


[Catwoman]Michael Fleming reports in this morning's Variety that Ashley Judd has signed on to play Catwoman in a movie that would feature Batman's femme fatale. There's been talk of a Catwoman feature ever since Michelle Pfeiffer let the fur fly in Batman Returns.

Judd, who currently appears with X-Men star Hugh Jackman in Someone Like You, met with producer Denise DiNovi and Warner executive vice president Kevin McCormick about the film.

Mage scribe John Rogers has been tapped to pen the screenplay. This may be good news to fans who read the review of a Catwoman script from the Smilin' Jack Ruby website last February. That script was characterized as being more Scooby Doo than Catwoman.

According to the Variety article, the Catwoman movie is said to be in rapid development at Warner Bros. The article also suggests that the studio is hoping to create a franchise, a la The Matrix and Batman.

Thanks to M. Swenson for the assist.


Variety reports that Hans Rodionoff has been hired to pen the big screen version of Marvel Comics' Man-Thing. According to the report Artisan and Marvel are paying the writer a mid-six figure sum.

Man-Thing tells the story of a scientist transformed into a Florida swamp creature, not unlike DC Comics' Swamp Thing. Man-Thing however is a mindless but deeply empathetic force of nature whose slimy touch burns those that feel fear.

Rodionoff has previously written the sequel Skulls 2.


Gloria Fan at Atlas Entertainment told Comics2Film that a Rising Stars script from J. Michael Straczynski. "Overall, everyone including MGM is very happy and excited," Fan told us. "We all love this project and will be making it a priority to move forward on it."


Fans who can't wait for the Spider-Man movie to make it's May 2002 debut are directed to the latest set reports from Ain't It Cool. The a recent report on the website features "bootleg" video from the recent World Unity Festival shoot. Fans can get a sneak peak at a Spidey stuntman doing back flips through the panicked festival crowd.

The report also features new, close-up images of the Green Goblin mask. Thanks to cadernos for the lead.

Want an even better look at the Green Goblin and Spider-Man's World Unity Festival chaos? Well, there's no pictures of videos, but Fred Topel at About: Action-Adventure Movies has published a super-swell set report from the recent shoot.

The report includes details of the Goblin swooping down on his glider and hurling pumpkin bombs, as well as Spider-Man rescuing Mary Jane and a small boy. Sounds exciting!

In other Spidey news, a casting agent in New York is seeking local actors to work on the Spider-Man movie while it films there. Filming is set to take place from April 14th-May 4th. Interested parties are director to send a 8x10 headshot & a resume (if you have no experience, just list your vital stats: height, weight, sizes, etc.) to: 

Grant Wilfley Casting

Att: Kristan Sorge

60 Madison Ave, #1027

New York, N.Y. 10010


Screenwriter John August (Charlie's Angels) recently did some Q & A for the Internet Movie Database. August was asked about his screenwriting chores on the upcoming Barbarella movie, specifically whether or not the sexy elements of the original movie would be kept intact.

"First off, it's not a remake, since we don't even own the rights to the original film. Instead, it's loosely based on two other comic books in the Barbarella series," August explains. " When we announced it to the trades, we said it was about 'A naïve young woman who discovers the secret behind her Utopian planet's good fortune, and finds herself leading a revolution.' Which is true. But it's also pretty funny, which you might not guess from the logline."

August reports that the new movie is to be a PG-13, action/adventure affair. It won't have actual nudity but will have a playful sexuality like Charlie's Angels. "One of the things I love about the Barbarella character is her unashamed fondness for men," August said. "To her, sex is just a nice thing to do with a person, like tennis."

Barbarella is currently in development with Drew Barrymore set to produce and star.

Thanks to Corona Coming Attractions for the lead.


Fans interested in a sneak peek at the spiffy new CGI animated series Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future can find it at the website for animator Rob Powers. His site features eight images from the production (as well as tons of computer generated images from other movies and TV shows).

According to Powers' online resume, he served as Creative Director of Animation on the show from May to August of 2000, presumably when the show was still in development at Netter Digital. With the demise of Netter, the series was moved to Foundation Imaging, where episodes are in production.

Thanks to Andrew Paul of The Eagle Archive for the tip.


The producers of the X-Men are mulling over a variety of locations for the sequel according to a recent report on Jam! Showbiz (picked up from the Toronto Sun). Although Toronto area locations are being considered, Vancouver is said to be favored due to it's closer proximity to Hollywood. The report also indicates that Fox's new Australian facilities are also a possible location for the filming.

The write-up also indicates that filming is to start in the fall with an eye toward a July 2002 release, a timetable similar to the hurried pace of the original. This conflicts with other recent reports that had indicated a holiday 2002 release. This report puts the budget for the film at $100 million ($30 million more than the original) and states that Gambit, Beast and Jubilee will appear. However, as Kevin Feige at Marvel cautioned readers last week, the movie is still in development and all this kind of information about X2 is subject to change.


[Red Sky Diary]In a recent interview with Keith Giles here at CBRs, artist Timothy Bradstreet talked about his involvement with various upcoming comic book movies.

Bradstreet reports that he's working up a proposal for the Constantine movie, which is based on the Hellblazer comic. The artist has long been doing covers for that title. " I'm putting together a package for Donner Productions. They have the Hellblazer project and I would really like to get on board with it," Bradstreet told Giles. " I've heard that they are changing much with the character which is a shame, but maybe I can help to bring some grit and gristle to what they DO have. My ears are always open and I'm building some very good relationships and contacts."

The artist also talked about his recent experiences on Blade 2. " Blade 2 was a complete gas. Guillermo Del Toro is an amazing fella. He's so full of energy and ideas. He knew exactly who he wanted working on the concepts. He had each guy working on the things he was best suited for," Bradstreet said. He goes to name the rest of the design team, "Wayne Barlowe did the creature designs, I designed the vampires, Mike Mignola worked on set designs, gadgets and some costumes, and TyRubin Ellingson designed all the weapons and hardware. Creatively speaking, it was a wonderful group of guys to work with, and Del Toro was the ringmaster." 

Bradstreet also revealed that he'd like to get his long-in-development Red Sky Diary made as a movie. " At some point in the future, I'd like to take my Red Sky Diary project to the screen. We'll just have to wait and see."

Giles asked the artist to elaborate on Red Sky Diary. "I've been working on the basic concept and elements for 12 years now. Don't laugh too hard. It's a labor of love and one that I will not rush. When the timing is right, it will see the light of day," Bradstreet said. " It's about a Mudir (vampire or demon) hunter named Gallows. In a nutshell, he is the present day descendant of a clan of Mudir hunters from the 14th century. He has been bred to be the ultimate human. He will wipe the inhuman plague form the face of the Earth, but at a price. I'm slowly working on a script which will determine whether or not I proceed with having it made into a film. I may want to do a book first. It would be an illustrated book, not sequential but heavily illustrated."

Finally, Bradstreet reiterated that he is not working on the Hulk movie. As of the 3/26 interview, he's only been asked to meet with director Ang Lee. "That said, it's still up in the air whether or not I'd be working on the film. It's a meeting. He may decide I'm not the right guy to have working on his preproduction team. We'll just have to see what happens."


The official Mutant X website reports that the three of the five lead roles in the show have been cast. No names are give but one of the actors is said to be familiar to fans.

The site also reports that the show has hired a stunt coordinator from Hong Kong (also unnamed). Costume designer Laurie Drew is working on designs with Howard Chaykin overseeing. Other preliminary designs have been turned in and show scripts are also flowing in.

Thanks to Katrall for the tip.


[Ghost World]The latest issue of the Fantagraphics e-mailer contains some minor info about the Ghost World movie.

The current issue of Juxtapoz (cover dated March/April) includes a prominent feature of Ghost World creator and screenwriter Daniel Clowes. The March/April issue of Request includes a cover feature on the movie's star Thora Birch and a side feature on Clowes.

MGM has set up a Ghost World sub-site on the studio's "new releases" section. The sub-site has lots of stills from the movie but it does not replace the movie's official site at:  http://www.mgm.com/ghostworld.


Cartoonist Michael Fry told Comics2Film that the animated version of his strip Committed debuted to solid ratings in Canada earlier this month. The debut of the show aired on CTV, Saturday the 10th at 7pm. It was second in that timeslot, bested only by Hockey Night In Canada, bringing in 371,000 viewers.

Although ratings dropped the second week, the show actually attained it's bets numbers in it's third week. It enjoyed a 26% improvement to 469,000 in it's third airing. It was also the #1 ranked entertainment show, with all higher-rated shows being sports programming.

The show should air on Fox Family Channel in the U.S. some time soon. C2F contacted FFC and was told that the show hadn't been scheduled yet, but programming was working on it. Fans eager for an early look can visit the Committed website and click the link, "Committed on TV."

Fry also told C2F that the powers that be are waiting until Fall to decide whether or not to put his other strip, When I Was Short into production as an animated show.


[Iron Fist]The guys at RayPark.com were able to sit down with the subject of their official site for some exclusive Q & A. Park, a genre-film favorite who can be seen wielding a variety of weapons in The Phantom Menace, Sleepy Hollow and X-Men, is next set to star in Marvel's Iron Fist.

During the Q & A, Park was asked how he's preparing to play the K'un L'un kid. "I do have a few of the Iron Fist comics," Park said. "I started collecting them when I heard I was up for the role. I am currently working with an acting coach and doing a lot of martial arts training."


Film Roman unveiled Zippy the Pinhead as one of five new, half-hour, animated properties available at MIP television trade show. 

The animation house provides this description of the show:

"Zippy the Pinhead, a dialogue between two facets of the character, Zippy the Pinhead. Zippy is the childlike clown representing the kid in everyone while Griffy is the adult, rational man. Zippy the Pinhead explores the pop excesses of consumer society with a love/hate relationship. Bill Griffith is the creator of this 30-year-old comic strip."

The other shows on the Film Roman slate include John Waters' Patent Leather Dreamhouse, Norman Lear's 'Til the Fat Lady Sings, Hairballs and Tripping the Rift. MIP runs from April 2 to April 6.


[Surfer Screen Capture 1]Comics2Film recently interviewed director Erik Fleming whose first work as a film director was the Silver Surfer short film that surprised fans when it made it's debut on Atom Films. During the interview, Fleming commented on the progress of the big-budget Silver Surfer feature that's been in development at Fox for many years.

While Fleming doesn't have any involvement with the movie, he has been keeping an eye on things. "It was sort of frustrating for us because they never gave us a shot at it," Fleming said. Instead, the studio has worked with a series of A-List writers Fleming and his partners feel aren't as passionate about the character as they were.

"These scripts were like, he comes to earth, he loses his silver skin, and he's walking around human the whole movie, and in the end he gets his skin back and flies away," Fleming said of the scripts he's read.

However, Fleming is more hopeful that writer Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven, Sleepy Hollow) will do well with the character. His sources on the project told him months ago that Walker was working on a draft. "He might crack it because he's a great writer. I think his deal was that he was going to set it all in space," Fleming told us. "His deal is to completely can Earth and to make it like a Star Wars kind of movie where the whole thing is set all in outer space, in the future."

But Fleming hasn't given up hope of directing movie himself. "My dream is to make a film that breaks me out so I can have a crack at Silver Surfer. That it'll still be sitting there. But it's just too big of a movie to give to an unknown," Fleming said.


Fabrice Giger, Chairman of Humanoids Group, announced that Humanoids Publishing has sold the film rights of its international best-selling graphic albums, The Carnival of The Immortals and The Woman Trap by Enki Bilal. The stories were sold for an undisclosed six figures to Telema, the company responsible for this year's best foreign film nomination The Taste of Others. Telema is headed by Charles Gassot and the French TV Channel TF1. Writer/creator Bilal is being considered to helm the picture.

The Carnival of The Immortals and The Woman Trap by Bilal are available in the United States as part of a book called The Nikopol Trilogy.These are two of the titles from the internationally renowned Humanoids catalog, with artists and writers such as Alexandro Jodorowsky & Moebius (The Metabarons) and Filipi & Boiscommun (The Book of Jack).

The deal was supervised out of the Humanoids offices in Los Angeles and handled by former CAA agent, Justin Connolly.

Humanoids Publishing is a division of The Humanoids Group, with offices in Paris, Brussels, Saigon, Geneva, and Los Angeles. The Humanoids Group is a multi-faceted conglomerate headed by Giger, its 35-year old chairman.

Humanoids features subsidiaries that include an internationally renowned graphic novel/comic book house, a 3-D animation and visual effects studio, an animation software development company and an entity currently developing interactive, role-playing computer games.

Thanks to Michael Rhode of the Comics Research Bibliography.


The first review of the upcoming movie based on David Quinn and Tim Vigil's comic Faust has hit the web. Nicole Rebsher, who saw the film at the Cinenygma film festival last month in Luxembourg, has posted the review on her Jeffrey Combs fan site. The review is translated from German, positive and contains spoilers.

Combs stars as Detective Dan  Margolies, a character who Quinn described as "trying in vain to make his Faustian mind wreck into a cop movie."

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