Fans of Ed Brubaker's late "Deadenders" series from DC/Vertigo will be seeing a whole lot of him in coming months, including a Vertigo miniseries, "Dead Boy Detectives," featuring characters who originally appeared in "Sandman."

[Deadboy Detectives]"'The Dead Boys' is me and [artist] Bryan Talbot doing a young adult comic book," Brubaker told the Comic Wire on Thursday. "It's modern day fantasy inspired by John Bellairs and Daniel Pinkwater, as well as Sherlock Holmes and the Hardy Boys."

Now, it's been years since fans last saw the two dead boys in the "Season of Mists" arc in Sandman. But there's no real catching up to do, as the two ghosts' situation remains unchanged.

"Not really. How could it? They don't evolve. No, when we meet Edwin and Charles this time, they've been dead for 10 years, and are moving into a new office."

Brubaker said Vertigo approached him "during the early days of 'Deadenders,' because they wanted to do something with the characters and she knew I had a big young adult book thing, and she wanted it to be more of a mystery, sort of."

As for what makes two ghostly boys compelling subjects for a miniseries, Brubaker's got a simple answer: "Everything, they're what every kid wished he could be instead of growing up. There's a lot to explore there."

But it won't be exploring it in the darker mode that many Vertigo titles use.

"No, it's completely all-ages material. I suspect it'll have a mature readers label on it anyway, though I've been arguing against it from day one.

"I've been done writing for a month or so, and Bryan should be nearly done drawing the whole thing by now, I think. I just got a big batch of inks from the earlier issues."

Of course, while "Sandman" fans are a passionate lot, to put it mildly, Brubaker's already familiar with a similarly enthusiastic slice of fandom, as the writer on "Batman."

Their reaction to him has been "mostly good, I think," he said. "A lot of people get pretty attached to the whole Batman family, and the continuity nitpickers can be fairly nasty, really, but on the whole, I've found the fan reaction to be very warm to me. The response on 'Catwoman' has been weird, because it was all announced so far before it'll be coming out, but now that people are starting to get a few glimpses of the new series, they seem to be settling down."

[Catwoman]Brubaker will be relaunching "Catwoman" later this year, with the character's life going in new directions. Among the changes for her is a new costume.

"I'd like to make her area completely her own, and get rid of the costume entirely, but that's unrealistic. So, instead, I made the costume important in a different way. But her new look is a much cooler costume, and more along the lines of an outfit than a costume. It looks like something someone would actually wear, and could put together on their own, not something they sewed in the attic while Aunt May was sleeping...

"'Peter? Are you sewing?'

"'Cough, cough… No, go back to sleep, Aunt May, I'm just doing homework.'




[Spider-Girl]"Spider-Girl" fans likely already know the good news, as reported in the last edition of the Comic Wire: The Marvel Comics series, which was to be ending this year, has been un-cancelled.

"A friend of mine called me yesterday afternoon, and told me," series writer Tom DeFalco told the Comic Wire on Thursday. "I'm still a little stunned. I am surprised and pleased that Marvel changed its mind.

"I assume will have to hold and build sales, but no one talked to me about that, yet."

The book was rescued from certain death with issue #38 were organized by fans of the title with a little help from Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada. While DeFalco leant them his moral support, he wasn't actively lobbying to save a book that had its death knell officially rung in public already.

"To be honest, I just sat on the sidelines and watched it happen. While I knew that some people liked the title, I never realized the depth of their affection. An experience like this reminds me why I love this medium so much!

"I want to thank everyone who stood up for us, and I promise that the guys and I will always try to be worthy of your support."


Remember Yanick Paquette claiming that he was trying to get away from a monthly schedule?

Well, it was a nice thought.

In addition to the projects -- including six issues of a monthly title -- outlined in the last Comic Wire, Paquette just added a bit more to what fans can expect to see out of him in 2001.

"Another thing just came up," he told the Comic Wire on Thursday. "My so-called 'other project as well' will be a 'Gen13' two-parter with Adam Warren which I need to finish around June and July (I'm not sure of the issue numbers).

"I guess, hello monthly, kinda mad and destructive schedule. But I could not decline any of these projects. Geez, I'm also moving in my new house in June ... HiiiiAAAA."


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