[Faust]Comics2Film spoke with comic and screenwriter David Quinn about the Faust movie last night. Quinn attended last Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors show in New York last week. There he presented fans with the trailer to the upcoming film.

Quinn also told C2F that he and Faust co-creator Tim Vigil saw a rough cut of the movie a few weeks ago. Both creators enjoyed the film. "It's exciting to watch. It's very fast-paced. It has a lot of the horror and the strangeness and the uniqueness of what makes Faust Faust," Quinn told us.

Although the movie has minor deviations from Quinn's script, the writer said that he's satisfied with the changes that were made. "It's nowhere near as dense and as threatening as the comic book but we've had years and lots of pages to do that story. This is just a short, single feature, so it has to be a distillation."

Distilled as it is, the movie is definitely in keeping with the spirit of the comic. "A lot of it is literally translated right out of it," Quinn told C2F. "Other things have been condensed or combined."

Quinn points to the character of Detective Dan Margolies, played by Jeffrey Combs, as an example. That character combines both the cop and journalist character from the comics.

The movie is due out on video tape and DVD late this summer. Quinn told us that he and Vigil will be involved with the DVD. "[Director] Brian Yuzna mentioned that he wanted both of us to do a creators commentary. That would be fun. I know Brian is also doing a commentary."

A theatrical release of the movie is possible, but unlikely. However, some of the comic book conventions have expressed interest in screening it. Quinn is working to help make the arrangements.

Some additional goodies are being prepped to follow the release of the movie.

Roadrunner Records will release the movie's soundtrack on CD.

DarkTales publications will release a paperback titled Faust: Love of the Damned Screenplay-The Creators' Cut.

Quinn is currently at work on a novelization, due out later this year. It'll be released as a signed, limited edition hardcover through Dark Muse as well as a paperback from DarkTales.

Finally the recently revived Rebel Studios and Re-Animator Records are set to release a CD called Every Drop of Blood Has a Soul-David Quinn Speaks. "Over the years I've written a lot of Faust prose," Quinn told us. "So I'm doing a CD of me reading the fiction. Some of it will be little bites from the novel. Others will be longer sections of short stories set in the world of Faust." Quinn said it'll be a theatrical reading.

At the aforementioned Fangoria show, Quinn announced that he and Vigil would resume operations with Rebel Studios this year. Vigil will continue to act as publisher and art director, while Quinn, handles marketing and licensing. In August they'll publish Faust Communion Collection, the first of several trade paperbacks collecting the original Faust Acts. In October, Rebel will present the beginning of the long-awaited conclusion of Love of the Damned, Faust Act 12.


[Green Goblin]The intrepid spies at Spider-Man Hype have uncovered yet another image of Spidey's nemesis, the Green Goblin. The latest image reveals a close-up profile of the costume, including a good look at the mask. In this image the mask looks like one large, plastic helmet, with the face fixed in a Goblin cackle. We're starting to wonder how this will play on the big screen. The full, larger image, which also offers a view of the costumes arms and torso can be seen at the SMH website. The photo was scanned from an Australian woman's magazine called "New Idea".

The production of the Spider-Man movie has recently been beset by difficulties. The following press release comes from Sony regarding the theft of Spidey's webs and the $25,000 reward for their safe return:

"April 4, 2001--Columbia Pictures has posted a $25,000 reward for information leading to the prompt and safe return of four Spider-Man costumes reported missing early Tuesday from the Sony Pictures Studios lot. Columbia Pictures has created a hotline for tips leading to the recovery of the costumes. Anyone with information regarding the missing costumes is asked to call the Columbia hotline at 310/244-1044. Details concerning terms of the reward are available through Columbia Pictures."

A follow-up report on the Reuters news service indicates that the looks of the suits will not delay the production. According to their write up the film has "plenty of additional costumes on hand."

News of other Spidey problems comes from The Hollywood Reporter. The trade reports that stunt man Zack Hudson was injured on the last week. Hudson, a stunt double for Tobey Maguire, fractured his leg during a stunt gone wrong.

This is the second major mishap on the movie, the first being the tragic death of welder Tim Holcombe last month. Holcombe who was working on set construction when a crane toppled over and struck him.

Over the weekend, Mary Jane Watson actress Kirsten Dunst appeared on E! News Daily and commented on Hudson's injury.

"When you're building sets like that and it's rushed, they're very ambitious with their time. They should just take more time with things and not rush cause it's like huge stuff that they're doing," Dunst reportedly told E!

More upbeat Spidey reporting comes from Cinescape's Cindy Pearlman. Pearlman talked to Tobey Maguire about playing the webslinger. "I've done all kinds of training for flexibility," Maguire said. "I've also been pushing up some iron. I'm ready for anything."

Maguire also commented on the man behind the mask, Peter Parker. "He's a great character because he's so relatable," Maguire said. "He's a regular kid who gets these superpowers. But he's conflicted about it in our script, which makes him interesting."

Finally, Corona Coming Attractions reports that a teaser trailer for Spider-Man may run with the upcoming Planet of the Apes movie. Their scooper reports that this information was found on the Fox Exhibitors website. It's a little puzzling as Spider-Man is a Sony movie, not a Fox movie. The same scooper also reports that a preview for From Hell may also run with Apes.


Popcorn.co.uk recently published a video interview with Ang Lee, director of the Oscar-nominated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and soon-to-be director of The Hulk. Lee reveals that he hopes to start on jade jaws next year, but has other projects in the works that could potentially interfere with that.

Beyond that, Lee had few concrete details to share on the project that is still in the early stages. "I don't have a story yet, but I think it's a great idea," Lee told Popcorn. He also said the concept is "an  interesting psychological study."

In a test of the director's comic book knowledge, the Popcorn reviewer asked if the Hulk is going to fly. Lee correctly answered, "He can jump."

Visit Popcorn.co.uk to view the complete interview.

Last month, the About: Screenwriting website ran a recent interview with screenwriter David Hayter. Hayter talked about his experiences working on X-Men with Bryan Singer. He also commented about the work he's done on The Hulk.

"I just wrote The Incredible Hulk over at Universal," Hayter said in the March interview. "what was interesting to me is not 'big green guy,' it's this person who's so repressed that he's locked his inner beast away to such an extent that when it comes out it's just an explosion."

Hayter also commented on the challenges of writing superheroes. "You want to be very careful to not look at it as, 'Oh, it's a comic book movie,' because there's a great depth of character in that," Hayter said. "I was talking to Darren Aronofsky last night, and he's doing a Batman movie with Frank Miller. Batman is a freaky guy, I mean, you know, he's got some serious problems – really interesting problems – that cause him to go out and do what he does. And the last few movies haven't reflected that, they've just been, 'Oh, we'll put on the costume, and we'll have a neat car, and we'll do all this stuff.' That's not what makes a good movie. That's sort of my goal, is to bring real characters and real storytelling to an otherwise unrespected genre."

Thanks to TKD27 for the tip.


Comics2Film has learned that Jason Pomerance has turned in a script for the made-for-TV Deadman movie. The project, based on the DC Comics character, is set up at the TNT Cable network and is eyed as a pilot for a possible series. Sources have told us that the network is seeking a show runner to shepherd the movie.

When Deadman was announced last August, it was described as the story of "a murdered stunt man who is allowed to return to earth as a spirit that can occupy the body of his nerdy accountant brother." C2F has not heard if the script adheres closely to that description or if it is more in keeping with the comics.


[The Tick]Fans eager to see The Tick on the small screen may have to wait a bit longer. Sources close to the show have told Comics2Film that it definitely will not air until the next fall season and will most likely be held until November. 

The show was originally slated for a mid-season release this year on Fox. However, the threatened strikes in Hollywood left the network skittish about next fall's schedule. They decided to hold the show in reserve until then. It now seems likely that the show will be pushed until November in order to make way for Fox's sports programming.

Fans eager to see Tick star Patrick Warburton in action can look for his Australian movie The Dish. The movie enjoyed positive reviews during its limited U.S. release last month. It opens in wide release April 27th.


Corona Coming Attractions reports that X-Men scribe David Hayter has turned in a treatment for the mutant sequel. According to the report, the "Legacy Virus" figures prominently in the storyline. The virus is said to be a fatal, man-made disease that targets only mutants. The X-Men must battle the spread of the disease and confront its creator. 20th Century Fox is said to be reviewing the treatment after which they'll decide whether or not to go to script with it.


Timed to the nationwide opening of Universal Pictures' Josie and the Pussycats, Universal Citywalk will do its first-ever live Astrovision simulcast on Wednesday, April 11 at 4 PM PDT with the MTV Total Request Live premiere of the video of the film's first single, "Three Small Words." A live-action comedy based on the popular Archie comics series, the film stars Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid and Rosario Dawson as three small-town girls with big-time dreams for their rock band.

This live public simulcast will allow L.A.'s music fans to watch MTV's most popular show, TRL, on the giant Astrovision screen in the same manner as their New York counterparts do in Times Square. The Astrovision screen is located between the Universal Studios Cinemas and the Hard Rock Cafe. Josie and the Pussycats was written and directed by Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan. In addition to Cook, Reid and Dawson, the film stars Alan Cumming, Gabriel Mann, Paulo Costanzo, Missi Pyle and Parker Posey. TRL host Carson Daley appears in the film as himself.

Josie's music was produced by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds with Dave Gibbs. Kaplan and Elfont co-wrote "Three Small Words" with Gibbs. The soundtrack also includes contributions from Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, Jane Weidlin of the Go-Go's and Adam Schlessinger of Fountains of Wayne.

Josie  will get a boost from internet video kiosks in 32 shopping malls across the U.S. The Centerlinq system, which provides touch-screen access to the Internet will be used to promote the movie. Centerlinq was recently used to provide support for last year's The Family Man.

The movie got a favorable review from Variety this week. The trade calls the movie, "sensationally exuberant, imaginatively crafted and intoxicatingly clever."

The review indicates that the movie should have broad appeal even though the target audience is the under-25 females demographic. The reviewer praises the film as "a revealing and richly detailed snapshot of contemporary pop culture."

The movie opens today in theaters everywhere.


Under the heading of "Things You Can Learn At The Jinxworld Message Boards" we find online trailers from the upcoming Ghost World movie. Web-surfers with a fast connection can download the higher-quality trailer at:

Fans with slower connections can get the smaller version at:


[Scarlett Johnson]Meanwhile, actress Scarlett Johansson graces the cover of the April/May 2001 issue of Index Magazine. The magazine devotes eight pages to the young actress and features an interview in which Johansson talks about her recent movie projects, including Ghost World. The movie is directed by Terry Zwigoff (Crumb) who co-wrote the screenplay with the comic's creator Daniel Clowes.

Johansson reports that she became pals with her co-star and on-screen friend Thora Birch. "We had some wacky, wacky times," the actress told Index. "We were sort of a team on that film. Because Terry Zwigoff and Dan Clowes are insane! Of course Thora is insane as well -- in a good way."

The June/July 2000 issue of Index also features an extensive interview with Clowes himself.


[Men In Black 2]Corona Coming Attractions has gotten their hands on some Men In Black 2 concept materials. Sony has been distributing the material to prospective licensees. The artwork is very much in the vein of the original film's, with the agents' silhouette emerging this time from the roman numeral II.

The materials also reveal that make-up artist Rick Backer is on board for the sequel.

In other MIB2 reporting, professional Jackass Johnny Knoxville talked to Anderson Jones of E! Online about his upcoming turn as a two-headed alien in Men In Black 2. Knoxville couldn't say much about his part other than, "I'm thrilled and so excited to work with [director Barry Sonnenfeld] again. I start in June."

Knoxville previously worked with Sonnenfeld on the upcoming release Big Trouble with Tim Allen and Patrick Warburton.


[Road To Perdition]The Dreamworks SKG fan site continues to provide on set reporting for the film. Their latest reports are accompanied by 9 new images from the sets including one of Hanks in character as the Angel of Death. Various locations in the Chicago area have been refaced to take on the film's depression-era setting. The movie stars Tom Hanks and is based on the DC/Paradox graphic novel by Max Allan Collins and Richard Piers Rayner.

The Fansite also reports that the movie's release has been rescheduled. Originally planned for an early November release this year, the movie is now slated to hit theaters in 2002. Director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) reportedly doesn't want to rush the production.

In other Perdition news, Anderson Jones of E! Online talked with Walter Parkes, one of the film's producers. Parkes said that audiences can expect to see Tom Hanks playing against his nice-guy image. "It shows him in a light no one has ever seen before," Parkes told Jones. "He's not evil, but he's on the other side of the law--and the other side of a tommy gun."

Finally, a scooper for Corona Coming Attractions reports that the production of The Road to Perdition will be filming some scenes in C2F's home state of Michigan. According to local news in Grand Rapids, MI, Tom Hanks and company will be heading for Saugatuck for a scene or two in the coming months.


Fans interested in some insights in to the Smallville TV production can check out the Planet Krypton website. That site recently posted an interview with one of the show's creators and executive producers, Alfred Gough.

Gough commented on their take on the young Clark Kent character, which will emphasize the teenager over the superhero. "Unlike, say, Batman, Superman has always been the goody two shoes of super-heroes. We wanted our Clark Kent to have angst and edge, without losing the essence of who he grows up to be," Gough told Planet Krypton. " That's why in the series Clark doesn't wear the suit, doesn't wear glasses and can't fly."

Kal-El's arrival on Earth is also accompanied by a shower of Kryptonite, which figures in to the show's storyline. The otherworldly substance transforms Smallville from an ordinary rural community to something Gough describes as "'Twin Peaks'-like."

Gough also talks about the relationship between Kent and Lex Luthor. "It's an intriguing relationship to play with because everyone knows where the story ends, but you've never really seen how it started out. I think it will be fun to watch."

The producer comments on the various actors and characters in the show. One interesting note is that they hope to include Lois Lane "somewhere down the road."

Checkout the extensive interview for even more details on Smallville.


Corona Coming Attractions has the scoop on an actor who may be a candidate to play young Batman in the planned Batman: Year One movie. According to CCA's source, Brendan Fehr of Roswell is a possible for the role. Fehr's manager allegedly announced this a the finale party for the Roswell show. However, this information has not been verified. CCA cautions that this be taken as "extreme rumor."


[Witchblade]As if two Witchblade websites weren't enough, a Comics2Film reader named Dex points us to a third site. Warner Television's Witchblade site appears to be the most up-to-date regarding the new summer series. That site features artwork for the show, downloadable trailers and a chance sign up as a "bladewielder," which gives you access to special features on the site.

The site also reveals that the series is set to begin airing on TNT June 5th in the 9pm timeslot.

Other Witchblade sites include TNT's Witchblade Site, promoting the original movie and Top Cow's Witchblade.com promoting all things Witchblade.

Thanks to Dex!


Stax, the web's #1 movie script reviewer, serves up another review of a comic related screenplay in his column at IGN FilmForce. This time Stax cracks the whip on the Catwoman script by Kate Kondell (Valentine) and Theresa Rebeck (Gossip). The review is negative with some spoilers.

Interest in the Catwoman movie has kicked up again with news that Ashley Judd (Someone Like You) has agreed to star in the film. Reports indicate that John Rogers (Mage) is on board to write the script. It's not clear if Rogers will be working from the Kondell/Rebeck storyline (which doesn't have Selina Kyle as Catwoman) or if he'll be starting fresh.


The Hollywood Reporter ran a recent rundown of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films' 27th annual Saturn Awards nominations. Everybody's favorite mutant movie X-Men topped the list garnering 10 nominations. It's next closest competitors with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas each bringing in 8 noms.

X-Men competes for best science fiction film against The Cell, Hollow Man, The 6th Day, Space Cowboys and Titan A.E.

The article also reveals that Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is set to receive the George Pal Memorial Award.

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