There's a joke that's sometimes made about writing for DC Comics' Vertigo imprint: Be British. But a surer bet is this: If you want to win awards in the comic book world, be a previous award winner.

And so it went at the 2001 Harvey Awards, given away this weekend at the Pittsburgh Comicon. There were few major surprises, with awards going to the usual suspects like Alan Moore (Best Writer for "Promethea"), Will Eisner (Best Domestic Reprint for "The Spirit Archives" and Best Graphic Album of Original Work for "Last Day in Vietnam"), Todd Klein (Best Letter for "Castle Waiting") and Sergio Aragones (Special Award for Humor in Comics).

Other awards given at the Friday night ceremony:

  • Best New Talent: Michel Rabagliati ("Drawn & Quarterly," "Paul in the Country")
  • Best Cover Artist: Adam Hughes ("Wonder Woman")
  • Special Award for Excellence in Presentation: "Jimmy Corrigan" by Chris Ware
  • Best American Edition of Foreign Material: "Lone Wolf and Cub" by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima
  • Best Anthology: "Drawn & Quarterly"
  • Best Colorist: Laura DePuy ("The Authority")
  • Best Syndicated Strip or Panel: "Mutts" by Patrick McDonnell
  • Best Biographical, Historical, or Journalistic Presentation: "The Comics Journal"
  • Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work: "Jimmy Corrigan" by Chris Ware
  • Best Inker: Charles Burns ("Black Hole")
  • Best New Series: "Luba's Comics and Stories" by Gilbert Hernandez
  • Best Continuing or Limited Series: "Acme Novelty Library"
  • Best Artist: Jaime Hernandez
  • Best Single Issue or Story: "Superman & Batman: World's Funnest" by Evan Dorkin
  • Best Cartoonist: Al Jaffee ("Mad Magazine")

For more on everything else at the Pittsburgh Comicon, see Augie De Blieck's two day report in Pipeline.


[New Warriors #28]When Marvel Comics brought back "New Warriors," fans of the 1990s teen superhero book rejoiced. What they didn't do, however, was buy it in enough numbers to keep the book on the stands. Fans hoping for a third era of the book will have to wait, however.

"I think it's much too soon after the previous attempt at a 'New Warriors' series to try again," editor Tom Brevoort told fans at his message board at Marvel.com. "But I'd like to give it a shot at some point."

Fans of the title had some ideas for shaking it up and making it more viable in the current retail climate, like having it be a new team of teen heroes.

"I wouldn't have a problem with doing a book about an all-new teen team -- but I don't think I would call it 'New Warriors.' That's a no-win situation, in my opinion -- the people who want a 'New Warriors' book don't want a bunch of new guys, so they wouldn't be happy, and new readers would be less likely to try it out, being put off by the perception of some colossal amount of backstory and history they'd be afraid they'd have to be up on in order to really enjoy the book.

"A thing is what it is. 'New Warriors' is about a specific batch of characters. So if NW is what I was doing, they'd form the crux of the series. Were I simply interested in a teenaged super hero team, I'd call the book something else."

When the last series was cancelled there were some loose threads left dangling, as so often happens. Don't look for these issues to be resolved if and when the Warriors do return.

"If we were to do a new 'New Warriors' series, not only wouldn't I make it a priority to address those various danglers, I'd actively avoid it -- doing so is sure to alienate the then-current fans of the book, who'd neither know or care about these things."


As the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada has been nigh-inescapable for fans. But fans who liked him back when he was Joe Quesada, comic book artist, will be getting to see that side of him again, perhaps relatively soon.

In an interview with ComicsGB, Quesada said he still likes to keep his hand in as an artist.

"Don't tell Madman Bill [Jemas], but when he's not looking, I'm sketching at my desk. Most of the time it's funny pictures of him and Bob Greenberger, but I'm keeping my hand warm!

"Sometimes I draw [DC Comics publisher] Paul Levitz and send it to Mike Carlin and Dan Raspler!

"I'll give you a little exclusive because I like you, and you gave me money ... I have at this moment, an 11 page short story by a pretty good writer, that I'll be starting next week. How quickly I can get this done will determine for me, what kind of projects I'll be taking on in the future, so it's sort of a personal test! Now I'm telling you this because I know that you won't post this on the internet and outscoop all the big websites like Fandom or CBR ... right? Glenn? GLENN!?"


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