If you're a fan of the art of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, soon you'll be able to get your fix just by turning on the television.

"We both got the news that MTV just signed a development deal to make 'Gatecrasher' a 1/2 hour weekly animated show produced by Mainframe," Palmiotti told the Comic Wire on Saturday. "Also, Surf & Turf are in development at [Warner Brothers]. It's a cartoon about a lobster and a bulldog that own a seafood restaurant, created by Amanda and myself.

Palmiotti will also continue to collaborate with his wife Amanda on print projects, currently including:

  • "Ten page Rogue/Wolverine story for 'X-Men Unlimited' this fall. Written by that hack Palmiotti.
  • "Six page Betty Page story [with me again] written by Susie the Floozy for the Big Book of Wild Women.
  • "Every third issue of 'Mad Magazine' has an Amanda piece.
  • "And the usual monthly 'Soul Searchers' covers for Peter David's book and a couple of 'Vampirella' covers."

Sans Amanda, though, Palmiotti already has what many would consider a full plate of upcoming projects, including "the first six or seven issues of the new 'Punisher' series with Garth [Ennis] and Steve [Dillon]. The five issue Brian Vaughn, Mark Texieria Cyclops mini for Marvel. I do the inks. Inks on issue four, five, six over Leonardo Manko of 'Brotherhood' for Marvel, written by Writer X (LOL). Inks on the five issue 'Nick Fury' book written by Garth Ennis and pencils by Derrick Robertson.

"For DC, I got a 'Titans' issue coming over Peter Grau, written by [Jay] Faerber. Will be inking two Vertigo projects that start end of the year, and the other in 2002. Cannot say more than that right now.

Finally, this July at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Palmiotti will be announced as the writer of a monthly comic at one of the major publishers, as well as writing a miniseries at another. What and for whom will have to wait, as too much revelation ahead of time "makes the editors freaky."


[Harry Potter]Sure, sure, Superman's faster than a speeding bullet, and Spider-Man can do anything a spider can, but the publishing industry's real superhero can get the largest first print run of a hardbound book -- almost four million copies were printed of his latest book last summer -- is Harry Potter. He's conquered publishing, is coming to a movie theater near you this November, and will be showing up in videogames at about the same time. The only thing left for the orphan studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is ... comic books.

That's certainly possible. The London Sunday Mirror is reporting that Harry Potter creator J. K. Rowling is in talks with Marvel Comics about a possible Marvel Comics series.

The paper says Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada met with Rowling during a recent visit to the UK, quoting him as saying "I'd like to see JK Rowling involved with comics. The qualities she would bring are evident - not to mention her built-in audience."



Lilith with demon

Looking back, it's been a whole week and a half since the last preview of Marvel Comics' upcoming "Witches" in the Comic Wire, so series artist Mike Deodato sent along two new images to scratch that itch.

"When [editor] Lysa [Hawkins] asked me to draw some sketches of Lilith, I sent them to her," Deodato told the Comic Wire on Sunday. "She thought it was lovely! However, it was the wrong Lilith! Anyway, she said that she's SO pretty that she feel like they need to write her in now ..."

"Witches" debuts this September.


[The Flash]Hopefully, you're enjoying Scott Kolins' art on DC Comics' "Flash," because you're going to be seeing a lot more of it for the foreseeable future, as he told a poster at CBR's Flash message board on Thursday:

"We're really glad you enjoy our Flash enough to add it to your Pull list. And I hear you loud and clear about the $$$. I remember having to share comics with a friend! He'd buy these comics (I'd get to read) and I'd buy those comics (he'd get to read). We'd actually swap collections every once in a while! Now there's a friendship!

"Anyway, Geoff and the rest of us are very much aware we need to give our all to keep you readers month after month! That's our aim. I also hope it helps that I'm doing all these issues in a row -- NO FILL INS! I just finished my 11th issue of the Flash (#180) -- and I still have months of lead time. I'm really hoping to get two years without a break in the run! Who knows I might get 3 solid! Wish me luck."


Here's what's news and press releases in CBR's Comic Brief:

  • Joe Casey and Ladronn take a swing at "Hip Flask"

And last time in the Comic Wire:

  • David Talks "Young Justice/Spyboy," New Novel
  • Marvel Announces Convention Season Talent Search, Financial Turnaround
  • Catching Up with J. Torres


In the last edition of the Comic Wire, it was incorrectly stated that Marvel's summer convention talent search would include the best artist found thus far in the show having their artwork displayed on Marvel.com. The art will actually be displayed at the Marvel booth at the convention.

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