After the cancellation of "X-Men: The Hidden Years" by Marvel Comics, series writer and artist John Byrne has publicly sworn off working for Marvel again. Of course, Marvel had said that there was at least one more project forthcoming, a final "X-Men" story from the artist associated to the book's rise to prominence.

So whatever happened to the "Last X-Men Story?"

"There was a 'Last X-Men' one-shot and a 'Last Fantastic Four' one-shot in the earliest stages of discussion," Byrne posted Monday at The John Byrne Fan Site message board. "The former having been announced as a done deal by [Marvel president Bill] Jemas, and then used as a 'bargaining chip' by M*rv*l when XHY was cancelled: 'Do this book (i.e., scrape the egg off our Boss's face) and we will let you finish the issue (22) you're working on.' When I said 'No' to this 'offer' it went away, and I was allowed to finish thru 22 anyway. (I suspect by this time the bean counters had stepped in - 'Hey, you do realize we've already paid him for 20 and 21, right?') Beyond this, there was nothing slated. I felt comfortable walking away from M*rv*l precisely because I would not have to back out of any solid commitments when I did so.

"As a side note, M*rv*l should probably be glad I am not doing that X-Men one-shot. When Jemas announced the book as a done deal, he did so in an article that also 'revealed' I had been coaxed into doing this job when M*rve*l 'backed a Brinck's truck' up to my door. When I demanded that this be retracted, since we had not got anywhere near the point of talking money, Quesada refused, saying he could not control 'what the press wrote.' 'Did Jemas say this or not?' I asked. 'I don't know,' said Q. 'It sounds like him, but I don't know.' 'But either way, you're not going to do anything to correct this?' 'No,' said Quesada. Which means, as far as I'm concerned, they would, indeed, have had to gas up that Brinck's truck before I would ever have considered doing the job after that point. Why spend the rest of my career trying to explain that it wasn't true when M*rv*l had no interest in protecting one of their employees from such lies?"


Fans of CBR's own Gail Simone likely know she'll be teaming with Lea Hernandez this winter for "Killer Princesses" from Oni Press.

If you can't wait that long to read the adventures of the fabulously fabulous secret agents Faith, Hope and Charity, Oni has come to the rescue with an online KP serial starting this week.

Look for a new interview with Simone coming soon in the Comic Wire. If you can't wait that long, read what Simone had to say when the series was announced in February.



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She had a rocky start -- almost getting cancelled before she got off the ground -- but "GoGirl" #4 will be arriving in stores this August from Image Comics.

Artist Anne Timmons sent the Comic Wire a preview of the issue, along with solicitation info in series writer Trina Robbins:

"Cowgirls and rustlers and aliens, oh my! When Lindsay and her mom decide to vacation at a dude ranch owned by Janet's old crime-fighting partner, they haven't reckoned on a scary hired man and mysteriously disappearing cattle. Lindsay does some sleuthing and discovers that the truth is out there!

"Award-winner Trina Robbins (Inkpot, Lulu awards) joins Eisner nominee Anne Timmons and prize winning letterer Tom Orzechowski, along with talented colorist Christopher Butcher (on the covers) to produce a critically acclaimed comic for girls and the boys who like them."


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