[Adventures of Alison Dare]You may not know Jason Bone yet. But the Eisner judges think you should. Hence his nomination in the Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition award for this year's Eisner awards at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

If you have heard of Bone, it's probably as the artist of "Alison Dare," most recently published by Oni Press.

"'Alison Dare' is most often described in movie terms," Bone told the Comic Wire on Tuesday. "Like Indiana Jones meets Johnny Quest. She's a young girl whose mother is an archaeologist and her father is a librarian/superhero."

Bone also strayed from strictly kid-friendly fare into something a little more adult last year, with his "Solar Stella" one shot.

"The reaction was really positive. I was nervous that the female readers might find the cheesecake a trifle offensive. Fortunately everyone seemed to get what Stella was about, which is just good old fashioned B-movie style action. I prefer to keep Stella closer to the side of 'Cute' than 'Sexy.' She can be sexy but never 'Sexual' if that makes sense. The book is supposed to be fun.

"As for the 'Return of Stella' I would love to get the time to work on another book. Actually, I had one whole issue almost completed but I had to put it on hold to start the 'Return of Alison Dare.' So there are almost 24 pages just sitting there (at my desk) waiting for me to get back to work."

While Bone is not yet a household name, neither is he a total unknown. So it shouldn't have been a big surprise that he landed a nomination, right?

"Did I expect a nomination? No. I definitely had hopes that readers would find and enjoy my work and in some way that alone would raise my profile. But I honestly never expected to receive a nomination, especially not this early in my comic book career.

"I smiled a lot when I first heard. It definitely helps when I'm stuck inside on a really nice summer day, hunched over my drawing board, up to my elbows in ink and pencil lead, to suddenly think 'Hey, I'm nominated for an Eisner! An EISNER!' The work goes a little easier then."

As for his chances later this month, Bone knows who he's rooting for.

"I know Mark Smylie's work from Sirius. He's actually the guy responsible for showing Robb, Mark and Larry my Solar Stella Mini-comic which led to that book's publication. In that respect I owe Mark Smylie my support when it comes to voting. I'm afraid I don't know any of the other nominees. I expect they probably don't know me from Adam, either."

In the meantime, Bone is hunched over his drawing board, up to his elbows in ink and pencil lead.

"I'm currently finishing up the inks on a Jingle Belle special. It's a terrifically fun story wherein Jing spends her summer playing on her dad's hockey team. It's called 'Jingle Belle: The Mighty Elves.' Oh, and it's written by a fella named Paul Dini. I have one more issue of Alison to complete before Chicago con then we'll see what happens. Hopefully I'll get some time to work on Stella."

Unfortunately, the Wizardworld convention in Chicago is the only convention Bone is attending this summer, and if he wins the Eisner, it'll have to be mailed to him.

"Haven't you heard? There's no money to be made in Comics," he smiled. "No, I can't afford to go to San Diego this year, as much as I'd love to. I really like that city. And the convention's always fun, too. I will be in Chicago, though, at the Oni table."


[Superboy]So, say you're an apparently teenaged apparent clone of Superman created when the Man of Steel was briefly dead. He comes back to life, and suddenly, what do you do with yourself? That's the question DC Comics has been trying to answer since the early 1990s. This fall, they're letting Jimmy Palmiotti take his shot at it.

"Jimmy is being joined by co-writer Dan DiDio, a story editor and writer on 'Reboot,' and by John McCrea, whose work you'll remember from 'Hitman,' 'Jenny Sparks' and 'The Monarchy,'" series editor Mike McAvennie told the Comic Wire on Tuesday. "John is being joined by inker James Hodgkins, who's worked with John on the two Wildstorm books.

"Their first issue is 'Superboy' #94 (on sale November, January cover date), and they've got some neat ideas for the Kid. Basically, they're having Superboy 'get a life,' and the best way to start is for him to get his own apartment. After living at Project Cadmus for some time, he's on his own now, and with everything that's happened to him recently, he's come to realize that he needs to do this for himself. We'll meet a number of interesting characters as Superboy settles into his new digs -- the building owner, fellow tenants, neighborhood folks, and of course some threatening locals -- as well as one or two people who'll make a large impact in his life in the months to come.

"We'll be having a real blast with the stories Jimmy and Dan in mind -- there'll be lots of funny stuff happening in the books, though Superboy's still going to have his share of problems and crises. There'll be a real nice balance between the humor and action in the series."


Sure, there's that other former Green Lantern DC Comics once published that gets all the attention. Hal Jordan crazy, Hal Jordan's a villain, Hal Jordan's dead, the ghost of Hal Jordan of stars in "The Spectre" monthly.

But there's another ex-Green Lantern out there with an enthusiastic following. Over at DC's official message boards, some of those fans are trying to stir up support for a new series starring Guy Gardner, written by former "Guy Gardner: Warrior" writer Beau Smith. That was enough to get Smith to show up late last week and post his thoughts on a "Guy Gardner" revival:"

"If the chance to write Guy ever comes back up I'd like to try and wrap a few of the loose ends up if possible. [Romantic interests] Ice, Arisia, etc."

"I would keep Guy as a Vuldarian hybrid. I think he has been changed too many times. It's time to leave him alone and let him be the last of what he is. Yeah, I'd love to see him without powers, but that looks doubtful in the DCU.

"I would like to tone his 'morphing' powers down. After his 'death' at the hands of Major Force in #44 I was planning on toning his morphing powers down a bit. The reason, every other writer that borrowed Guy had him morphing everything from an egg beater to a chainsaw. For the record the only things Guy was supposed to be able to morph were ancient weapons of some of the greatest Vuldarian warriors of the universe. He could morph body armor. When Guy changed into his Vuldarian Warrior state he could get up to 9 feet tall and weigh in at a pretty hefty sum. The only other DC superhero that was supposed to be stronger than him (physically) was Superman. He was supposed to be as strong as Doomsday.

"Guy was to be THE best fist fighter, brawler, boxer, martial artist, hand to hand combat fighter in all of the DCU. No one would be better.

"Here is the list of powers that I would like to keep for Guy:

"1. The best hand to hand fighter in the DCU.

"2. Second only to Superman in strength.

"3. Limited morphing. It would take a lot of his power, stamina and strength to do it. Only to be used in dire situations.

"4. Healing power. Depending on the wound and the organ.

"I would like to have Guy do some time as Earth's enforcer against alien invaders and outlaws.

"I would like Guy to begin a 'Dope-Slapping-Tour' of the world. Bringing down everything from a outlaw band of lumberjacks stealing high tech farm equipment, Fighting off the return of the secret government group Quorum, his big arch enemy Major Force, to a consortium of terror that uses suped up DNA thugs to terrorize the planet.

"You get the picture? All the while romancing as many of the super females in the DCU as possible.

"I guess you could call that my Christmas list, amigo."


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