Nobody will be surprised to learn that David Goyer loves comics. Aside from scripting some great comic books like JSA and Starman, he's probably the most prolific comic-to-film screenwriter, with produced screenplays for Nick Fury, The Crow: City of Angels, Blade and, of course, Blade 2.

In a recent interview with Comics2Film Goyer talked about being a fan, and how that led him to the Blade franchise. Early books that got the filmmaker hooked were Incredible Hulk #161 and Marvel Two-In-One #1. "I love comics. Growing up I would bike down to the local comic book store and get the comics that were coming out every week," Goyer told us. "When I was a kid in junior high I would write letters and get letters printed in letters pages of Captain America, Swamp Thing, that kind of stuff."

His love of comic book stories later came into play when he began screenwriting. "I had read the Tomb of Dracula comics when I was a kid and I was familiar with Blade and really liked Blade when I was young," Goyer said. "When I heard New Line was initially interested in doing a Blade movie I called my agent and said, 'You gotta get me in there.'"

New Line was originally looking to do the character as a low-budge blaxploitation film. "I went in and pitched a trilogy of big-budget films, $40 million-plus films. Three whole movies," the filmmaker told us. Then Chief of New Line, Mike DeLuca liked Goyer's ideas. "I just had a different take on the direction they were going in that was much more fully conceived. It sprung out from the comics but it wasn't exactly the comics per se."

It was Goyer who suggested they go after Wesley Snipes for the lead role. Snipes liked the script for the first film and the franchise was off and running. Now the sequel is just weeks away from hitting theaters across the U.S. With the new installment, Goyer is not just the screenwriter, but the executive producer as well.

"I was perhaps more involved with the first one than a screenwriter might normally be, but I would say for the second one that role became more formalized," Goyer told Comics2Film.

The first task that he and producer Peter Frankfurt had to tackle was finding a director. "We were big advocates of Guillermo del Toro. Initially we had to do a little bit of a selling job because he had done these smaller films, but we really felt that he was the guy," Goyer said.

Goyer was acquainted with Del Toro socially and first pitched the project to him at a party. However, the director wasn't immediately interested. "Peter and I really hammered him for a couple of months. I think he was a little reticent to do the action. He'd never really done anything with a lot of action."

Goyer's responsibility as a producer had him involved in the casting and the budgeting of the movie. He and Frankfurt also had to maintain a supportive presence on the Prague set, for what turned out to be a difficult shoot. With an actors strike looming, the filming schedule had to be accelerated.

"We shot for almost 100 days and we shot six-day weeks. It just went on and on," Goyer said. Other harsh conditions were also in play. "It's very far away and isolated. It was the biggest movie that had ever been done there and there were a lot of challenges. We really taxed the limits of the system there.

"It was very hard for the actors because it was physically grueling. People got hurt. The sets were bitterly cold," the producer told C2F. "Especially the sewer sets that were very long and we had real water pumped into them and people had to wade around in Prague in the winter in the water. I remember Wesley looked at the set one day and said, 'You want me to what?'

"Guillermo was in there with this giant set of waders. It was very funny." Goyer adds, laughing, "That's where I said, 'I'm not directing it so I don't have to go in there. I'll just stand here on the berm.'"

[Blade 2]Goyer is quick to point out that there were good times too. "Prague itself was fantastic but it was just a long shoot and people went stir-crazy. But, the people there were great and we had a lot of fun."

Fans who liked the first movie should like the second one, without feeling like they've been there before. "I think we hit the sort-of perfect sweet spot between adhering to the first film and diverging from the first film. There are enough bits and pieces in it that, I think, are what the fans would want and enough things that go into new territory," Goyer said.

"The biggest difference is the way that Blade relates to the vampires. He's forced to team up with them in this film and he's forced to, in some ways, humanize them. He can't just look at them as targets and, to a certain extent, they have to rely on him," Goyer said. "It's very much the Dirty Dozen paradigm in that he's teaming up with a bunch of people that he knows will probably attempt to kill him or vice versa when it's all over."

With a Guillermo del Toro replacing Stephen Norrington at the helm, Goyer tells us that this movie has a slightly different flavor. "I think Steve, who is a good friend, is a much more internally conflicted person, as am I. I'm definitely a person with a lot of demons. So, I think that that, our point of view, is reflected more so in the first film where Blade is very tormented," Goyer said.

"Guillermo is not nearly as conflicted. So in the second film I think Blade is more at peace with who he is than he was in the first film."

The sequel even has a touch of romance for the grim action hero. "A little bit. It's no Notting Hill."

Del Toro also brought his horror movie sensibilities into play. "I would say the first movie was an action movie with horror elements. This movie might be a horror movie with action elements. There are still insane action set pieces but there are more horrific moments," Goyer said. "The second film definitely has more scares and outright horror elements."

Shortly after Blade hit the screens there were a number of reports that Marvel's Morbius, The Living Vampire would show up in the sequel. However, Goyer thinks the lawsuit from Blade creator Marv Wolfman may have left New Line feeling skittish about bringing new characters into the mix. "Whether or not you agree with Marv, from New Line's perspective they just said 'There's no way you're putting another Marvel character in there.'"

However, the storyline that was to include Morbius is somewhat intact in the sequel. "The villain is, you'll see, could have been Morbius in a way. I changed it, he's not recognizably Morbius but you can see how Morbius would have connected in there in a certain way."

Last year the trades announced that New Line had contracted Goyer to pen the third installment, should the franchise merit it. "I've always had in mind an idea for the third one that takes it into really uncharted territory and I'm curious to see if New Line will go for it or not.

"What I really want to do for the third one is set it about 20 years in the future and the vampires have actually completely taken over the world, so they are the status quo. Because Blade is actually half-vampire, he ages at a slower rate, so Wesley can still play himself," Goyer told us. "In all these different stories the vampires are trying to take over the world. For the third film I just want to say, 'fuck it' they've won. Now what is the world like?"

Of course, Blade 3 is not the only thing planned for the character. New Line and Marvel are intent on developing a Blade TV show. Goyer tells us it could go into development for next season. "It would probably be live-action. I would love to see it done CG and have Wesley voice himself. I think that would be hot, but who knows." Such a show would be targeted at adults.

Of course, sequels and TV spin-offs depend on strong box office for Blade 2. To that end Goyer urges fans, "Go see it. See it twice! Three times! We want Blade 3!"

In other news, fans attending the SXSW 2002 festival will be among the first in the U.S. to see Blade 2. The movie is set to premiere at the festival on Saturday, March 16 at 7:00 PM.

SXSW is held annually in Austin, Texas, the stomping grounds of the film's director Guillermo del Toro. Visit the website for complete details about the even.

According to Aint-It-Cool-News, director Del Toro will be on hand to present the film.


[Welcome to Eltingville]A handful of fans were taken by surprise Tuesday morning when Cartoon Network's regularly scheduled episode of The Flintstones was preempted by Welcome To Eltingville. Comics2Film checked with sources at Cartoon Network to find out why Evan Dorkin's animated pilot made an unexpected, early bow at 4:00 a.m. on the 26th.

It turns out that Cartoon Network is gearing up for the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen this weekend. Cartoon Network aims to show a sampling of short, animated films from its Adult Swim lineup, including Eltingville. The slate had to consist of shows that had already aired on the network, hence the secret pre-premiere showing.

The Festival runs in Aspen from February 27-March 3. Cartoon Network is a sponsor of the show. If you're attending the show, here's a few places to look for Cartoon Network fare:

Saturday, March 2 at 3 p.m.: Cartoon Network is screening of never-before-seen episodes from Adult Swim's cutting-edge animated comedies Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show and Welcome To Eltingville. The screening will be held in the Highlands Room of the St. Regis Hotel and hosted by Aisha Tyler of E!'s Talk Soup.

Wednesday, February 27-Saturday, March 2, from 4-6 p.m.: Cartoon Network hosts an aprés-ski happy hour at the St. Regis Hotel. Stop by for free drinks and rub shoulders with the beautiful people, like Meatwad, Brak and Space Ghost, stars of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Wednesday, February 27-Sunday, March 3, noon to 8 a.m.: Aspenites and U.S. Comedy Arts Festival attendees can get their fix of the best animation around when Cartoon Network airs a commercial-free block of cartoons on Channel 8 every day from noon until 8 a.m. the next morning. Viewers can step off of the slopes and warm up with Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo and Cartoon Cartoon original series including The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Each day will also include a special block of Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's block of animated fare for grown-ups. Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Home Movies, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Sealab 2021, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force will warm up chilly Aspen evenings from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m.

All over Aspen: Cartoon Network's On-Air Promotions Department will be shooting celebrity interviews and man-on-the-street footage to use during Adult Swim interstitials. They'll be joined by Adult Swim's odd menagerie of costumed characters: Meatwad (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Brak (The Brak Show), and Space Ghost (Space Ghost Coast to Coast).

If you're not going to be in aspen then you'll just have to watch Welcome To Eltingville on Cartoon Network on March 3 at 11:00p.m.

Thanks to Tom and Mike for alerting us to the stealth preview!

Also, don't miss my two-part interview with Dorkin: Part 1 | Part 2


[Jeremiah]With Jeremiah set to launch with a two-hour movie this weekend, ShowTime is sparing little expense in promoting the show. Netizens have been seeing Jeremiah banners, buttons, towers and pop-ups for weeks now. The campaign also consists of major print media buys in sci-fi, comic book and broad based publications, as well as convention sponsorships.

Promos for the show are popping up on popular TV outlets like most of the MTV networks, Comedy Central, Sci-Fi Channel and Entertainment Tonight. According to press materials, the campaign will include network, spot radio and outdoor advertising in major markets including Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver and Chicago. The promotional effort will even feature in-your-face graphics on pizza boxes throughout New York.

Showtime is partnering with Wizard Magazine and Platinum Studios to obtain retail presence in more then 4,000 comic book stores and hobby shops across the country. Last week retailers received a Jeremiah promotional pack, which will include: poster, shelf talker, bag stuffer and T-shirt for store personnel displaying the line, "ask me about an ass kicking." The anti-social slogan refers to the network's "Win An Ass Kicking" Sweepstakes.

The contest includes an all expense paid trip to the show's set where one lucky entrant will have the chance to rehearse with a professional stunt coordinator and be filmed in an action-packed choreographed fight scene. In addition to the Grand Prize, 50 runners-up will win a Nintendo GameCube game system valued at $200. To enter the sweepstakes, viewers can return registration forms found in their favorite comic books or log on to WinAnAssKicking.com or SHO.com for more information.

As an adjunct to the sweepstakes, Showtime has also launched an online Flash game. Called "Kick Some Ass", the game offers a crude, webified fight game in which two stick figures duke it out for icon supremacy.

In addition to the Ass Kicking site, the show enjoys two websites supporting it. Sho.com/Jeremiah is the Showtime produced site while Jeremiah.tv comes from MGM. Both sites currently sport video clips giving fans a sneak peek at the show.

The Showtime site will also connect fans with Luke Perry immediately following the airing of the pilot movie on Sunday. An online chat with the show's star and executive producer is slated for Sunday, March 3rd at 9:45 pm ET.

Jeremiah premieres the same day at 8 pm ET/PT only on Showtime. New episodes air every Sci-Friday.

Look for the show to get edgier as the season progresses according to SCI FI Wire. In a recent interview with Luke Perry, the actor/executive producer said that the pilot film is tame compared to subsequent episodes.

"They purposely made [the pilot] a little tame, I think. I'm not exactly sure why," Perry told SCI FI. "We shot a much edgier, riskier show than what I saw tonight. I don't know if you guys know Russell Mulcahy [Highlander], the director, but he's nuts. And visually, there were more effects in terms of the ramping of the film, the dynamic in terms of that. They took out a lot of violence. They took out a lot of sex."

The star went on to say that hopes to see more of the edgy content make the cut in future episodes.

SCI FI also reports that When Perry steps into the future that is Jeremiah he'll be visited by fellow Beverly Hills 90210 resident Jason Priestly. The news comes from Jeremiah co-star Malcolm-Jamal Warner speaking at a screening of the new show in Los Angeles last week.

"Jason Priestley actually comes in and does what's probably my favorite episode," Warner told SCI FI Wire. "He plays this ... badass, crazy cat who's taken over this military base, and he's just bombing towns just for the f-ck of it. It's crazy. ... Luke and I, because we do it on a weekly basis, I guess I'm used to him. But when we're doing this episode with Jason, and I'm just laughing to myself, like, 'Wow, this is the 90210 guy, and he's f-cking great.' I mean, his character is a maniac."

Warner tells fans to look for Michael Rooker (The 6th Day) in an episode as well.


Cartoonist Michael Fry tells us that U.S. fans will have to keep waiting for Nelvana's animated version of his comic strip Committed. The show made its debut in Canada almost a year ago and enjoyed good ratings. However, the ABC Family Channel, who holds the U.S. broadcast rights, apparently has no immediate plans to air the series.

Fry tells us that, in addition to the Canadian release, the show has been seen in Portugal, Israel and French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa. Also, Nelvana recently sold the series to Disney Germany.

Fry also tells us that Kids WB has passed on a cartoon series based on When I Was Short. Currently he is trying to get the rights back so he can shop the show to other outlets.


[Barry Ween]In the most recently published sixth issue of Barry Ween Boy Genius: Monkey Tale, creator Judd Winick talks about plans for an animated version of the characters.

In the letter column Winick tells his readers, "I'm developing two animated television series. Yes, one of them is Barry Ween. I can't go into any specifics until the contracts are ironed out. I was hoping they would be by now, but they ain't. I'll keep you posted. I will say that if everything humanly possible goes right, Barry will be on the air Autumn of 2003. BUT, the whole ting could go in the toilet tomorrow."

Thanks to Michael Rhode of the Comics Research Bibliography for the scoop.


Gotham Clock Tower has revealed the latest casting scoop for the Birds of Prey pilot. According to the site, which has been spot-on with early casting scoops in the past, Twin Peaks hottie Sherilyn Fenn will be playing Dr. Harleen Quinzel in the show.

GCT states that Qunizel is Helena Kyle's psychiatrist. Of course, with a name like Harleen Quinzel the Dr. is likely in need of a head-shrink herself.

In other casting news, SCI FI Wire reports that Shemar Moore is the latest addition to the cast of Birds of Prey. The actor was seen most recently in the TV movie How to Marry a Billionaire with John Stamos.

Gotham Clock Tower checked the news with their reliable sources and learned that the actor will be playing Detective Jake Reese in the show.


[Eric Bana]In a recent interview appearing in the February/March issue of Movieline Eric Bana reveals that he didn't expect to land the job of playing The Hulk in the upcoming movie.

"Don't think I don't know how ridiculously lucky I am," Bana told Movieline. "I was a long shot, and I literally thought they had cast someone else. I mean, I would have been a complete asshole to think, 'How dare I not get The Hulk?'"

But the actor did get the part, although the timing of the news made it hard to Celebrate. Bana leaned he had the part three days after the September 11th tragedies. "My wife and I shared a wonderful moment, but it didn't feel appropriate to go out and pop champagne and smoke a cigar."

Nevertheless Bana, a big fan of The Incredible Hulk TV show is enthused by director Ang Lee's take on the concept. "This project is going to be unbelievable in every way -- from its idea to its structure and execution, let alone what Ang expects from me," Bana told the magazine. "When Ang first explained to me how he was planning to do the film, I was like, 'Would it be appropriate to stand at the door of every theater in the world and offer audiences a money-back guarantee?'

"For me, this is the ultimate geek reward. If I get hit by a bus when it's all over, so be it."

Thanks to Titan for the lead!


Comic and screen writer Steve Niles (Fused) informs the Comics Continuum that work on Spawn 2 is proceeding apace. The script, by Niles and McFarlane, has gone through several polishes.

"I think the biggest surprise will be how different this film will be from the first," Niles told The Continuum. "I think Spawn 2 will be much more accessible to all types of movie fans because it will cross the lines between the superhero, horror and crime genres."

Previous reports, stretching back several years now, have indicated that plans are for Spawn to appear less as a superhero and more as a shadowy force of nature in the sequel.

Don Murphy (From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) is producing.


At this weekend's MegaCon Chaos! Comics' Brian Pulido announced that he's taken back the movie option on Evil Ernie according to The Comics Continuum. The company founder told attendees that he and Adam Goldfine will produce an Evil Ernie features and, "I intend to direct if. If it's the last [thing] I do in my life, I will direct it."

Pulido envisions the movie as a low-budget horror movie. "It's a $5-million zombie meltdown movie, much in the tradition of Night of the Living Dead, Halloween, Nightmare of Elm Street and Blair Witch to some degree," Pulido is quoted as saying.

Plans are to start seeking funding for the film this summer. Violent Messiahs writer Joshua Dysart is penning the script.

Pulido also announced that Bad Kitty has been optioned by producer David L. Wolper (L.A. Confidential). Pulido said the aim is to make a female version of Dirty Harry.

Finally, Pulido reports that Hulk producer Gale Anne Hurd has picked up the option on Jade.


CrossGen chief Mark Alessi made some major announcements to fans at MegaCon over the weekend. Comics Continuum had a nice run-down of all the panel, which included talk of new titles, online comics and, of course, the CrossGen movie and TV developments.

Alessi told attendees that there are "serious discussions" underway with parties in Hollywood to develop all 13 titles currently published by CrossGen. No specifics were given.

When CrossGen announced their entrée into the film world, spearheaded by top comic producer Michael Uslan, they said they would be doing things differently than previous comic-to-film adaptation. Alessi talked about those differences, emphasizing that CrossGen is cutting deals that will require projects to move forward on a timely schedule, allow the publisher to benefit from merchandising and also have some "management control."

Rather than viewing the projects as big money makers for CrossGen, Alessi said that the movies and TV shows will be used to drive the audience to the comics.


Sonicnet.com reports that Sammy Hagar has reunited with a former Van Halen member to record a single that may show up on the Spider-Man soundtrack.

Hagar and former band mate Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony will team with Journey axe man Neil Schon and drummer Deen Castronovo to record a track called "Vertigo." An unnamed "executive close to the project," told Sonicnet that the sound may end up on the Spider-Man soundtrack.

The song is one of two recently recorded by the as-yet-unnamed quartet.

In other Spider-Man soundtrack news, Soundtrack.net has some nice photos from the February scoring session with composer Danny Elfman and director Sam Raimi. Thanks to Dark Horizons for pointing the way to that one.

Finally, ol' web-head will be delaying his trip to the U.K. according to the Empire Online website. The British magazine reports that the webslinger's big budget summer movie will not swing into theaters there until June 14, more than a month after the U.S. release.

The film was originally scheduled to screen there just a week after it's debut in America. Later it was inked in to debut simultaneous with the domestic release.


The latest word on Daredevil comes from The Hollywood Reporter. According to the trade F/X house Rhythm & Hues has landed the contract to bring the man without fear's rooftop acrobatics to big-screen life. R&H beat out four other CG houses in a bidding war for the contract.

Rich Thorne, the VFX supervisor on Daredevil told The Reporter, "Rhythm & Hues offered me a top-notch team and whatever we needed to get this movie done."

R&H will create over 300 shots including a digital double of Daredevil.

Richard Hollander, president of R&H, will head up the F/X crew.

Rhythm & Hues has been involved with numerous big budget movies over the years including Planet of the Apes, Stuart Little and The Scorpion King.


Blade 2 Director Guillermo del Toro recently sat down with SCI FI Wire and talked about his long in development comic adaptation Hellboy.

The director is still keen to bring Mike Mignola's demonic hero to big-screen life. However, he made some interesting comments about last year's casting buzz, which had Vin Diesel as a real contender for the title role.

In spite of Diesel's rising star, Del Toro said that he wants Ron Perlman for the role "or nobody."

"We have toyed with other ideas, which were good, like Vin Diesel, but the whole project was written by me with Ron in mind," del Toro told SCI FI. "Undoubtedly I would [get a bigger budget if Diesel were cast], and I think Vin would be a great alternative. I think Vin was also born to play Hellboy, but when I first met [Hellboy creator] Mike Mignola, we looked at each other suspiciously across the table, and we said, 'There's only one actor who can play Hellboy.' I said, 'I don't want to give up on the idea,' and Mike said, 'Neither do I.' We said, 'Let's say it together.' And it was, 'One, two, three, Ron Perlman.' So I think Ron is the guy. I'd rather not do the movie than do it wrong."

Del Toro said he is adamant to see that a movie version of Mignola's vision be "exactly the comic book."


[Sean Connery]Well, if there were any doubts lingering about Sean Connery's involvement with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, last Thursday's Variety offers the latest confirmation. Although he hasn't signed on the dotted line yet, the trade reports that the revered actor is in final negotiations to star in the comic-based flick.

Connery will play Allan Quatermain, as previously reported.

League is based on Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's comic, recently published by DC/Wildstorm/A.B.C. Stephen Norrington (Blade) is directing the film. Don Murphy (From Hell) is producing. Cameras roll on the film this summer in the Czech Republic and Morocco.

Over at IGN FilmForce, Stax has done some digging around on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Consulting unnamed sources, FilmForce looked into the questions of why the characters Dorian Gray and Tom Sawyer have been added to the roster of literary characters for the movie. Furthermore, it appears Sawyer will be depicted as a cop in the film.

As has been previously reported, Sawyer was included as part of the studio initiative to have an American character in the film. But Stax's sources also shed light on the cop role. "Twain's sequel was called Tom Sawyer, Detective," the unnamed source explains. "He'd be an All American cop."

As for Oscar Wilde's forever youthful Gray, the source told FilmForce, "Dorian is in the sequel comic (and in the hardcover ­ look in the back)."


FanboyPlanet followed up on last week's report that Geoff Johns is the consulting producer on the planned Bloodstone TV pilot for SCI FI Netowork. The show is, of course, based on the recent Marvel Comics of the same name, which feature a spunky teenage vampire...er...monster slayer.

FanboyPlanet asked Johns how he plans to steer the Bloodstone TV show away from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer concept that it bears similarities to.

"Basically, we're adding a character -- a partner of sorts. I can't say anything about it yet, but it's cool," Johns told the site. "You'll also see the mechanics are very different than Buffy but that's more detailed later."


It's teen witch vs. Greek God in the upcoming "Thin Ice" episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.

Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) faces the wrath of Zeus (guest star Dion Anderson) when she uses her magical powers to help her ex-boyfriend Harvey (guest star Nate Richert) win a hockey game. A special pair of skates borrowed from Mercury (guest star Patrick Bristow) take Harvey to victory but cause Sabrina to pay, when a proud coach bronzes them. Andrew Tsao directed the episode, written by Ruth Bennett.

"Thin Ice" air March 1 ay 8:00 p.m. ET on The WB Network.

Thanks to author and comic book movie journalist Andy Mangels for the info.


Next Sunday night Cartoon Network debuts part two of the "War World" storyline of Justice League. "War World" pits the league against Mongul, the world dominating villain that pits warriors against one another in gladiator style matches

"War World Part 2" airs Sunday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m. on Cartoon Network. Encore showings are 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 9. The widescreen presentation airs the same day at 10:00 p.m.


Next week on Witchblade, TNT's re-airing of season 1 continues with episode #6: "Maelstrom".

When Conchobar is abducted by Irish militants, Sara (Yancy Butler) will do anything to save him -- even if it means compromising the powers of the Witchblade.

"Maelstrom" airs Monday, March 4th at 9pm ET on TNT. An encore airing is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th at 11pm ET. The encore showing is presented in widescreen format.


Clark discovers LutherCorp's involvement with Kryptonite on an encore airing of "Jitters", the March 5th episode of Smallville.

Clark (Tom Welling) and Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) team up to rescue Clark's high school class after a janitor (guest star Tony Todd) takes them hostage in LuthorCorp. He claims his deadly "jitters" were caused by a mysterious contaminant and threatens to kill everyone unless he is shown a secret sublevel - which Lionel Luthor (guest star John Glover, "Batman & Robin") denies ever existed. Michael Watkins directed the episode written by Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld.

"Jitters" airs Tuesday, March 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The WB network.

Thanks to author and comic book movie journalist Andy Mangels for the info.

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