[Yancy Butler is Sara Pezini]Comics2Film talked this week with Witchblade executive producer and showrunner Ralph Hemecker about the home stretch of season two and what the future holds for the comic book TV show.

As season 2 of the series winds down, the final three episodes feature a series of guest stars. Eric Roberts appeared this week. Kim De Lury reprises his role of Conchobar next week. After that, the series finale features a kind of evil-Witchblade named Lucrezia. "[She's] who is part of an alternate and evil bloodline that's existed for years and years. In the 12th episode she attempts to get the Witchblade from Sara," Hemecker said.

Add that to stars like Roger Daltrey, who appeared both seasons.. "I think that the show has had some degree of success and also that the characters that we create for the guest stars are usually pretty bizarre and interesting and they get to play some unusual scenes," Hemecker said of the show's appeal.

The showrunner said the season ender will not be a repeat of last season's rewind, but will present viewers with an an "equally unexpected" resolution.

Anthony Cistaro's Kenneth Irons character was killed off early this season. This raised fan ire and prompted an online petition from fans. "I like it. I like that people are that into it. There did seem to be some reaction to Anthony's death," Hemecker said, "but in Witchblade, anything can change on a dime. So the fact that he's dead for now doesn't mean necessarily that he's gonna stay that way."

In fact, the actor has continued to appear on the show, in spite of the fact that the character was killed. The showrunner told C2F that Irons plays a major role in the series finale and will likely return for season 3, should there be one.

Likewise, leading lady Yancy Butler is committed to the show. "She did a great job in the last few episodes. I think she's definitely up for a third season," Hemecker said of his star. "I don't think we could do it without her and the fans really love her. She just really seems to get the character."

"I never really know until the last minute what's going to happen. Usually the network waits until towards the end of the run to make their decision, so we should be finding that out soon," Hemecker said of the prospect of a return. "My gut is that it looks pretty good."

This season the Witchblade itself took on a new form, in addition to the bracelet, gauntlet and sword forms seen previously. "If the show continues the gauntlet and the Witchblade will continue to evolve and actually maybe even take on more of a personality," Hemecker told us. " There might even be some communications between Sara and the Witchblade. There'll be a hint of that in episode twelve."

However, the appearance of the Witchblade is unlikely to be completely in line with the comics. "[In] the comic, they can do more on a page than we can because we have budgetary constraints that they don't have to deal with," Hemecker explained.

Although the season one ender resolved some issues from that segment, it also reopened certain storylines, like the fact that Jake was an undercover FBI agent working Sara's precinct in order to expose a shadow organization called the White Bulls. These plot points were not dealt with this season.

"Should we continue next year we'll probably delve more into exactly what Jake is up to," Hemecker said. The White Bulls, presumably still intact, may also be explored. "We'll probably revisit that next year but in a different way."

Hemecker also discussed the challenges of putting together a great-looking show on a cable TV budget. "It is challenging to try to keep the production level up, the special effects up. I would say a big part of it becomes then planning out how we're gonna do it. Also having a really excellent special effects house, that understands the show, Look! Effects in L.A. Everybody sort of gets in a groove and knows the shorthand and it becomes a lot easier than if you were to be doing some of these from scratch."

Aside from looking cool Witchblade also sports a moody soundtrack intermixed with a selection of rock songs. "We find that the music itself is an important part of the storytelling. We've got a great composer who really gets the nature of the show and a lot of the times the music is kind of subliminal and atmospheric but he helps set the tone and the mood and evoke the emotion of the given scene."

Hemecker speculated that there may be a CD compilation of both the show's original score and additional songs that have been used. A DVD set from the show may also be in the works.

Hemecker is developing another comic based TV show based on James Hudnall's Devastator. However, he told us that that project is still in the early stages. "That's sort of been on the periphery for now since I've been immersed in Witchblade. If Witchblade doesn't go [a third season] than I'll probably get more into that.

"I'm a fan of comic books and I also find that they make great source material for TV shows," Hemecker said. "Witchblade certainly worked out well. The guys at Top Cow created an interesting world, such a rich broth to draw from for a TV show. I think it was a good experience with a TV show/comic book adaptation."


Comics2Film readers have been reading intermittent reports about a cartoon version of Jay Stephens' Tutenstein strip for years. We can finally report that the show has a firm air date of June 14th, 2003.

The show is being produced by Porchlight Entertainment (who partnered with Stephens on the Jetcat shorts for Nickelodeon's KaBlam!) for Discovery Kids, and will air on NBC Saturday mornings due to Discovery's recent purchase of that morning block.

Stephens told C2F that Mark Seidenberg (Histeria!) is the head writer. Fil Barlow (Heavy Gear) provides art direction and production design. Rob LaDuca (Lion King II) and Bob Richardson (Muppet Babies) are signed on to direct.

"We're currently in full blown pre-production, with a new studio being set up as we speak in Burbank to handle production of the series," Stephens said. "Oh yeah, I'm creative consultant, and I get the standard 'Based on a comic book by...' credit."

Tutenstein is a young mummy revived in a modern day museum. More news about the show and other Stephens projects can be found at JayStephens.com.


Batman Vs. Superman may have to wait, according to a report from today's Hollywood Reporter. The trade publications reports that BvS producer/director Wolfgang Petersen is now opting to produce and direct a big screen adaptation of "The Iliad" called Troy for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow.

Although the superhero team-up was due to start filming early next year, Troy is now the director's first priority, with cameras rolling on it in Spring. The tale of the Trojan War will film in the U.K., Malta and Morocco with an eye towards a 2004 release.

The article indicates that Petersen will still continue to develop BvS in the mean time.


[Daredevil]Daredevil ad materials are starting to make their way into theaters. A theater worker named Adam sends in this report.

"I work at a movie theatre, and the other day we got the first of our promo items for Daredevil. It's a 48"x56" window cling of his DD logo in flames. But in the corner it says the release date is President's Day 2003."

The "President's Day" blurb is sure to cause some confusion. That's Monday, February 17th. Twentieth Century Fox publicity insists that the movie is still opening on February 14th and the President's Day line is just to identify the weekend, not the date.


[Hellboy]Just about a week and a half back Comics2Film presented a transcript of the hilarious Hellboy panel from Comic-Con International. Now, fans are invited to stop by the official Hellboy movie site for a highlight video from the panel.

The panel featured director Guillermo del Toro, creator Mike Mignola and star Ron Perlman asking fans for their input into the movie.

The video clip is presented in QuickTime format in a variety of download sizes. QuickTime Version 6 is required.

Thanks to Hellboy.com for the info!


According to today's Hollywood Reporter plans are afoot to bring Dark Horse Comics' most successful big-screen hero back to theaters. Larry Guterman is in negotiations to direct a sequel to the hit 1994 comic-to-film The Mask.

Guterman, best known for helming last year's Cats & Dogs, is looking to develop the Son of the Mask, from a script by Lance Khazei (Romantic Comedy). The new movie will not follow the characters of Stanley Ipkiss and Tina Carlyle, played by then-little-known actors Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz.

According to The Reporter, the new movie follows the adventures of an aspiring cartoonist named Tim Avery who is not ready for fatherhood but finds himself raising a baby endowed with the powers of the mask of Loki.

The new project has no start date and no producers attached. The movie is overseen at New Line by senior vice president production Kent Alterman, director of development Michelle Weiss and vice president creative services Janis Chaskin for Toby Emmerich.


Marvel released it's Q2 financial statements today, and also held a conference call for investors. Comics2Film listened in on the conference call and extracted a few interesting tidbits.

Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad participated in the call and talked about the near-future movie and TV plans for the company.

Arad announced that principal photography on Hulk wrapped this week. Financially, Marvel stands to do well from this movie.

Although there was an older deal in place, dating back prior to the company's bankruptcy, Arad said that at some point they had converted the deal with Universal. While the old deal allowed for Marvel to only enjoy profit participation in the movie, the new deal let's the company have gross participation. The participation on the first movie is capped, while participation on sequels will not be capped.

Arad also said that they are negotiating for a Hulk animated TV series that will follow the movie.

The studio head also said that Daredevil wrapped for New Regency/Fox and is moving into post-production. The movie should end up with a PG-13 rating. Arad said a second trailer will be in theaters next month. Financially, Marvel has gross participation in this film from dollar 1.

Cameras just started rolling on X-Men 2. This is slated to come out in May of 2003. The original X-Men was part of an old deal structure that Marvel made with Twentieth Century Fox that only allowed for profit participation. Arad said that the deal for X2 had been improved, but did not elaborate.

"We're feverishly working on The Punisher," Arad told listeners. That is part of Marvel's unique arrangement with Artisan Entertainment. With this deal Marvel stands to share in profits 50/50 after production and distribution. This include the DVD and video release of the movie. The film will likely be R-rated. They hope to have it out in 2004, although the financial statements say late 2003 is also a possibility.

Although The Hulk animated show is the only new project mentioned, Arad said that Marvel expects to be become very aggressive in TV next year. They currently have the #1 animated TV show with X-Men: Evolution. Spider-Man is also due on the air next year.

The financial statement places the release date for Spider-Man II at May 7, 2004.

Other movies named as being "in the pipeline" include Blade III with New Line, Dr. Strange with Miramax, Iron Fist with Artisan, Namor: The Sub-Mariner with Universal and Prime with Universal.

The Spider-Man movie figured largely into Marvel's financial success this year. The reports indicated that a joint venture with Sony designed to license the Spider-Man movie character yielded $5.4 million dollars for Marvel.

Gross participation in the movie brought in $2.5 million in Q2. Estimates are that there could be another $5-7 million coming in later this year as the money funnels from theaters to Sony and then on to Marvel.

In terms of publishing Marvel is once again at the top of the industry with a 42.8 percent market share.


An article in last week's Hollywood Reporter followed up on the recent announcements of show-biz developments for CrossGen comics.

As we reported over a week ago, Chuck Russell (The Scorpion King) is set to write and direct the martial arts action-adventure The Way of the Rat. The movie will be developed through partner Frank Darabont's Dark Woods Prods. for Castle Rock Entertainment.

"Chuck and I tend to respond to the same things," Darabont told The Reporter. "This kind of material, this wonderful, magical storytelling is so up Chuck's alley that this was a no-brainer. It's got a talking monkey -- what's not to like?"

The write-up also shed new light on the TV series based on CrossGen's Sigil. The show is set up with Threshold Entertainment, the creative minds behind the Mortal Kombat movies and TV shows. Threshold prexy Larry Kasanoff told The Reporter that writer-director-producer Steven E. de Souza (Knight Rider) is now on board as showrunner. Threshold will take Sigil out to networks in the next few week.

"We fell in love with Sigil," Kasanoff said of the project. "They're in spaceships in the future, and they're all 19-20 years old. The lead character has this unrequited love. It's great drama within a world of sultans and warlords."

In regards to Meridian the Reporter article reveals that Cornerstone Animation chairman and chief creative officer Larry Whitaker will co-author a script for the animated feature with an eye towards directing it as well. they hope to go into production on it next year.


Bryan Singer took time after presenting a preliminary teaser clip from X-Men 2 to sit down with a small group of journalists to discuss filmmaking and expand on some of his earlier, more cryptic comments from the Twentieth Century Fox panel at this year's Comic-Con International.

The first question to Singer asked him to clarify who was going to be in the sequel. Although reluctant at first to divulge too much regarding some of the new characters, Singer did offer confirmations on some of the more well known new mutants, "Nightcrawler, Bobby Drake - Iceboy's in it. John Allerdyce, Pyro. A bit more..."

Nightcrawler, according to Singer, will not necessarily be on the X-men's side, "...we'll have a character, Nightcrawler, and you won't know which side he's on. He sort of gets sucked in the middle of good and bad."

During the earlier panel fans already asked Singer about the appearances of a number of characters and concepts from the X-Men mythos. Singer basically confirmed that there will not be appearances (not directly anyways) in X-Men 2 by the unstoppable Juggernaut, the Danger Room, the Dark Phoenix, the Sentinels, or the time-traveling Bishop.

More open-ended are the chances of appearances by three of the X-Men's most popular heroes - Gambit, Beast, and Jubilee. To the question of a cameo by Gambit, Singer replied, "No...well...there's a moment we have, but..."

Beast's cameo in the sequel was somewhat confirmed when Singer said, "Beast? No...well...there's a thing, but not specifically." The fans reacted to Singer's charmingly muddle responses with much amusement.

During the post panel interview Singer responded to a question regarding whether or not there would be an appearance by Jubilee, "No. They're young characters, the same young characters you'll see a few you recognize...There's a big scene, as you saw, in the mansion. Something happens there..."

Singer went on by clarifying what villains would be appearing the film. After confirming that the Sabretooth and Toad characters would not be returning, he went on to describe how actor Bryan Cox's Stryker character would be different from the character in "God Loves, Man Kills" graphic novel, "He plays a captain named William Stryker. He's kind of an amalgam - he's not a religious figure, he's a military guy. He's kind of a couple of characters combined. But he has a history with a lot of characters. He's a human nemesis from their past. They all know him; they remember he was there."

Although Singer did not directly comment on Kelly Hu's character in the sequel, many fans caught a glimpse of the actress as she appeared at the panel to support the film.

Singer confirmed that the film would again focus on clarifying Wolverine's past. Having shot for approximately one month, Singer says they are likely to shoot for another four months. Unlike the first film however, he says he feels like they are way more on schedule and is even letting the crew leave at 5 p.m. instead of shooting into the night.

When one reporter asked Singer to clarify the theme for this film Singer explained that the theme of discrimination would again be prevalent, "That's in it. That factors into it a bit with the younger characters. Definitely it happens in the film when they end up hiding out in the home of one of the students...The theme of this is more the human perspective, the kind of blind rage that feeds into warmongering and terrorism."

Having poked fun at Halle Berry before at the panel by relaying an anecdote about how she came to Singer with her Oscar and demanded more in the sequel, Singer spoke highly of working with the Oscar Award Winning actress, "Wonderful. She's great. She's great...She's such a good-hearted person. When she won the Golden Globe, we had this cake for her, and she's in tears. I saw her the night before she won the Oscar, and I knew that speech was coming, because she's just overwhelmed by it all and completely unpretentious."

The discussion eventually turned the re-release of the original film in a special edition format. Although he does not like the concept of Director's Cut films, which he thinks implies that the director's did not cut the original film, Singer did confirm that the re-release would not feature extended origin sequences for the Storm and Cyclops characters. He also denied rumors that there was an addition fifteen minutes of sequences cut completely out of the original release. At the panel discussion he said that instead, the re-release would feature more B roll material and explanatory featurettes.

A new bit of gossip relates to what Singer told fans at Comic-Con: the movie version of Nightcrawler will have scarification on his body in the X-Men 2 movie.

Following up on that, Corona Coming Attractions has posted a report from an "insider" who claims to be in the know.

The scooper says that despite the over-all similarities the comic book character shares with his celluloid counterpart (to be played by Alan Cumming), there is a very noticeable difference. That being extensive "ritualistic" scarring on Nightcrawler's body, specifically the "face, chest and upper arms."

According to CCA's informant, the scars "are deliberately designed and placed, each with its own special meaning."

X2 is currently filming under the direction of Bryan Singer and is set to be released May 2, 2003.


[Stripperella]Last week at Comic-Con Stan Lee sat down to talk to fans about his new super-hero cartoon Stripperella. The show is targeted as the anchor for a new adult-oriented animation block for the TNN cable outlet.

Joining "The Man" on the panel were Albie Hecht, president of TNN, Kevin Altieri, the show's producer and director, and Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, both of whom write and produce the show.

Hecht describes the concept as "a female Austin Powers. She straddles the world of crime." He said that the network was sold on the show when they read the logline: "Stripper by night. Superhero by later that night."

Pamela Anderson (V.I.P.) will voice the title character and also appear in live-action segments that bookend the animated show. Stan Lee talked about how the actress inspired the show.

"I met Pam Anderson and I wanted to do something for the kid. I though 'I'll try and make her famous,'" Stan told fans. "First I wanted her to play a nun in something like Touched by an Angel but I thought, 'she's done that sort of thing.'

"Everybody said, 'but Stan, you gotta do something with super-heroes.' So I figured OK, if I have to do super-heroes we'll let her be a super-heroine. But...she'll be an exotic, erotic super-heroine as only she can be," the comic icon joked.

Lee was tight-lipped about Stripperella's super-powers, but Kopelow and Seifert were able to divulge some information. She'll able to float down from roof tops using her hair-a-chute. Her signature move is the scissorella, in which she crushes bad guys with her thighs. Gadgets include a breast mounted lie detector and tongue scanner.

"We may well put the whole animation industry out of business," said Lee. The comic creator also talked about the costume. "I want to caution you. If fashion is your hobby you'll be frustrated. She doesn't wear too many clothes."

Altieri has directed several comic related animated pieces including work on the Batman animated show as well as the little-seen Gen13 animated feature and the Rat Bastard pilot short, which was screened for the audience.

"I figured, anyone who can make a rat look that good, imagine what he can do with Pam Anderson," Lee told the crowd.

The director explained that the show will be completely CGI with a mixture of 2D and 3D elements. The process will be similar to traditional animation, "but you stop at the point where the cells become involved and you use the CGI company as a camera," Altieri said. "All of a sudden you have things like multi-plane effects, explosions, gunfire, all that stuff becomes really easy to do."

Kopelow and Seifert talked about the show's villains.

One is an evil plastic surgeon called Dr. Cesarean. "Models are exploding all over the world. [Stripperella] knows there's something behind it and she ends up discovering that Dr. Cesarean is actually implanting nitroglycerin implants in models' chests," Kopelow explains. "Stripperella catches Enorma Ray, one of the largest sized models there, and actually manages to defuse the boob."

Another villain is Cheapo, the super-villain on a budget. "He robs ninety-nine cent stores," said Seifert. Cheapo also plans the world's biggest cubic zirconium heist, has two henchmen who must do the work of twelve (and share a gun). Their getaway car is a Yugo.

"A whole caboodle of celebrities who want to be part of this thing," Stan told fans. Many guest voices are expected. The show will also have a strong music soundtrack. The producers hope to leverage Anderson's music contacts to make that happen.

Stripperella appears on TNN next year.

In related news, sources inside the animation biz tell Comics2Film that Stan Lee's Stripperella cartoon is being animated by none other than Nickelodeon's CGI department, an unusual move for the kid-friendly cartoonists.


A few weeks back Mainframe Entertainment issued a press release officially announcing the Spider-Man animated show for MTV. The release contained few new details, but it does shed some light on this take on the web-slinger and the type of animation we'll see. C2F presents an edited version here for your perusal:

Mainframe Entertainment, Inc., a leading creator of computer animation for television, will provide the CGI animation production for Columbia TriStar Domestic Television (CTDT) Family Entertainment's new animated series, Spider-Man. The announcement was made July 29th by Brett Gannon, President of Mainframe Entertainment.

Production is underway on the series, which is being produced by CTDT Family Entertainment and is slated to premiere on MTV. Neil Patrick Harris (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Lisa Loeb (Mary Jane Watson), and Ian Ziering (Harry Osborn) have been cast as the voice talent for the new show.

Based on the legendary Marvel comic book, and fresh off the hit motion picture, the animated series Spider-Man follows the adventures of Peter Parker who develops superhuman powers after being bitten by a mutated spider. Now in college, Peter juggles academics, work for the Daily Bugle, an on-again- off-again relationship with the love of his life, fighting super-villains and criminals -- all the while struggling to maintain his secret identity as Spider-Man.

The series is being created in a unique computer-animated style, providing a new look for this classic hero. Combining state of the art CG imaging (CG neon noire) processed in a classic feature animation style, the series will combine bright, lively abstract colors including a seemingly realistic neon lit city of the immediate future.

Grace Benn, Creative Executive for CTDT Family Entertainment, stated, "We have worked with Mainframe on very successful series such as Heavy Gear and Max Steel and we have the highest regard for the craft and technology that Mainframe brings to the projects they are involved with."

Gannon added, "Mainframe is very pleased to be working with the CTDT team again, especially on such a high profile project like Spider-Man. Our Spider-Man team here at Mainframe, which is headed up by producers Steven Wendland and Barbara Zelinski, is made up of exceptionally talented individuals, who are working together to develop a product that features all the best qualities that CGI animation has to offer."

Marian Davis and John Priemer are executives in charge of development and production for MTV. Spider-Man is produced by CTDT Family Entertainment and executive produced by Marvel. Brian Bendis is co-executive producer, as well as a writer for Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series. Grace Benn is creative executive, CTDT Family Entertainment. Avi Arad and Rick Ungar are executive producers for Marvel Studios.

Thanks to Mayhem for the scoop!

Meanwhile, Comics Continuum reports that the Spider-Man animated TV sereis has a new executive producer. Morgan Gendel, who produced such shows as V.I.P. and Nash Bridges is now on board as e.p. and writer. His writing credits include Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and Law and Order.


Big Blast Entertainment, the media rights holding and production company for Oni Press, and Circle of Confusion, a management and production company, have announced a multi-year, strategic alliance to manage, co-produce and develop comic-book properties to film, TV, video games and vice versa.

"After meeting the team at Circle during last years Comic-Con International and seeing what a great handle they have on taking comic properties out to film, TV and video games, their passion and respect for the medium - it was a no brainer," said Joe Nozemack, publisher of Oni Press and partner with Bob Chapman of Graphitti Designs and Chip Mosher in Big Blast Entertainment.

"Circle of Confusion, Oni Press and Big Blast Entertainment all have the same brand identity - the anti-brand. We're all purveyors of unique voices and ideas. So this agreement is just a natural extension for all companies," said David Engel, partner at Circle of Confusion with Dave Alpert, Jason Lust and founder Lawrence Mattis.

Under the terms, Circle of Confusion will represent Big Blast Entertainment in a management capacity, as well as a producing partner on some selected ventures. There will also be a Circle of Confusion branded comic book-line published through Oni Press in 2003.

Most recently Big Blast Entertainment successfully negotiated The Coffin comic book to be produced by James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment. Circle of Confusion manages such diverse talent as the Wachowski Bros., the Reign of Fire writers Gregg Chabot and Kevin Peterka, and comic-book creator Brian Michael Bendis.


Men In Black II continues to open big in foreign territories according to Variety.

The sequel banked $10 million in its opening week in France, running against light competition. That's the second biggest opening for a Hollywood movie in that market. MIIB's overall international take for the weekend is estimated to be $21.6 million in 61 territories.

The movie has fallen off the domestic top 10, but Box Office Mojo reports that that other big comic book flick, Road To Perdition is still hanging in. Road is currently at #7, bringing in an estimated $4 million for the weekend. The movie's domestic take is now estimated to be about $84 million after five weeks in theaters.


Work is underway on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated show. Comics2Film spoke with a source close to the production who confirmed that several scripts are written.

Development is being done out the of the 4Kids Entertainment offices in New York. Turtle co-creator Peter Laird is involved, most likely as a producer. Former comic book artist Chuck Patton is also on board, possibly as a director.

The show will utilize traditional animation.

In related news, Toon Zone had a chat with Dan Berger, who maintains the official Mirage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles website.

According to Berger, the CG Animated TMNT Movie (which was to be produced by John Woo) attracted very little studio interest, and has been shelved. All hope for another TMNT film has not been lost, however. Bergen also stated that several companies are in talks to produce a possible fourth live action Turtles movie.

As for the animated TMNT series, Bergen says to look for a February or March air date, and that Adelaide Studios (the same company that animates the Men in Black and Jackie Chan Adventures cartoons) will be doing the animation honors.


Here's a quick round-up of smaller, juicy tidbits of information that Comics2Film heard (or overheard) at Comic-Con International into one article.

  • A Hollywood insider told us about a visit to ILM where he saw CGI test footage from the Hulk. Although he was watching a small image on a computer workstation, our source said the effects look incredible. He described a scene in which an immense Hulk (he grows larger as he gets angrier) lands on a helicopter and dismantles the rotor as the vehicle crashes.
  • Humberto Ramos, current penciler on "Peter Parker, Spider-Man" and "Out There", spoke on the possibilities of developing his creator owned properties. When Comics2Film asked him if there was any possibilities for a "Crimson" or "Out There" film or television show Ramos replied, "Crimson? No. Out There...well we'll see."
  • During Peter David's panel, David revealed that one of the actresses that read for a play that he had written was indeed a young Allison Mack (Smallville).

  • Work has begun on a Scooby Doo sequel with James Gunn penning the script.


Fans getting caught up to ShowTime's hit series Jeremiah can tune in this week for a repeat airing of "To Sail Beyond the Stars".

Jeremiah (Luke Perry) faces a deadly renegade group called the Burners while falling in love with Claire (Melissa Crider), a woman who dreams of sailing across the ocean. Meanwhile, Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) befriends a pregnant woman and delivers her baby. This episode is written by J. Michael Straczynski and directed by Neill Fearnley (Witchblade).

"To Sail Beyond the Stars" airs Friday, August 16th at 10:45 P.M. on Showtime. There will also an encore on Sunday, August 18th on Showtime Beyond East at 10:45 PM (ET & PT).

Preview clips of the show are available online at Showtime's Jeremiah site. Click "Episode Preview" from the site's nav.


It's a double dose of Sabrina this week on The WB.

First, Sabrina's (Melissa Joan Hart) depressed when Roxie (Soleil Moon Frye) and Morgan (Elisa Donovan) start becoming good friends, so she connects with an old friend (guest star Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick, aka pop-star Vitamin C) from the past to forget the present. Cathy takes Sabrina on a getaway to "Cloud Ten" where all her problems disappear, but the ecstasy only lasts for so long and Sabrina comes crashing back to reality. Caroline Rhea, Beth Broderick, Nick Bakay, David Lascher and Trevor Lissauer also star. Series star Beth Broderick directed the episode written by Laurie Gelman.

"Cloud Ten" airs Friday, August 16 at 8:00 pm on The WB.

Then, Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) and Miles (Trevor Lissauer) get in a minor fender bender, but the other driver (guest star Joanie Laurer, formerly the wrestler Chyna) brings a phony lawsuit to fleece them for millions. Sabrina turns for expert advice to "Car Talk" radio hosts Click and Clack (NPR hosts the Tappet Brothers playing themselves). Caroline Rhea, Beth Broderick, Nick Bakay, David Lascher, Elisa Donovan and Soleil Moon Frye also star. Brian Roberts directed the episode written by Suzanne Gangursky.

"Driving Mr. Goodman" airs the same night at 8:30 pm.

Thanks to author and comic book movie journalist Andy Mangels for the info.


Jake and Danny play it to the bone and Conchobar returns in "Palindrome", next week's episode of Witchblade.

Jake (David Chokachi) and Danny (Will Yun Lee) go undercover posing as hot-headed fighters to investigate the murder of a young man who was in an underground fight club. But the deadly game becomes complicated when Sara's (Yancy Butler) long-lost love, Conchobar (Kim De Lury), steps into the ring. In a bizarre twist of fate, Sara finds herself risking everything -- including the Witchblade -- to save her lover and bring the killer to justice.

"Palindrome" airs Monday, August 19th at 9pm (ET) on TNT. An encore showing is scheduled for 11pm (ET) the same night.

Thanks to Dex for the tip.


Lex's dark secret is revealed in an encore presentation of "Kinetic", the August 19th episode of Smallville.

Clark (Tom Welling) and Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) are stumped when the Luthor mansion is robbed by burglars who seem to have the ability to walk through walls. Lex's curiosity turns to desperation when he discovers the thieves have stolen evidence of his secret project and Clark wonders if his dad was right about Lex's deceit all along. Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Eric Johnson, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Philip Levens.

"Kinetic" airs Monday, the August 19th at 9:00 p.m. ET on The WB network.

Then on Tuesday Jonathan Kent sells out in a repeat airing of the friend-winning/people-influencing "Hug".

Clark (Tom Welling) is stunned when a pesticide magnate who has kryptonite-enhanced powers of persuasion somehow convinces Jonathan (John Schneider) to sell the family farm to make way for a new plant. Clark teams up with the local hermit whose mysterious past holds the key to the town's future. Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Eric Johnson and Annette O'Toole also star. Chris Long directed the episode written by Doris Egan.

"Hug" airs Tuesday, the August 20th at 9:00 p.m. ET on The WB network.

Thanks to author and comic book movie journalist Andy Mangels for the info.

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