31 Days of Comics - The Most Beautiful Scene in Any Comic

Our pal Seth Hahne, of GoodOKBad fame, came up with this 31 Days of Comics challenge, one of those things where each day of the month you're given a different category that you then make a choice of a comic to fill that category. I figured it would be a fun bit to do, so here we are! Click here to see each of the categories so far!

We continue with Day 10, which is The Most Beautiful Scene in Any Comic (geez, Seth, not exactly making it easy here, are ya?).

Read on for my pick and then you can share yours!

Man, how tough of a category is THIS?

Obviously, I don't think I can safely name actually THE most beautiful scene in ANY comic, but I know a scene that I (and I am sure many of you) often think about when thinking about beautiful scenes and it is from We3 #3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly...

To set up the scene, in this issue the government has deployed We4, a gigantic cyber-assassin made out of a Mastiff, on We3 (an earlier iteration of the cyber-assassin program, made up of 1, a dog, 2, a cat and 3, a rabbit), who they have cornered in an industrial park. We4 has already killed 3.

The government also brought along the animals' trainer, Doctor Roseanne. The government is forcing her to work with them, as she is some heaping big trouble for letting the animals go in issue #1 as the now-sentient beings that she had trained for many months were going to be killed off (or "decommissioned") to make way for We4. So now Doctor Roseanne lures in 1, who is all distraught after the death of 3 earlier in the issue...

The plaintive "No 'Dee-Comm-ish' We3" always gets it for me. But also, just the general idea that Roseanne realizes that she had ruined these animal's lives - given them sentience only to put them through essentially torture, and she ultimately decides to not only give 1 his "true" identity ("Bandit") but also to sacrifice her life for this poor, noble creature, who wants nothing more than to be a "gud dog."

Beautiful work from Morrison and Quitely.

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