31 Days of Comics - Comic That You Quote From

Our pal Seth Hahne, of GoodOKBad fame, came up with this 31 Days of Comics challenge, one of those things where each day of the month you're given a different category that you then make a choice of a comic to fill that category. I figured it would be a fun bit to do, so here we are! Click here to see each of the categories so far!

We continue with Day 19, which is a Comic That You Quote From.

Read on for my pick and then you can share yours!

Well, just look to the right of your screen and you'll see that every day we quote from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's We3 here at CSBG, with our "R Comics Gud?" mascot. By the way, I came across a website a while back where people were very angry that I had that picture of 1 up on the blog, as it was a sign that I was trivializing animals being tortured. That's certainly an approach to take.

Anyhow, besides the scene earlier in the series that we quote at the side...

I also commonly reference "Home is run no more"...

Plus, of course, "No dee-comm-ish We3" and "U R Bandit"...

Very quotable stuff.

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