31 Days of Comics - A Great Love Story

Our pal Seth Hahne, of GoodOKBad fame, came up with this 31 Days of Comics challenge, one of those things where each day of the month you're given a different category that you then make a choice of a comic to fill that category. I figured it would be a fun bit to do, so here we are! Click here to see each of the categories so far!

We continue with Day 5, which is A Great Love Story.

Read on for my pick and then you can share yours!

In his recent masterpiece, The Love Bunglers, Jaime Hernandez paid off on a romance thirty years in the making. Years ago, Hernadez's famous creation, Margarita Luisa "Maggie" Chascarrillo, almost had a relationship with a young man named Ray. Now, thirty years on, they have a second chance at love. If, course, they don't bungle it.

We know Maggie so well after following her misadventures for decades, so while we know her best qualities we also know her worst qualities and both of them are at play when she gets involved with Ray again, with them both now middle-aged. Hernandez's skills are readily apparent in the control he maintains over their interactions, both with the dialogue and also his incredible skills with characterization. It's stunning, really, to see how good he was with these characters thirty years ago and yet he is even BETTER now!

Check out this date. Try not to be affected by these interactions...

Damn it, you crazy kids, DON'T BUNGLE THIS!!!

Hernandez uses flashbacks to gives depth to the modern day interactions, as we the reader know exactly how the past is affecting the present but no one else in the present knows what we do. It is pretty heartbreaking and powerful stuff. But, like all stories involving Maggie, the power of love is always present.

I've seen the ending criticized as being too schmaltzy, and while there's certainly something to be said for that, I still loved it. And hey, it IS a love story, right?

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