31 Days of Comics - A Comic That Makes You Cry

Our pal Seth Hahne, of GoodOKBad fame, came up with this 31 Days of Comics challenge, one of those things where each day of the month you're given a different category that you then make a choice of a comic to fill that category. I figured it would be a fun bit to do, so here we are! Click here to see each of the categories so far!

We continue with Day 16, which is A Comic That Makes You Cry.

Read on for my pick and then you can share yours!

I'll let you all in on a little secret - I don't believe that I actually HAVE cried at a comic book before. I know, that's really weird, but I really don't remember ever doing so. It is not that comics don't have an emotional reaction for me, as obviously they do, but I just don't think that I have ever actually been moved to TEARS over a comic book before. And it's not like I don't cry at all, as I do (I literally teared up just, like, ten minutes ago over some viral video I saw on AOL), but I guess I just have always had a bit of a detachment when it comes to written works as opposed to video works. Like the famous scene from Up, I couldn't help but tear up at that when I saw it in a movie theater, but I bet dollars to donuts that if I saw that same scene written out in a comic book that I wouldn't cry over it, even if it would still be very moving for me.

So I guess I'll just name a comic that got me CLOSE to tearing up, like the death of Krypto in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow or the infamous "grape" scene from the last issue of Y the Last Man, or the Roast Beef "Because I Got Depression" Achewood comic strip.

My choice will be this insightfully brutal moment from Joshua Cotter's brilliant Skyscrapers of the Midwest, where a nerdy young boy in the 1980s celebrates his birthday, likely hoping for some Transformers toys...

I don't care how happy you were growing up as a kid, SOME of the pain of the above sequence must resonate with you!

Ugh, re-reading it now it is just...ugh, that's rough stuff.

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