What Horrors Lurk In Superman's Fortress of Solitude?

Welcome to 31 Days of Horror Comics, where I will spotlight some of the best horror comics around, as chosen by a bunch of my favorite horror comic writers and artists around!

Today's creator is W. Maxwell Prince, the writer (alongside artist Martín Morazzo and colorist Chris O'Halloran) on the delightfully twisted series, Ice Cream Man...

W. Maxwell's choice was "Superman's Forbidden Room" from All Star Superman #2 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

Here's what he had to say about the issue...

Though lauded for its literally Herculean treatment of The Man of Steel, Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman contains, in my estimation, one of the most gonzo-scary stories in popular comics history: Issue #2, “Superman’s Forbidden Room.”

Lois Lane, trapped in the Fortress of Solitude, millions of miles from any hint of civilization, is tripping out on space chemicals and nurturing the creeping suspicion that Superman is about to dissect her, or eat her—or something way, way worse.

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She’s completely alone in there, save for Superman’s army of cold, caped robots that seem “helpful” in about the same way that Hal 9000 wanted to help David Bowman.

And as bad trips often tend to go (we find she accidentally inhaled something from Superman’s lab that warps her rational perception), what starts as a small hunch of something sinister turns into a full blown paranoid freakout, replete with masked holograms, vivisection blueprints, and a murder attempt on Big Blue himself.

It’s a nice kind of play (a kind that we’re about to push to an extreme in ICM) on a haunted house-ish structure within the colorful confines of capes and tights stuff, and also poses the important question: What if Superman is a fucking creep?

Plus: you ever take a hard look at the cover for Action Comics #1? The folks depicted are terrified of Superman, running for their goshdarn lives. “He’s lifting the car!!”

Perhaps not so coincidentally, look to see what is coming up in the pipeline for Ice Cream Man!

Thanks for the suggestion, W. Maxwell!

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