The Psychosexual Torment of Jones and Wrightson's 'Jenifer'

Welcome to 31 Days of Horror Comics, where I will spotlight some of the best horror comics around, as chosen by some of my favorite horror comic writers and artists around!

We begin with Tim Seeley, creator of both Hack/Slash....

and Revival (with Mike Norton)....

two great horror-themed comic book series (although, both series are hybrid series, horror mixed with other genres).

Selfishly, one of the reasons I wanted to start with Tim is that Tim picked one of the greatest horror comics of all-time, so I figured that this way, we can get it out of the way so I don't end up with 30 suggestions of "Jenifer," by Bruce Jones and Bernie Wrightson, from 1974's Creepy #63.

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Here's Tim on the story:

I've been thinking a lot lately about CREEPY #63 which contains the Bruce Jones/Bernie Wrigtson collaboration "Jenifer", which I think is one of the most unsettling and perfectly done horror shorts of all time. The story relies on tone and ideas to frighten you, which is something i think comics can do better than other mediums. And Bernie's design for the titular character is absolutely horrific.

The horrific tale opens with a man saving what appears to be a young woman from being murdered by a guy in the woods. As the would-be murdered dies, all he can say is "Jenifer."

When the man discovers Jenifer, he is shocked by how hideous she is and, as Tim notes, good lord, Wrightson just NAILS it with the design work here...

The man becomes obsessed with Jenifer, even as it tears his life apart at home with his wife and kids, eventually driving his wife away...

Now that he is alone with her, their relationship becomes a sexual one, as he cannot break free from Jenifer's control over him....

He tries to sell her to a freak show, but she won't let him quit her...

All he can think to do is to take her to the woods where he found her and kill her there. I think you all know what happens when he tries to do so, as the circle continues.

A shockingly well designed and well executed work of horror, "Jenifer" is one of the most acclaimed comic book horror stories of all-time.

Thanks, Tim!

Okay, folks, wait until you see what other great stories we have in store for you for the rest of the month!

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