There Are No Words for the Horror of Cinema Panopticum

Welcome to 31 Days of Horror Comics, where I will spotlight some of the best horror comics around, as chosen by a bunch of my favorite horror comic writers and artists around!

Today's creator is Lisandro Estherren, the artist for the wonderfully twisted horror series, Redneck, from Image Comics (with writer Donny Cates)...

The most recent issue, #24, just came out THIS WEEK!

It's a really great read and since they're taking a break before #25, you have time to go catch up on the whole series! Very much recommended!

Lisandro chose Thomas Ott's Cinema Panopticum.

Here's Lisandro on his pick...

If I had to choose a horror comic that I´ve really enjoyed, I´d pick Cinema Panopticum, from German / Swiss artist Thomas Ott. This is a silent comic that narrates four short stories, linked by a common character, a young girl who is watching this stories through a coin operated boxes, in a undefinied town fair.

The drawing textures, the blackness and the unsettling atmosphere builted page after page of mute narrative makes this comic a unique piece. Loved it!

As Lisandro notes, Ott's work is wordless. That has always been Ott's trademark, as well as his interest in horror. One of the things that impresses me the most about Ott's work is just how well detailed he gets with the horror. He doesn't shy away from anything - he just embraces it all, while making sure to also shroud the whole deal in impressive usages of blacks (which Lisandro, of course, also pointed out above).

Some of Ott's other works include Tales of Error and Hellville, Tales from the Edge.

Thanks for the suggestion, Lisandro!

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