[The Hulk]Marvel Studios executive vice president Kevin Feige told Comics2Film that things are heading up on the Sub-Mariner movie.

"We're on track to get a script early next year and we couldn't be more excited," Feige said.

David Self (Road To Perdition) is penning the epic script. Feige said he's encouraged by the rapid progress of CG character animation in film, and fans can expect to see plenty of it in Sub-Mariner.

"I just recently saw The Two Towers, which really raises the bar, and we're going to raise the bar again with The Hulk," the v.p. commented. "Jar Jar's becoming a distant memory."

Speaking of The Hulk, Feige confirms that the public will get a look at print and film images of the character early in 2003.

Fans who want an idea of what the green goliath will look like can head over to HulkMovie.com. The fan site has posted a nice look at some of the movie-inspired action figures from the upcoming Hulk. Check out their site for a look at Super-Posable Leaping Hulk with Real Leaping Bungee Cord, followed by Smash & Crush Hulk with Military Truck & Smashing Action!


Platinum Studios Chief Scott Rosenberg tells Comics2Film that production on the second season of Jeremiah is currently underway.

The crew has filmed three episodes of the hit show already. This year the show adds Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) and Joanne Kelly (Mutant X) to the cast.

"Sean Astin is a great coup for the show," Rosenberg said. Shooting on the show has to make way for the actor's current press tour, promoting the blockbuster Lord of the Rings installment.

Rosenberg tells us that ShowTime is enthusiastic about the show. "ShowTime is a big advocate of the series, which is nice."

The cable channel has not yet scheduled a timeslot or premiere date. Rosenberg said they are still weight options with which of their other original series pair up nicely with the comic book skein.


A few weeks back, rumors began to surface on the Internet about about possible creative directions for Spider-Man 3. The stories you may have heard included mention of actors like Vin Diesel, The Rock and Sam Rockwell cast as characters like Venom and Carnage.

Comics2Film checked the stories with Marvel Studios Executive V.P. Kevin Feige

"We have a good chuckle at all of those rumors," Feige said. However Feige assures us that these rumors are false.

The current focus of the web-slinging team is squarely on the sequel The Amazing Spider-Man, which is set to begin full-on production next year.


When New Line Cinema speaks the magic word they'll be struck by a magical lightning bolt and transform a classic DC Comics superhero into a movie franchise, according to today's Variety. That's right, New Line is in final negotiations with DC for the feature film rights to Shazam! (also known as the original Captain Marvel).

"We're pleased to be developing one of the gems of our library with one of our sister companies," DC publisher Paul Levitz told Variety.

C2F readers have long expressed that Shazam! is one of those comics that is a no-brainer for film development. The classic series tells the tale of young Billy Batson, who is granted the power to transform into an adult superman when he utters the magic word Shazam (an amalgam of the names of the classic heroes he draws his powers from).

Michael Uslan will serve as executive producer on the project. Uslan's name is well-known to C2F readers as the Batman franchise executive producer and top gun at the CrossGen movie and TV development arm

DC Comics is launching a new Shazam! comic series from Bone creator Jeff Smith.

The Variety write-up also mentions that New Line is still developing Frank Miller's Ronin. Darren Aronofsky (Batman: Year One) has long been attached although we haven't heard of any new progress on that one in over two years.


The band Chevelle is the latest to join the Daredevil movie soundtrack. According to their official website their previously unreleased track "Until You've Reformed" will appear on the compilation disc.

Daredevil fans can already head over to DaredevilMusic.com and fire up two other tracks from the album. The site recently posted Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life" (featuring Paul McCoy from 12 Stones) as well as Fuel's "Won't Back Down".

Thanks to Mario and others for the tip!

Music From The Movies reports that Marco Beltrami is on board to score the upcoming Hellboy movie. C2F readers should be familiar with Beltrami's work, as he created the kickin' score for this year's Blade II. Both movies are directed by Guillermo del Toro.

The site also reported last night that Graeme Revell has started work scoring the Daredevil movie. The music is to be recorded this month. Revell previously scored many movies including Pitch Black and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.


[X2]The latest update at X-Men-The-Movie.com has James Marsden as Cyclops greeting fans with an optic blast to the face. Stop by the official mutant movie site to download the new wallpaper of Cyclops from the Cerebro's download gallery.

Fans can also check out a new set of X-Men 2 movie stills at the site. A new wave of both in-character and behind the scenes image. Just enter the Cerebro area, click on Gallery and then movie stills.

The new X-Men 2 trailer did not debut in November as the internet rumor mill suggested. Now Greg's Previews of Upcoming Movies has the inside word on when and where fans can expect to see it.

The first official X2 trailer is expected to be in theaters on December 18th, accompanying the debut of some obscure little film called Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

However, according to Greg's Previews, netizens will get the first look at the the movie a week earlier when it debuts online. The clip will apparently not be at the official X-Men movie site, but will instead bow on Yahoo! Movies.

Patrick Stewart is making the rounds doing press for Star Trek: Nemesis. C2F reader Scott over heard Professor X gabbing with the folks in Los Angeles on the Mark and Brian show on KLOS. While the subject was Trek, Stewart couldn't resist gabbing about X2 as well.

According to Scott, Steward said that "there would be many new mutants in it. He said he felt this new movie would really be bigger than the first!"

Stewart also said that the Next Generation cast, which makes its final big-screen voyage in Nemesis was very close-knit. Scott tells us, "he mentioned he felt the same kind of thing about the cast of X-men and the camaraderie. He was just all around excited about this new X-Men movie."

Thanks to Scott for relaying Professor X's positive thoughts about X2.


There seems to be no end to the comic-to-film writing gigs our pal Hans Rodionoff is landing. We told you Tuesday he is the new writer on Spawn 2. Now Variety reports that Rodionoff is penning the script for Clive Barker and Todd McFarlane's Tortured Souls as well.

The concept originated as a toy line from McFarlane toys. The action figures also came with a chapter of a Barker-authored novella.

The movie is set up at Universal pictures. Barker and McFarlane serve as producers on the film.

Seraphim Films vice president Joe Daley (Saint Sinner) will co-produce. McFarlane Entertainment's Terry Fitzgerald (Spawn) will also co-producer. Tim O'Hair, vice president at Universal, will supervise for the studio.

Rodionoff previously teamed with Barker on the made-for-TV movie Clive Barker Presents Saint Sinner.


KryptonSite.com posted an excellent interview with Jeph Loeb detailing the comic and screen writer's work on the Smallville TV show. Specifically, Loeb penned the script for an upcoming episode called "Insurgence."

"If you've been watching the show you know that there's a storm brewing between Lex and Lionel that is going to swallow up the Kents," Loeb told the site. "Get ready for the storm."

Loeb said that fans may be surprised by the size of "Insurgence". While not wanting to divulge specifics, the writer also said that this episode will feature a "big moment" in young Superman's career.

"I do remember talking about the overall plot with the gang and Miles (Millar) saying THIS is the show where Clark should... (and that's the big moment). I can't really talk about the big moment but it's very cool, and it has to do with seeing Clark for the first time do one of the "mythos" tasks. It's not bending steel in bare hands and it's not changing the course of mighty rivers," Loeb hinted.

For the complete Q & A with Jeph Loeb head over to KryptonSite.com.

In other news, the WB's network's strategy of showing second airings of Smallville on Sunday is paying off according to the Hollywood Reporter. The net has been re-running the weekly episodes of the superhero show at 5pm on Sundays, followed by reruns of their other hit, Everwood.

The innovative strategy provides a shot in the arm for the fledgling network which has yet to enjoy a profitable year. The move brought in an extra $1 million for the network and boosted ratings in those periods.

Networks continue to experiment with repurposing of programming content, with additional airings like the Sunday "Easy View" as well as showing repeat broadcasts on sister stations.

"As network profits have eroded, it's clear that the financial model of a show that was based on one-time play was not very economical for the networks," Jamie Kellner told the Reporter. Kellner is chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting System, one of the many TV outlets under the AOL/Time Warner umbrella.

Such moves are filled with caveats as production studios, local affiliates, advertisers and cable providers all have concerns over the rebroadcast plans. So far though, the Smallville and Everwood experiment looks to be one that has succeeded.


[Michelangelo]The sneak peeks just keep coming at NinjaTurtles.com. The official home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has posted more new images from the upcoming animated show.

The latest batch of preview pics consists of four, full-color images spotlighting each member of the dream team. Check out NinjaTurtles.com for the latest.


According to GothamClockTower.com Birds of Prey will wrap up its run not with a 2-part finale as previously reported, but with two separate episodes. According to the site, the final episodes are called "Feet of Clay" and "Devil's Eyes". No other details are given.


Last week we told you about "The Spider-Man DVD-ROM Online Theater" event, which is coming up this Sunday. Here is the official press release detailing the exclusive webcast:

Fans of Spider-Man, the year's most successful movie and DVD, will get an inside look at the blockbuster film when they take part in the world premiere online event, "The 'Spider-Man' DVD-ROM Online Theatre," on Sunday, December 15, at 7:30 p.m. EST. The event, presented by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment and Cingular Wireless, will be streamed using Windows Media.

This online exclusive event incorporates playback of the Spider-Man feature film from a participant's PC DVD-ROM drive with a streamed online audio commentary in Windows Media featuring the film's star, Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire, and JK Simmons, who played J. Jonah Jameson, editor of the Daily Bugle. The commentary portion of the event will start at 8:00 p.m. EST, and is only available to those who have the Spider-Man DVD in their PC-ROM drive at that time.

"Based on the success of Spider-Man, we have found that there are many loyal enthusiasts who cannot get enough of this year's superhero," said Benjamin S. Feingold, President, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment. "We are pleased to offer fans the opportunity to experience Spider-Man in a whole new way."

For complete details on how to participate in the event, consumers can get step-by-step instructions by logging on to sony.com/spiderman.

Through the "Countdown to 'Spider-Man 2'" link on disc 1 of the 2-disc Special Edition DVD, 'Spider-Man' fans can log on at 7:30 p.m. EST, Sunday, December 15, prior to the start of the online commentary to access all pre-show activities featuring 'Spider-Man' specials: including an introduction from JK Simmons, revealing of the DVD's hidden Easter Eggs; previews for the DVD release of XXX and the summer theatrical release of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, as well as an exciting "Enter to Win" sweepstakes with prizes such as a walk-on role in the Spider-Man sequel or a signed, framed piece of one of the original Spider-Man costumes.


Variety has listed the nominees for the 2002 "People's Choice Awards".

Not surprisingly the people have chosen Spider-Man as a nominee in the "Best Motion Picture" category. Web-head was the people's choice at the box office two, setting all kinds of records and running up the accounting ledgers Sony and Marvel.

The movie is up against tough competition in that category, facing the massive-scale fantasy The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring and the tiny-scale comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Also of note is Tom Hanks getting the "Favorite Actor" nod. The Road To Perdition star faces off with Mel Gibson and Denzel Washington in that category.


There'll be only one rerun of Justice League on Cartoon Network this week.

Wonder Woman and company get to the bottom of the destruction of Paradise Island in a rerun of "Paradise Lost - Part 2." The episode airs Sunday, December 15th at 7:00pm.


Showtime is re-showing the first season of Jeremiah, so this is a great time for fans jump on board and catch any episodes they might have missed.

This week Showtime is rebroadcasting the second episode, written by J. Michael Straczynski.

On Friday, December 13th at 10:55 P.M. (ET & PT), with an encore on Sunday, December 15th on Showtime Beyond at 10:55 P.M. (ET & PT).

"Man Of Iron, Woman Under Glass" As Jeremiah and Kurdy deal with a youngster who's assumed the identity of a superhero, Marcus keeps a surprising secret: he's in love with a woman who survived exposure to the Big Death virus by remaining sealed in a isolation chamber. Written by: J. Michael Straczynski Directed by: Brett Dowler

Be sure to check out Showtime's Behind the Scenes feature -- a virtual tour of Thunder Mountain -- go to this link and click "Behind the Scenes" (you'll need to have a Java and Flash-enabled browser to play the virtual tour): http://wwww.sho.com/jeremiah/


In case you missed it last night, The WB is going to rebroadcast the Smallville episode "Duplicity", in which one of Clark's friends discovers the spaceship in the cornfield.

After one of Clark's (Tom Welling) friends discover the spaceship in the cornfield, Clark goes against his parents' (John Schneider, Annette O'Toole) wishes and reveals his secret, but is shocked when the reaction he gets makes him question his friend's loyalty. Steve Miner directed the episode written by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer.

"Duplicity" re-airs Sunday, December 15th at 5:00pm ET on The WB.

Then, in the show's regular timeslot, a brooding stranger comes between Clark and Lana in an episode titled "Nocturne".

Clark (Tom Welling) is concerned when he discovers someone has been leaving love notes for Lana (Kristin Kreuk) at her parents' grave and warns her to stay away from the mysterious poet. Fed up with Clark's over-protectiveness, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) follows the dark and handsome stranger to his home and discovers his parents keep him locked in chains. Unable to leave him like that, Clark and Lana break into the house to save the boy, but soon realize why he was locked up in the first place. Michael Rosenbaum, Sam Jones III, Allison Mack, John Glover, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Rick Wallace directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders.

"Nocturne" re-airs Tuesday, December 17 at 9:00pm on The WB.

Thanks to author and comic book movie journalist Andy Mangels for the info.


In what may be the last new episode, Helena learns that Reese's Father is a mobster in "Nature of the Beast," next week's episode of Birds of Prey.

When a hit is put on the life of legendary mob boss, Al Hawk (guest star, Mitch Pileggi, The X-Files), the only person he trusts to protect him is his son, Detective Reese (Shemar Moore). Reese turns to Helena (Ashley Scott) for help, but when she learns that Reese's father is the same man who killed Dinah's (Rachel Skarsten) mother, Black Canary, her loyalties are tested. Dina Meyer and Ian Abercrombie also star. Shawn Levy directed the episode written by Melissa Rosenberg.

"Nature of the Beast" airs Wednesday, December 18th at 9:00pm on the WB.

Thanks to author and comic book movie journalist Andy Mangels for the info.

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