[Felon]Comics2Film has learned that Greg Rucka and Matthew Clark's Top Cow comic book Felon is now in development as a TV series.

Top Cow President of Production Spike Seldin told C2F that the concept is set up at USA Networks, home of such break-out original series' as The Dead Zone and Monk.

Simon Barry is currently attached as writer on the planned series. Barry previously worked on the screenplays for the Wesley Snipes spy thriller The Art of War and the Samuel Jackson action/comedy Formula 51.

Top Cow is currently the sole producer on the show.

Rucka told C2F that he may have some input in the early stages of development but expects that the TV show will differ greatly from the comic. Most likely the titular protagonist will be made more sympathetic than the brutal character that was offered in the book.

Felon is a gritty, crime drama about a female convict who, upon being released from prison, seeks revenge on her former partners in crime: the men who got away with the money while she did hard time. It's not long before FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Freeh is in pursuit and looking to stop Cassiday's rampage and put her back behind bars.

"It's always fun to see something you worked on in any iteration," Rucka said.

Felon was originally published in 2001-2002 as a mini-series under Top Cow's Minotaur Press imprint. While the creators had planned on a longer story arc for the comic, the actual run ended up truncated at four issues.


[Knowles]Last week comic creator Glenn Prozig announced that he'd cast fitness model Kristia Knowles as his super-powered comic book character Silver Spyder. Comics2Film conducted an e-mail interview the model and athlete about taking on the new role.

Porzig contacted Knowles through her website and pitched the idea of her playing his character. "After talking with him about...Silver Spyder, we both noted so many similarities between the character and myself," the fitness expert said. "We are both named Kristia. I graduated in chemistry and worked as an organic chemist after finishing my undergraduate degree. We thought it would be a perfect fit. How could I say no to my superhero?!"

For the athletic blond, the transition to super-powered adventurer seemed natural. "My nickname has always been 'Super Barbie'. So many people have told me that I would make a great super-hero character," Knowles said. "After speaking with Glenn, I thought this would be a prime opportunity. Working with someone like Glenn is an honor and an opportunity that doesn't come around everyday. I have never done anything like this before. I thought it would be entertaining and fun!"

Of course, with only one comic book appearance in place, nobody is sure what Silver Spyder's intentions are. "The jury is still out regarding if Silver is a heroine or nemesis. She is so multifaceted. I like that attribute about her," said Knowles. "She keeps you guessing about her intentions. I am really looking forward to watching her character grow."

Knowles had read comics as a kid, but wasn't familiar with Porzig's character until he sent her issues of his Ace of Diamonds comics, where Silver Spyder makes her debut. "I am a fan. I am in awe of Ace of Diamonds. She is such an

awesome character," Knowles said.

Initial plans call for her to portray Silver Spyder at comic book conventions and public appearances. Porzig also has TV and film plans for the character and

Knowles is looking to make the transition from modeling to acting. She told C2F that she has started to study the craft. "I think the timing couldn't be

more perfect. I would love to see her on big or small screen."

Whatever the future brings for Silver Spyder, Ace of Diamonds readers can look forward to seeing her, live and in-person at conventions this summer. Knowles tells us, "I am going to enjoy making Silver pop off the comic pages into real life. I can't wait to meet all of her fans."


The latest buzz from the animation world is that Rob Liefeld's long-defunct comic book Badrock is in development for the small screen. Sources tell Comics2Film that the concept is currently in development as an animated series for the ABC Family cable channel.

Badrock tells the adventures of a boy with a hulking, stone body. The character is slated to return to comics any day now when Liefeld revives Youngblood under his new Arcade Comics imprint.

Neither Liefeld nor ABC Family were available to comment.


Has the lead role in The Punisher been cast?

The internet rumor mill has offered up Thomas Jane (The Sweetest Thing) as the latest name in the casting riddle. According to several reports, Jane allegedly made some comments about the movie at a weekend "Fangoria Festival of Horrors" convention where he was promoting his upcoming movie Dreamcatcher. The actor reportedly told attendees that he'd been offered the part.

The closest corroboration for the Jane as Punisher rumor comes from the ever reliable IGN FilmForce. This site, which has demonstrated access to knowledgeable sources on this movie, confirms that the role has been cast. Their sources would not name names or confirm that Jane is the man. However, the rough profile provided to FilmForce does seem to synch up with the Jane rumor.

Recent rumors linking Kurt Russell to The Punisher are false, according to the actor's representatives at Creative Artists Agency. A source at CA told Comics2Film that their client is neither attached to appear in the movie, nor has he been approached for a role in it.

At this point, no official confirmation of any casting has been made. Comics2Film continues to follow up with our sources and seek confirmation.

In other punishments: Variety reports that the Munich-based film fund VIP Medien will be providing capital for Marvel and Artisan's Punisher movie. The pic, is budgeted at $30 million. Director Jonathan Hensleigh is also named as co-producer of the movie.


Comics2Film received numerous e-mails about the LXG pic we posted last week, with the primary question being: what is such a modern-looking car doing in a Victorian-era movie?

An in-the-know source tells us that the car is one of Nemo's inventions (he did build the first submarine, so a land based vehicle should be a snap). Our source also tells us that the men seen in the background of the image are the good captain's crew.

Click the thumbnail for another look!


Moviegoers in the Los Angeles area can look for comic creator and filmmaker Jim Krueger's They Might Be Dragons in the coming months. The movie will be screening at the L.A. International Film Festival soon.

Krueger filmed the seven-minute Dragons as his directorial debut in 2001. He's set to follow up with a second movie called Looking Out For No. One this February.

"It's another one of those, 'is it supernatural or is isn't it' stories," Krueger told Comics2Film. "I'm slowly trying to build a trilogy of these films."

As with his first movie, the cast of No. One will be filled out with Broadway actors. Filming begins in February in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

Krueger told C2F that he aims to show both movies at the upcoming, summer comic book conventions.

In the mean time, fans can look for his new comic book, The Clock Maker, in stores this month.


Check it out kids! It's the new trailer for Daredevil! You can find it now at the official Daredevil movie site or by going directly to the Daredevil QuickTime page at Apple.com.

The new "Guardian Devil" clip has much more of a narrative flow than the previous previews and does a good job of setting up the concept and the players. Cool stuff in this one: a first glimpse at DD's radar sense and Stan "The Man" Lee's cameo!

For those of you who don't want to deal with a big download, we are including a sampling of images from the new trailer for your clicking enjoyment.

The official webiste also reveals the Daredevil has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA.

[Daredevil]On the music front: Wind-Up Records has unveiled the complete track listing and cover artwork for Daredevil: The Album. The CD come packed with 20 tracks. Check out these artists and tunes!

  1. Fuel - "Won't Back Down"
  2. The Calling - "For You"
  3. Saliva - "Bleed For Me"
  4. Seether - "Hang On"
  5. Nickelback - "Learn the Hard Way"
  6. Drowning Pool feat. Rob Zombie - "The Man Without Fear"
  7. Nappy Roots feat. Marcos Curiel of P.O.D. - "Right Now"
  8. Moby - "Evening Rain"
  9. Evanescence - "Bring Me To Life"
  10. Chevelle - "Until You're Reformed"
  11. Hoobastank - "Right Before Your Eyes"
  12. Palo Alto- "Fade Out/In"
  13. Revis - "Caught In The Rain"
  14. Boysetsfire - "High Wire Escape Artist"
  15. Autopilot Off - "Raise Your Rifles"
  16. Graeme Revell and Mike Einziger - "Daredevil Theme (Blind Justice Remix)"
  17. Evanescence - "My Immortal"
  18. Finger Eleven - "Sad Exchange"
  19. Endo - "Simple Lies"
  20. 12 Stones - "Let Go"

For more information about Daredevil: The Album be sure to visit DaredevilMusic.com. You can currently listen to samples from 8 tracks from the disc. There's also a swell new DD desktop wallpaper and AIM buddy icon for the taking too.

The CD is due in stores February 4th 2003

If it's toys you fancy then we've get a look at the new Daredevil movie action figure from Toy Biz. The toy maker sent over this nice image of the upcoming figure, from the Marvel Legends series.

The figure is due in stores this February. Toy Biz tells us it did not ship with the special "Best of Marvel Legends" assortment that landed in Wal-Mart outlets everywhere recently.


Last week, the hot rumor on the internet centered on an alleged new script for the next Batman film. Not the Year One story that we've heard about, the rumors spoke of a screenplay titled Batman: The Frightening which featured the Scarecrow as the villain. Supposedly Terry Hayes and Rafael Yglesias, the duo that penned From Hell, wrote it

However, the rumors appear to be, at least in part, false.

Comics2Film contacted some official sources to see if there was any truth to the report. A representative for Rafael Yglesias told C2F that they had not seen such a script or set up any deals with their client involving a Batman film.

Whether or not there is a Frightening script in the works remains to be seen, but, if there is one, it appears that Yglesias never worked on it.


Slushfactory.com features an interview with Creature Tech creator Doug TenNapel. Regular readers will recall that, last August, TenNapel signed a deal with New Regency for a feature film version of his graphic novel. During the extensive Q & A, TenNapel commented on that project and others.

"The studio (New Regency/Fox) approved my outline and I'm almost done with the rough draft," TenNapel told Slushfactory.

He also reports that he's working on other comic based projects as well. "I have an animated series at Nickelodeon based on my comic Gear," TenNapel said. "I'm also working on a prime-time animated series at Fox and a movie with Nick Cage."

For much, much more on the goings-on with Doug TenNaple check out the complete interview at Slushfactory.com.

Thanks to Tom for the lead!


[Daredevil vs. Spider-Man]Ready for a look at the Daredevil Vs. Spider-Man DVD? Then check out this mini-trailer from Buena Vista Home Video.

The new DVD collects the episodes of the Spider-Man animated show which feature the man without fear.

The collection is due on both DVD and VHS in stores February 11, conveniently timed to coincide with the release of the Daredevil movie. This is the third disc in the Buena Vista series, following on the hit DVDs Spider-Man: Ultimate Villain Showdown and Spider-Man: The Return of the Green Goblin.


[TMNT Storyboards]NinjaTurtles.com continues to roll out the previews of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show. This weekend the site posted 26 storyboards of the animated revival.

Look for the new Ninja Turtles to explode out of the half-shell on Fox Networks on February 8th.


The Hollywood Reporter listed the Art Directors Guild nominees for excellence in production design this week

Road To Perdition picked up a nod in the period or fantasy films category.

Other films nominated include Chicago, Gangs of New York, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Minority Report, spanning quite a range of periods.


You could call it the "People's Indecision Award". However, when the kudos-cast for the 29th Annual People's Choice Award ended last night, comic fans' top movie shared the honor of "Favorite Motion Picture".

Spider-Man was named co-winner in that category along with Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings. The two long-awaited films, based on classic and much-loved source material shared that honor, smacking down the spunky My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

"Favorite Motion Picture" was the only category in which Spider-Man was nominated.

Road To Perdition star Tom Hanks lost his bid for "Favorite Motion Picture Actor" to Signs' Mel Gibson.

In other awards news, Eminem and Ashanti cleaned up at the 30th annual American Music Awards Monday night, but Spider-Man also collected a trophy.

Last year's blockbuster comic book movie won the award in the soundtrack category.


Fans attending the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention this weekend will have access to a pair of impressive comic book movie and TV presentations.

As we reported last month, Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson will be on hand to preview a clip from the movie.

The con has also announced that Justice League fans will enjoy the largest assembly of animation talent from the show ever to appear at a convention. The line up includes Rich Fogel (producer), James Tucker (producer), Stan Berkowitz (Story Editor), Dwayne McDuffie (Story Editor and co-creator of Static Shock!), Dan Riba (Director), Andrea Romano (Casting and Voice Director).

Also attending will be members of the cast including George Newbern (Superman), Maria Canals (Hawkgirl), Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern, Samauri Jack, Static), Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman).

An autograph session will follow the presentation.

The show is slated for Sunday, January 19th at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Center. Check the website for complete details.

Thanks to Craig for the lead.


At a recent TCA in Los Angeles Cartoon Network unveiled a slate of new programming, which included some discussion of the new Teen Titans animated show.

Teen Titans is slated to premiere some time in August. Here's how Cartoon Network describes the show:

"Teen Titans, set in a future of intergalactic strife and interplanetary battles, features five teen superheroes each with special powers, led by the Boy Wonder, Robin. This group unites to form a defensive force to protect the Earth from a new generation of villains. An eclectic group, their powers complement each other so that when they band together, they become a superb fighting force. Their personalities, on the other hand, often clash.

"Discovering how to control their powers, these Teen Titans must learn to work and grow as a team while dealing with the trials and tribulations of being teenagers. This half-hour animated action series, produced by Warner Bros. Animation under the guidance of Emmy Award-winner Glen Murakami, is based on the popular DC Comics comic book characters."

The announcement also included Duck Dodgers which bows on the net Saturday, June 28.

Also, look for those rascally cartoon sidekicks The Wonder Twins to put in an appearance on Cartoon Network's NBA All-Star Slam. In this special event Top NBA stars like Shaquille O'Neal, Stephon Marbury, Latrell Sprewell and Jason Kidd give shout-outs to their favorite cartoon superstars. An all-day marathon salutes old-school favorites like Droopy Dog, Hong Kong Phooey and the Wonder Twins as well as perennial favorites Scooby-Doo and Bugs Bunny. The All-Star Slam airs Sunday, Feb. 9, 12-6 p.m. (ET, PT).


Superman: Last Son of Krypton reports that Superman scribe J.J. Abrams (Alias) has finished up a new draft of the script of steel. The word comes directly from Abrams' representatives.

The site reports that the new version will not resemble the previous version, which was extensively reviewed on the web and provoked a massive, negative fan reaction.


The U.S. DVD release of episodes of The Incredible Hulk TV show, starring Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby, are now available for pre-order from online vendors.

The two-disc DVD set, called Incredible Hulk Collection comes from Anchor Bay Entertainment and contains the feature-length movies The Return of the Incredible Hulk and The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. Both movies showcase guest-shots from other Marvel universe characters.

In Return, David Banner meets up with geeky Donald Blake, who has the power to summon (that's right: summon, not change into) the Norse thunder god Thor!

The second feature has Banner accused defending himself in a court. Of course it's up to Matt Murdock to defend him in The Trial of The Incredible Hulk. Look for Daredevil and the Kingpin in this one!

Anchor Bay tells us these releases are fully remastered and contain new interviews with Hulk co-creator Stan Lee and star Lou Ferrigno.

The DVD set is due out on May 6th, timed to coincide with the new Hulk feature film.

Thanks to Justin for the lead!


Spider-Man is a contender in the special effects category, joined by the comic-based Men in Black II. Their competition: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Minority Report, Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and XXX.

The web-spinner got another nod in the sound editing category, an honor shared with Road To Perdition. Also on the list are Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Minority Report, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and We Were Soldiers.

C2F gives a razzie to the Academy for overlooking that fourth big comic book movie of 2002: Blade II. It certainly sported some terrific effects, although admittedly the competition this year is very tough.


It's more Justice League reruns this month on Cartoon Network.

Metamorpho: The Element Man guest stars this week on a repeat airing of "Metamorphosis".

"Metamorphosis - Part 1" airs Saturday January 18th at 12pm. "Part 2" immediately follows at 12:30pm. Both episodes air again at 9:00pm the same night.


Singer Daniel Beddingfield Guest-Stars as the series celebrates its 150th episode in "The Lyin, The Witch & The Wardrobe," this week's installment of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.

When Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) lands an interview with British singer Daniel Beddingfield ("Gotta Get Through This"), she gets Morgan (Elisa Donovan) a gig as the wardrobe stylist for the photo shoot but Morgan's designs are so horrible, Annie (Diana-Maria Riva) forces Sabrina to fire her friend. Soleil Moon Frye, Nick Bakay, Andrew Walker and Bumper Robinson also star. Ken Koch directed the episode written by Mike Larsen.

"The Lyin, The Witch & The Wardrobe" airs Friday, January 17th at 8:30pm on The WB.

Thanks to author and comic book movie journalist Andy Mangels for the info.


In case you missed it Tuesday night, The WB is going to rebroadcast the Smallville episodes "Visage", in which Whitney returns to Smallville.

As Whitney (Eric Johnson) returns home from the Marines looking to rekindle his relationship with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) but his suspicious behavior prompts Clark (Tom Welling) to question his true motives, ultimately revealing a shocking truth about "the new Whitney." Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) becomes suspicious of his new girlfriend (guest star Emmanuelle Vaugier) after he discovers a questionable photo of her with Lionel (John Glover). Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Bill Gereghity directed the episode written by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer.

"Visage" re-airs Sunday, January 19th at 5:00pm ET on The WB.

Then, in the show's regular timeslot, it's an all-new episode as Clark makes a leap of faith to save his mother from a hostage situation in "Insurgence."

After Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) discovers that Lionel (John Glover) installed cameras in the mansion, he hires some thugs to bug Lionel's office, but things get out of control when Lionel and Martha (Annette O'Toole) surprise the thugs and are taken hostage. Clark (Tom Welling) must figure out a way to save his mother without exposing his powers and sees his chance on an adjacent tall building ­ if only he could make the leap in a single bound. Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, and John Schneider also star. James Marshall directed the episode written by Kenneth Biller & Jeph Loeb.

"Insurgence" airs Tuesday, January 21st at 8:00pm on The WB.

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