300, Transformers, Smallville, Afro-Samurai: August 8th Comic Reel Wrap


Casting their eyes into ancient Greece, Sneak Peek has, aptly enough, a sneak peek at three new posters for the Frank Miller adaptation. Thermopylae, b***hes!


Trusted pal Tom Williams is back with this link showing even more footage from that Access Hollywood look inside the film.


You can find some quotes from the SFX magazine interview with Miles Millar and Al Gough over at Devoted to Smallville. They weren't so happy with last season's vampire-themed episode "Thirst." "There's going to be a big 'What the hell were we thinking?' commentary for this episode on the DVD," Gough laughs. "Look, the network asked us to do a couple of holiday-themed episodes for Hallowe'en and Christmas. Christmas was very successful, Hallowe'en not so much."

"Our grand experiment that failed," says Millar. "It was even more of a disaster than it appears on screen; it was rescued to a large degree in post production. 'Thirst' is our personal hell."


The trailer for the Samuel L. Jackson-fueled martial arts cartoon is now available at the official website.


Comics Continuum has an interview with voice actress Kari Wahlgren, who plays both Saturn Girl and Triplicate Girl in the new animated series. When discussing the telepath, Wahlgren said, "She's definitely much more of a calm, mature character. They wanted her to be one of the older ones on the team. She's very nurturing and focused and very much a leader in the group."


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