300, TMNT, Heroes, Smallville: March 1st Comic Reel Wrap


Moviehole has an interview with actors Gerard Butler and David Wenham, talking bout groin pulls, chafing and spending months in front of a Montreal green screen.

You can also hear some of the soundtrack at Warner Brothers Records.

Finally, Moviefone has a behind the scenes clip online.


There are two new TV spots available at Comingsoon.net.


This week's Behind the Eclipse feature here at CBR deals with the episode, "Like Any Parasite."


Kryptonsite has screen captures from the new, longer promo spot for the March 15th episode, "Promise."


Actress Shareefa Epps talked to MTV about what she'll be up to in the sequel. "I play Kendra, a human, and I basically try to protect my brother throughout the whole movie," she said. "The aliens return through the sewers. It's crazy."


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