"300" Spartans Are All You Need To Rule The Box Office

As CBR News reported last weekend, "300" broke box office records and stormed to a world wide box office victory that would make the titular Spartans proud. But as this weekend proved, King Leonidas' call to arms was more compelling than anything else at the box office once more, with "300" pillaging over an estimated $31.2 million domestically. The film, costing only $65 million, has now earned $127.4 million in the North American market, a roaring success unexpected by most critics and industry observers.

While the $31.2 million dollar weekend estimate might be a 56% drop in take from it's previous weekend (a not so unusual drop for most films), even more interesting is the strength of "300" during the busy work week. Despite a very real war and economic concerns weighing heavily on Americans, they marched steadily to the movie theatres from Monday to Thursday, often more than doubling weekday receipts from the previous blockbuster comic book film "Ghost Rider," The latter featured Nicholas Cage in the leading role, recognition that surely helped it develop legs, but with "300" succeeding with a (relatively) small budget and eschewing big names for relative unknowns, the sword & sandals story may signal to Hollywood that there is a different way to make such potentially risky films.

Fans will also rejoice over the latest "Entertainment Weekly," which not only featured star Gerard Butler on the cover, but also comments from "300" author Frank Miller stating that he has an idea for a "300" sequel. While it's too soon to know if Warner Bros and Miller will come to an agreement, it only reaffirms the power that Frank Miller and graphic novels have found in the mainstream consciousness. Even major bookstores feature multiple "300" displays with the graphic novel and assorted tie in publications proudly displayed, a testament to the power of this very compelling film.

While we all eagerly await further "300" news, CBR would like to invite you to discuss "300" with other fans at the CBR Forums [LINK], read our review of the film by Andy Khouri or check out our post-game interview with director Zack Snyder. Tonight, make sure to dine in hell and stay tuned to CBR News for more on "300" when it breaks.

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