300, Rex Mundi, Smallville, Fantastic Four: September 21st Comic Reel Wrap


Many readers (including Chaz Ervin and Pablo Eekman) wrote in to point out that a new trailer for the Frank Miller adaptation has found its way to the web. The footage was removed from iFilm during the night, and may bounce around a bit today.


First reported here at CBR (but also in that teensy publication called the Los Angeles Times, registration required), Jim Uhls, who wrote the screenplay for Fight Club, will adapt the Arvid Nelson/EricJ creation as a vehicle for Johnny Depp to star in and produce. Depp would play Dr. Julian Sauniere.


Kryptonsite has new images of Justin Hartley in costume as the Emerald Archer, as well as an image gallery of shots from the second episode of the season, "Sneeze." The site also has a number of fresh spoilers from episodes spanning the new year break.

Meanwhile, their archenemies at Devoted to Smallville posted a Windows Media file showing actor Tom Welling letting slip a show spoiler.


The Marvel website has a description of and images from the fourth episode of the animated series, "Hard Knocks."


Looking for a review of the pilot? Oh, we've got that here at CBR.


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