300, Heroes, AVP2, Bluesman: January 5th Comic Reel Wrap


Empire Online has posted new promotional posters from the UK from the Frank Miller adaptation, including pithy catch phrases for each.

Also, Superhero Hype has a new set visit report discussing the hard work that went into making this vision of ancient Sparta a reality.


Actor Masi Oka is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about what it's like to suddenly have George Takei as a father. "It's so funny," Oka said, "because when we're not shooting, when we're taking breaks, he would tell these wonderful stories, [in Takei voice] 'Back in those days, the way we did it, we had camels walking,' or something like that, with his wonderful George Takei voice. And when action is called, he turns into this menacing, mean guy. And it was quite intimidating to see that, to see him work. But he was a wonderful person to work with, and a joy. And hopefully he'll come back. I'd love to see more of him and collaborate with him more."

Meanwhile, we've got a note here at CBR about a special deal between the network and Netflix to offer a recap of the series to help new fans get caught up.


Would you like to see some behind-the-scenes clips from the franchise-melding sequel? Superhero Hype is happy to help.


According to ICv2, the three volume NBM graphic novel series by Rob Vollmar and Pablo Callejo has been optioned for a feature film by producers Jason Koornick and Lawrence Blume.


There's a small note at the official blog for The Animation Guild noting that "Another project in the building is 'Turok, Son of Stone,' a property that's seen service as a Gold Key comic and video game. Well, it's now going to be a 70-minute DVD produced for Classic Media being supervised by animation veteran Tad Stones." Ironic, n'est ce pas?


Speaking of Tad Stones, Major Spoilers has a brief interview with the animated world's Guillermo del Toro, who confirms the Turok tidbit as well as talks about what to expect from this and the following animated films.


Moviefone has posted three new photos from the computer generated martial arts adventure.


Oh sure -- Kryptonsite has screen captures from the new trailers for the "Hydro" episode, both the one focused on Lois and the one spotlighting Lana. But their arch rivals at Devoted to Smallville went on ahead and have both of those bad boys on YouTube links -- that's gangsta. They've even gone as far as to transcribe a recent TV Guide Q&A with actress Tori Spelling about her guest appearance. Way to get back in the game!


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