300, Ghost Rider, Smallville, TMNT: December 8th Comic Reel Wrap


The new trailer for the Frank Miller adaptation is now online at Yahoo! Movies, available in both QuickTime and Windows Media formats.

Meanwhile, IGN also has a video journal showing the Spartans behind the scenes.

Finally, the Khaleej Times notes that vocalist Azam Ali will be prominently featured on the Tyler Bates score for the


There were several reposts of the new trailer for the new episode "Justice" over at the Kryptonsite message boards using YouSendIt in a way the website probably never intended. Kryptonsite also has screen captures from the trailer for your review, while Buddy TV has an interview with producer Al Gough, who said, "I think the Lana, Lex, Clark triangle is always the key triangle of the show and, quite frankly, something that we couldn't play until season five. And, you know, it seems to us that the natural evolution, whether she'll end up with Lex, or back with Clark, that remains to be seen. But again, I think if you're going to keep moving the show and characters forward, you need to explore all these different relationships."


The official movie blog has been updated with a new clip that discussed the casting of Peter Fonda as Mephisto.


MTV has posted a trailer for the animated feature. The Kevin Monroe-helmed "TMNT" hits theatres March 23rd, 2007.


In the live action realm, Comingsoon.net has an interview with director Guillermo del Toro, where he said, "Johann Krauss comes in and other than that, and literally, we can't afford any more agents, cause Johann is already an expensive character, the ectoplasmic guy. What we do have is a better gallery of villains than the last one. Mistakes were made in, for instance, killing Kroenen too early. He was such a good character, he should have died last, you know? 'Cause basically, the movie ends when Kroenen dies."

On the animated front, the production diary for the animated series has been updated with a note that actor Doug Jones will be finished with both his voice work on the new animated project and the "Fantastic Four" sequel by the end of the month.


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