"300" Dines In Hell With Quite An Audience

The cast of rising stars surely has reason to cheer, but one can't forget director Zack Snyder, who impressed die-hard comic fans and "300" author Frank Miller with his adaptation of the film. Snyder is attached to direct the film based on the seminal "Watchmen" graphic novel written by Alan Moore, an author whose work has been adapted with mixed results, from the coldly received "LXG" to the more popular "V For Vendetta." This success will likely open up many avenues for Snyder in brining the epic tale of superheroes to life, though it remains to be seen how the success of "300" affects "Watchmen," but all signs look positive at this point.

One should not forget Frank Miller, for he's seen two of his most popular tales - "Sin City" and "300" - adapted in commercial and critical successes. The success of his sword and sandals epic all but confirms that Miller is a bankable property in the fickle industry we call Hollywood, perhaps allowing for the confirmed "Ronin" film to be put on the fast track and Miller's own "The Spirit" to move forward at top speed. Add in the anticipated "Sin City 2," Frank Miller may just be on pace to conquer another medium.

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