300 + a cease and desist letter waiting to happen = 400 BC

Huh, now this looks familiar ... a graphic novel called 400 BC recently came across the Comic Book Resources review desk. Here's the cover:

The book, originally published by a company called Campfire in India and set to be published by Random House in the United States in May, is about 10,000 Greek soldiers invading Persia and things not going so well. Which is a completely different story from 300 soldiers defending their homes against the Persians, like in Frank Miller's 300:

So we're talking about two separate events -- 300 happened circa 480 BC, while 400 BC is obviously set 80 years later.

And yet ... it's hard not to get a "Huh, that seems like an obvious swipe" vibe from the title, logo and cover. You'd think they might have gone a little bit farther to differentiate it from 300, either by going with a different name, or at the very least go with a different font and color for the logo. What do you think?

When asked, Dark Horse had no comment.

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